Thursday, January 12, 2012

Effective Management System - The Best Solution In Outsourcing Your Business

Having worked in a company for more than 15 years, I've seen a number of success and failures when it comes to management systems. More often, a poor management system causes the break down of a company. Being in the corporate world, I was exposed to the different problems confronting a business as well as the probable solutions that were employed to solve these problems. The last company that I have worked with in the Philippines for the past 15 years was engaged on various projects as part of it's expansion programs and because of this, the company had been outsourcing works to contractors. For a company who outsources works to contractors, it is very important that there should be an effective management system in place. A lot of things have to be considered such as health and safety, training programs, work conducive facilities, insurance, medical benefits and others.

Employing it's own people to do the in house job guarantees a strict control over the services provided by the work force and this includes the effectiveness, consistency and quality of the jobs being performed. On the other hand, outsourcing the work increases the risk of losing control over these things and this may compromise the end result of the job performance. To solve this predicament, most companies often resort to obtaining contractor management services. This way, they can be assured of a comprehensive risk management program when employing the services of an independent contractor.

Our company had realized the advantages of outsourcing in business. It enables the company to seek the expertise of independent partners thereby allowing the company to save on expenditures and time. The result? Having the projects completed according to the time table with great results.

Well...our company had managed to expand it's business in no time and the stages from which these expansions had gone through proved to be both exciting and challenging. The emergence of contractor management services had paved the way for a time efficient and cost effective outsourcing in business and this had enormously contributed to the success of the company.


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  3. Interesting post!
    I am also into outsourcing because of its many benefits. If you're interested to save your valuable time, then outsourcing is the best way to go.
    However, you should be very careful before entering the outsourcing world. There are many factors to consider. You should have to learn everything there is to know about it.
    Whether you decide to outsource or not, you can take comfort in knowing that the decision you made was a well informed one.


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