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How Do You Spell SUCCESS?

Got this image from my facebook wall and this brought me to ponder on the message written. How do we really spell success? Well...I guess you are already aware that I am not referring to the the actual spelling of the word success, rather I am referring to how do we treat those opportunities and failures as they come our way. 
More often, we would come to a point in our lives where we really have nothing, as in no accomplishments, no savings, no investments, no new gadgets, no new things, no friends, no opportunities waiting and when we reach this point in life, the question would be, "How do you manage when you have nothing?"
I remembered a saying, "Our happiness depends not on the quality of life that we have but on what is our attitude towards life." We are happy if we think we are! In today's world where our daily lives is often surrounded by material things, we have the tendency to depend on wealth as the source of our happiness. I would admit, I was once …

Phil Health Premiums Increased By 150% For OFW's

I just had my home leave last December of 2011 and as usual, I went to POEA satellite office at Clark Pampanga to secure my Overseas Exit Clearance (OEC). I was initially planning to just secure my OEC online via the "Balik Manggagawa Program" for the returning OFW's. This program was initiated by the government to allow the OFW's to spend quality time with their families instead of wasting one day of their vacation just to process the OEC. I was glad that they came up with this idea. Mind you, if you go to the POEA office at NCR or even at the satellite offices, you will really end up spending the whole day just to go through this process. However, during my recent vacation, I was disappointed to know after I log in at Teleserv that securing OEC online is temporarily suspended until further notice. I asked one staff at Teleserv on what was the reason behind the suspension, but she also cannot give me a direct answer. I have no choice then but to proceed to the…

Are You Ready For A Loan?

Over the past years, I have seen a number of friends, relatives and colleagues who had gone into acquiring loans. Some of them used up the loans for constructing a house, purchasing a lot or putting up a small business. It is a well accepted fact that financing these projects involves a big amount of money and more often, if you are just an ordinary worker or employee, chances are you will be struggling to start with one. This is where SBA loans come to the rescue.

In the Philippines, a number of prestigious banks are engaged in providing loans to private individuals who are on a look out for an additional funds for their projects. Some offer an attractive payment scheme which proved to be affordable for most ordinary workers. They also have the small business loans for overseas workers who are aspiring to start a business of their own. In the United States, there is this SBA or Small Business Administration loans which does not actually provide direct loans but rather provides g…

Walgreens Is Up For A Limited Time Offer

During the past years  that I’ve been working in the Philippines, our company had provided us with a comprehensive medical benefits package.  This covers our hospitalization expenses, purchase of medicines during the confinement period, and laboratory expenses.  For out patient procedures, we get free consultation from the doctors at the duly accredited hospitals, but we have to purchase the medicines ourselves. In todays time, where the hospitalization expenses are really high and the cost of the medicines keep on rising, we have to think of the possible ways to save for emergencies especially during times of unexpected injuries or sickness.  Some people resorted to getting a medical insurance while others opted to secure a health card.  In some countries like the United States, there are even more options available like joining prescription savings club and one of which is Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens where you can enjoy the following benefits as a member:

Walgreens is offe…

Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks

It is a common concern for every Mommy like me how to get rid of stretch marks. Well, this should be expected as we all wanted to have a clear and smooth skin. I'm also a person who really looks after my skin. In fact, I've been drinking Vitamin E for years now as this was believed to contain a lot of anti oxidants and anti aging benefits, not to mention that it is good for the heart.

To take care of our skin, we must be careful in choosing the products that we apply to our skin, eat the right kinds of foods, moisturize our body internally by drinking lots of water and fruit juices and getting a good amount of sleep. When I had my first born, I also had some stretch marks around my tummy as a result of giving birth. This upsets me for a while as this really looks so awful. I don't know but this maybe a part of my post natal blues. Well, I guess it's normal for all mommies to feel that way as we all wanted to look our best. But since, stretch marks are part of the …

What Makes Diamond Engagement Rings Stand Out?

