Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ambyanz Salon And Spa

One of the highlights of my vacation was the visit to a newly opened salon and spa in our hometown. This was our first visit to the salon since it was opened. I got curious with the nice decorations and tarpaulins in front of the building and the way I looked at it, I was thinking that this is a high end salon and spa. We went inside to inquire from the reception and there, they've showed us their list of services and I was surprised to see that the prices of their services are all affordable. I was expecting that their price is much higher compared to the others judging from their facilities and the over all impression that I have of the place.

Inside the main hall opposite the reception counter, there is a huge lounge area tastefully decorated and complete with a big plasma TV. What excites me most is the free wifi which really made us comfy while waiting for our turn to get the service. I was able to check on my blogs while watching a "teleserye" at the same time (lol).

We visited this place for 2 consecutive days. The first day for my facial and the second day for hair coloring and treatments. Mikz had her Loreal hair mask treatment while the mother dear got the Loreal hair treatment and coloring (lol). My son just settled for a hair cut.

Inside the hair salon, Mikz checking on her facebook while waiting for her turn.:)

Mikz having her Loreal hair mask treatment. She wanted to have a hair rebond but was turned down by the hair specialist. The reason? She's still too young to get the said hair treatment. Sorry Mikz, better luck next time. :)

Overall, the experience was good. The service was superb! With the low price and good facility which is really very comfortable, you wouldn't regret going there plus the service....everybody is attentive to the customers. Oh, did I already mention that they also offer a free drink? After your treatment or during the time that you're having your treatment, they would offer to get for you a hot coffee or tea and iced tea.

With all these that I've mentioned, I strongly recommend a visit to this spa and salon.



  1. Ay sayang! Pero diba ang ganda na ng hair ni Mika, Krizz?

    Ang galing naman pala talaga ng bakasyon mo, at least nasulit for a little pampering of yourself- making you more beautiful ;-)

    May you have a great week ahead!

  2. I haven't done that mom kids bonding thing at the salon thing! It's goo that we get pampered sometimes, tnx for the visit at my site, if it's not too much hope you could also add me up will do the same to yours! Happy New Year!

  3. I didn't know there is a required age for hair rebond. Back in highschool, there were a lot of first year students who had their hair rebonded

  4. Wow! That's what I wanted to do too! I want my hair colored na din. For a change ba, anyway, it's 2012! haha. I miss you sissy! I heard that you already are back to work. Always be safe and update us!

    Come if you have time!

  5. Ang sosyal naman ng mag-ina. Hehehe. Facial tapos hair treatment! Wow, sobrang nakakatuwa naman ang bonding moments niyo ate Kriz. Naging sulit talaga vacation mo! :)

  6. @ Lainy, kasi yung hair ni Mikz medyo may natural curls kaya yun like nya ipa straight. Actually ayaw ko nga sya talaga ipa rebond kasi baka masira yung hair nya, buti na lang yung hair stylist mismo ang umayaw. hahaha. I usually go for some pampering everytime I get back home. Once in a while lang naman kasi yun. Pag dito kasi sa work ko, very seldom ako nagpapa salon.

  7. @ Joy, thanks for visiting here too, dear. I'll go to check on your site later. :)

    @ Ile Odarod, me din, I didn't know na tatanggihan sya to have the hair rebond. I'm not really sure about the restrictions.

  8. @ Rona, Hi Ningning! Musta na? Yeah you should try a new look for 2012. Hahaha! For a change di ba? Welcome back din sayo Sis! Nice to hear from you.

    @ Algene, di naman sosyal, medyo naglilibang lang. hahaha! We need to pamper ourselves sometimes, diba? Hahaha. Thanks for visiting Gene!

  9. Parang ang ganda ng spa na'to, Krizza. Service deluxe kasi may complimentary drinks at wi-fi pa ;) Bongga! At nakakatuwa kasi, talagang nakuha nya ang attention mo dahil sa design at decor. Hehe!

    Nung umuwi din ako nagpa facial kami ni Vince. Haha! Di hamak na mura kasi sa'tin talaga magpa-spa at salon kaya talagang kelangan i-take advantage yun ;)

  10. @ KM, oo tama ka, maganda nga sya talaga. Compared sa iba, talagang preferred ko na sya. Alam mo naman ako, laging tambay sa spa. Hahaha! Kaya nacompare ko talaga yung difference. Bongga talaga yung decors nya. May mga artistic displays pa sa lounge area. Nahihiya lang kasi ako mag shot ng photos sa area nung time na yun kasi medyo matao. hahaha! Babalik ako dun definitely on my next vacay.

  11. Bonggang-bongga nga naman ang bonding time ninyong mag -ina sis... Good thing din at mas concerned yung hairstylist sa buhok ni Mika kesa dun sa kikitain nya...

    Welcome back and hoping nakapagpahinga ka na at nakapag adjust ulit mula sa iyong bakasyon...

  12. @ Rovie, di naman bongga Sis...medyo medyo lang. Hahaha. Yup, medyo nakapahinga na ng konti but then need ko pa ng konting tulog. Nagbabawi pa. Take Care. Hugz.

  13. good on you, you got a good pampering! thanks for the visit, Krizza! here for Happiness is..

  14. Never occurred to me that there was an age restriction for hair rebonding. Now I know :-)


    thank you for sharing :)


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