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A Wrap-Up for 2012!

Well, we have finally reached the end of 2012! Since, we are about to close the last chapter of this year, I would like to look back and reflect on what I have achieved for this year.  Compared to 2011, I would say that 2012 has been a very fruitful year for me.  I have received countless blessing for this year and I am really very thankful to God for all these. 
The following are what I considered my accomplishments for 2012:

I was able to move to a new company last March which had given me more financial rewards and benefits.I was able to push through with the major renovation of our first house which I am renting out. This project has long been delayed due to lack of funds and time.I was able to introduce some improvements in our second house where the family currently stays, like the installation of canopy in our laundry area and garden.I was able to pay nearly 75% of my balance for a lot purchase which I considered my additional investment. I hope to finish the remaining 25% of my…

My Dream Destination

I've said it a number of times, Paris is one of my dream destinations!  Why is that so? Maye I was influenced by one Korean novela that I've seen where most scenes were shot in Paris.  Apart from being the capital and largest city of France, Paris has been a favorite destination of tourists due to it's many attractions, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and Jardin De Luxembourg being the most popular ones.
Having traveled to some countries in Asia, I'm still dreaming of seeing the Eiffel Tower in the famous "City of Light".  Given the chance, I want to explore the best attractions in Paris.  But I am thinking if it would be so costly to go there. Of course, the place where I would stay would be the number one consideration.  I don't actually dream big like staying in parisluxeapt for Paris luxury apartment rentals, I think even a small but decent hotel will do.  Anyway, if it happens, I'm sure that I will be spending most of the time exploring the cit…

Christmas Of An OFW

I'm sure that by this time, many Mommies are now busy preparing their last minute shopping list for their "noche buena recipes" as well as their long list of families, friends and god children who will be the recipient of their gifts for Christmas.  There's no doubt that Christmas is the happiest season of the year and there's no better way to celebrate it other than having a Christmas dinner with your family especially with your kids.  Opening Christmas presents from our loved ones beneath the Christmas tree is truly a happy feeling that couldn't be trade in for anything else in this world. Christmas is for family.  As we remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, let us not forget that a family is the perfect gift that we had received from God.
As you maybe aware, I won't be home this Christmas.  It was my choice, as I prefer to be home next March for some very important reasons.  I was home last October for my vacation and a one week vacation to Bangk…

Off Road Vehicles

Do you already own a vehicle?  Perhaps most of you will say yes, but how about an off road vehicle like UTV?  
UTV stands for "Utility Task Vehicle".  It is also otherwise known as "side by side" vehicle which is actually a small two or four- seater drive off road vehicle.
Did you ever fancied for a UTV vehicle? I do! If you got a big piece of land, then UTV can be very useful in transporting things and is especially good on agricultural areas.  Do you know that one of my dreams is owning a farm and a rest house in a huge land, where I could grow vegetables and tender flower gardens?  That would surely bring me a relief from a hard day's work and could very well serve me during my retirement.  UTV can be very useful to me then. UTV could also be used as a recreational vehicle.  But since an off road vehicle is an open type, the most common concern is it's safety.  As safety remains to be the name of the game, it is important that we observe safety measures su…

Watching Sinister at Central World Bangkok

We were on our 3rd day at Bangkok when me and kids decided to watch a movie at Central World.  Actually this is already the second movie that we watched as we have already seen "Paranormal" at SF World Cinema at MBK mall during our first day.  I have to admit, me and my kids love to watch movies.  This has been our favorite bonding time.  We always make it a point to try cinemas abroad same way that we did when we traveled to Hoh Chi Minh City Vietnam on one of our summer vacations.  When we saw a movie at Megastar Cineplex at Saigon, I really admired the interior of the cinema lobby as well as the cinema houses which are all big and nice, but the moment I saw this SF World Cinema at Central World in Bangkok, my excitement was doubled up as this cinema looks so lavish and elegant.  Really nice!

As we have already seen Paranormal, we decided to try Sinister which is also a horror movie.  We bought our tickets and just stand by on the lobby to wait for the screening time.  Of c…

"Ina, Kapatid, Anak"

You know what I've been up to lately? Watching the series at ABS-CBN, "Ina, Kapatid, Anak".  I was just hooked into watching this series as the story gets more interesting each day.  I actually started watching this when I was home last October and since then, I never failed to watch each episode.  This "teleserye" is top billed by Kim Chiu, Xian Lim, Enchong Dee and Maja Salvador with the participation of high calibre actors and actresses in the likes of Cherry Pie Picache, Janice De Belen, Pilar Pilapil, Eddie Gutierrez and Ronaldo Valdez.  It is a story of love and friendship.  Main characters Maja Salvador and Kim Chiu grew up living opposite lives, not knowing that their lives are intertwined.
Sometimes, it's also nice to pick up something that you find entertaining.  It really helps a lot especially in my situation working away from home.  Watching keeps me occupied, relaxed and entertained.