During my vacation last month, I was invited by my friend to her sister's wedding. It was a garden wedding and was held at one of the finest hotels in the city. Everything was perfectly set up and the venue was tastefully decorated. The wedding's color motif was golden yellow and every table at the reception was adorned by a beautiful centerpiece consisting of yellow and white roses. According to my friend, her sister really adores roses and would always buy from the flower shop or at the market whenever she had the chance even without occasion. For this wedding, their flowers which consist mostly of yellow and white roses were all ordered from a flower farm in Baguio City. Well, it took them six months to plan and prepare for the wedding. No wonder, everything seems to be well organized and coordinated. Everything, from the venue, wedding invitations, souvenirs, foods, bride's wedding gown, groom's wedding suit as well as the gowns and suits of the whole wedding…

Anne Raquel's Resort

One of our family's favorite get away is a nearby resort, about 20 minutes ride from our house and one and a half hour ride from Manila and is located along the highway of New Cabalan.

Anne Raquel's resort has a lot to offer, enough to fill your day with fun filled activities for a refreshing and rejuvenating stay. The resort is quite huge and any visitor who is a camera freak would be delighted to have some photo shoots around the area. They have a large sized swimming pool with giant water slides, basketball court, volleyball court, billiards and table tennis.

Warning : This post has a photo overload (lol).

If you are a nature lover, just like me and want to commune with nature, you can enjoy the spectacular views of their luscious gardens, ponds, and man made lagoon. Enough to provide a serene ambiance for those who are looking for a day of total relaxation.

For those who wish to stay overnight, the resort also has comfortable and spacious hotel rooms. For day tour, entrance…

Xtremely Xpresso

The last day before I take my trip back to Cambodia, I was able to spend one fine afternoon with my daughter at Xtremely Xpresso Restaurant inside SBMA. This is one of the best restos in Subic and they specialized on pizza, pasta, western dishes and a good selection of coffee. I had mentioned on my previous post that Meat Plus, also inside SBMA has always been Mikz favorite place to dine, but this time, both of us agreed to try Xtremely Xpresso as I haven’t gone to this place yet. Well, Mika had been there one time with her classmates and teachers and she told me that they’ve really enjoyed the pizza. She said one order of the large pizza can feed about 10 to 12 people as this is really big and one slice is enough to make you full. Nonetheless, the reason for going there is not just to try their foods but because it’s Mikz birthday. Although we had already celebrated it by throwing a simple party at home with her classmates and friends, we just can’t have enough. After all, thi…

What's In My List For 2012?

Time flies so fast, we are nearly half of January 2012. Well...instead of coming up with a new year's resolution, I think I would love to share what's in my list for 2012. I am a bit conscious to have this published in my personal blog. What if I failed on my goals for this year? What if none of the things listed here materialized? Shame on me! But wait, these are only my personal goals and if in case I failed, then there's always another year to look forward to. Actually, every start of the year, I am always listing down my goals but this is my first time to publish it and make it known to everyone. When I list down my goals, I am not actually putting pressure on myself. Rather, I take it as an inspiration, something to motivate me and keep me going. Having goals helps me focus on my work and pushes me to be more productive. This allows me to put a challenge to myself.

Now...without further ado, here's my goals for 2012:

1.) Focus on my health. I have to s…

Effective Management System - The Best Solution In Outsourcing Your Business

Having worked in a company for more than 15 years, I've seen a number of success and failures when it comes to management systems. More often, a poor management system causes the break down of a company. Being in the corporate world, I was exposed to the different problems confronting a business as well as the probable solutions that were employed to solve these problems. The last company that I have worked with in the Philippines for the past 15 years was engaged on various projects as part of it's expansion programs and because of this, the company had been outsourcing works to contractors. For a company who outsources works to contractors, it is very important that there should be an effective management system in place. A lot of things have to be considered such as health and safety, training programs, work conducive facilities, insurance, medical benefits and others.

Employing it's own people to do the in house job guarantees a strict control over the services provi…

A Night At Sam's

Few days before my departure from the Philippines, I did treat the family for a special night at Sam's Pizza House. This has always been a part of the list of my activities every time I go back for my vacation. This place is really a good place to hang out with family and friends. This is the reason why the place is usually crowded every time we go there. Apart from the good food, the live band had so much to offer to keep you entertained all night long.

We were only 5 people that time but I ordered quite a lot. My daughter Mikz wanted to have some pizza for take out so I decided to order the family size which is so far, the largest size.

The huge pizza that we ordered. This is our favorite flavor, "Manager's Special"

Chicken in a basket. I actually ordered the whole chicken. It comes with a bit of french fries and few slices of buttered toasted breads. But at the time that we shot this picture, the chicken is almost finished (lol). The chicken here is a best sell…

Ambyanz Salon And Spa

One of the highlights of my vacation was the visit to a newly opened salon and spa in our hometown. This was our first visit to the salon since it was opened. I got curious with the nice decorations and tarpaulins in front of the building and the way I looked at it, I was thinking that this is a high end salon and spa. We went inside to inquire from the reception and there, they've showed us their list of services and I was surprised to see that the prices of their services are all affordable. I was expecting that their price is much higher compared to the others judging from their facilities and the over all impression that I have of the place.

Inside the main hall opposite the reception counter, there is a huge lounge area tastefully decorated and complete with a big plasma TV. What excites me most is the free wifi which really made us comfy while waiting for our turn to get the service. I was able to check on my blogs while watching a "teleserye" at the same tim…

Mika's Birthday

Last January 2, 2012 we had celebrated the birthday of my lovely daughter Mikz. Her actual birthday is January 4 but she requested an early celebration to allow her classmates to enjoy the day with her as the school will reopen on January 3 and they wanted to celebrate while they are still free. :)

Well...the celebration was pretty simple. We just have the basics but we made sure that her friends will be delighted with the foods that we prepared.

Here's what we've got:

Her lovely mocha cake from Red Ribbon

Posing in front of camera.

Blowing her candle.

With her classmates watching her birthday video clip

Foods.... foods....foods. I prepared the following foods assisted by my son and our house helper : chicken lollipop, dumplings, spaghetti, ham and egg fried rice, sandwiches, buko pandan, macaroni salad, pork BBQ.

Having fun with her pretty friends.

Overall, the simple birthday celebration was a success. I can see the smile all over my daughter's face while having fun with her…

Leaving My Foot Prints Behind

Few hours from now, I would be leaving my home once again to take my flight back to my job site. Contrary to what I felt when I was about to take my flight back to the Philippines last December 12, I was feeling a bit melancholic and not so excited to take my trip. How I wish I could stay longer to attend to my kids and my Mom who is currently not feeling well. I myself is also a bit sick having cough for more than a week now. In other words, I'm not comfortable to travel now. But what can I do? Life has to move on. I have some obligations left behind but I also have some commitments to fulfill at work.

I had fond memories of my vacation, that's one thing for sure but I just felt it's not enough. Yesterday was the actual date of my daughter's birthday and even we had already celebrated it last January 2 by having a simple party at home with her friends, I still asked her to celebrate her actual birthday with me. I fetched her from school to have an early dinne…

What's In Store For 2012

Few days before the new year’s eve, I was having a sore throat and could hardly talk. I was coughing and eventually lost my voice. Maybe because of the cold weather here in the Philippines during the month of December and I was constantly out of the house most of the days. Luckily, my sickness did not progress to a more complicated stage but I was feeling irritated over the past few days because of not feeling well. At any rate, life has to move on, I have to fulfill my obligations in the house and have to attend to my family. I was still able to cook few dishes for our “media noche” although in between, I have to go to bed to take a rest. I was in medications for the past week and this made me lazy to work on so many things. Nonetheless, the simple birthday celebration of my daughter Mika was able to push through as planned on January 02. Her actual birthday is on January 04 but she requested to celebrate it earlier so she can ask her classmates to come to the house and celeb…