On Being A Stage Mother

Just the other week, my daughter Mika had sought my permission to join a swimming party hosted by her friend in school  She told me that it will be a gathering of her friend's family but few close friends were invited.  Guess what? I did not allow her to join.  She was a bit upset at first but she understands me better after I explained to her my side. I told her that I was just after her welfare and I wanted to have a peaceful mind at work not thinking or worrying about her safety.  The venue of the swimming party was a bit far from our house and I wouldn't like my daughter to have any problem along the way.  Call me a stage mother but I just want to protect my daughter.  I allowed her to spend time with her friends for a snack or movie marathon but I never allow her to join any swimming party.  You see, my daughter can swim but she doesn't have any formal lessons in swimming nor I trust the cleanliness of the pool especially on issues of sanitation.  Some pools are equip…

Love For Cakes

Do you know that one of my weaknesses is my great love for cakes?  In today's world where every woman fancies of maintaining a slim figure and doing everything to diet, here I am with my undying love for cakes!  Good thing that I am a person with a fast metabolism.  I really never get fat no matter how much I eat.  Lucky huh?  Since cakes are one of my favorites, for sure that this is one of the things that I miss most.  It's quite funny, but now that I am staying in a suburb, you can hardly find a decent bakeshop selling cakes and breads.  The result? I'm craving for cakes!  I remembered that during my last vacation at home, I'd been having cakes to my hearts content (lol).  I bought several cakes like Mango Cake and Chocolate Mousse, both from Red Ribbon. I really love Red Ribbon cakes!   It's too bad that I can't have even a slice of cake for Christmas.
Anyway, The photo above was taken last October when me and my son is saving the last bite for each other as…

On Parties and Lucky Draws

Since, it's December, I'm sure that most companies in the Philippines are very busy organizing their traditional Christmas parties and all employees are likewise very busy preparing for their performances and buying exchange gifts for their "monitos" and "monitas".  I'm quite sure also that everybody is looking forward to the company lucky draws as most companies are having it every year.  I remembered that we used to have this kind of stuff when I was still actively working in a private company in the Philippines.  We all get excited aiming for a prize during our lucky draws as our company suppliers had been very generous in sponsoring some prizes. Comes December, our company also gets very busy having tickets, vouchers and gift certificates printed.  That was years ago! Perhaps if I'm still working in that company, I would be recommending wholesale printing at  It's a faster and more efficient alternative solution for your pri…

A Busy Week

Wheww...I'm having a super busy week!  I have loads of things to finish.  Seems like I can't feel that it's already December.  For one, I cannot feel the spirit of Christmas in the place where I am staying now.  This is a predominantly Buddhist country and people here are not really celebrating Christmas.  Well, our company had put a 14 ft tall Christmas tree but that's it!  That's all what we have in our company premises.  Besides, I can't hear any Christmas carols or see any Christmas lanterns.'s more fun in the Philippines, right?  Anyway, I long prepared myself for this.  The moment I came back here after my month long vacation in the Philippines and Thailand last October, I already set my mind not to be bothered about not being able to celebrate Christmas this year.  Well, I mean I would still celebrate it in my own little ways, but not in the way I used to if I am in the Philippines. Anyway, Maybe God has a special way of helping me not to e…

Would You Go For Cosmetic Surgery?

How far would you go for the sake of staying beautiful?
This question is very intriguing and probably none could give us a very quick answer.  Women, by nature have a great love for beauty and this is probably the reason why businesses that are related to beauty and wellness are spreading like mushrooms.  Everybody wants to be beautiful, and why not? Feeling good about ourselves could boost our self confidence and the way we interact with people. Women are now getting more cautious when it comes to skin care, hair care and fashion.  Some women and even men became slaves to beauty products such as facial creams, whitening lotions, anti aging creams and the likes.  But the question is, are we getting the desired results?  
Some people can never even rely on such products for their beauty related problems and this is when they go for cosmetic surgery.  Cosmetic surgery has been the answer to various imperfections that women are experiencing.  They go for services such as breast augmentatio…

Cosplay At MBK Mall Bangkok

One of the highlights of our visit to Bangkok was being able to witness the weekend Cosplay and dance program at MBK mall.  We actually didn't have any idea that they have special shows on weekend.  We just happened to pass by at MBK as we initially planned to watch a movie before I send the kids to the airport at night time.  On our way to the mall, we chanced upon these cute Thai teenagers wearing cute costumes.  It's my first time to see this so I was not aware what's going on and the kids told me that, that was actually a "Cosplay" which stands for "costume play".   I haven't seen this kind of thing yet in the Philippines so I really don't have any idea about Cosplay.  We were entertained by their lovely costumes and they were really posing for pictures.  Here are some of the pictures that we had and my personal favorites:
I really like the face of this Thai teenage kid.  Isn't she so cute? :)

Both my son and daughter grabbed the chance t…

Salon Basics

I was a bit pleased during my recent visit to a salon.  I go for manicure and pedicure on a regular basis and on one of my salon visits, I noticed that some salons are now using laboratory oven to sterilize their nail cleaning tools such as nail clippers, pushers, cuticle nippers, etc.  I think this is a good move because it will make the customers more confident availing the nail services.  I heard stories in the past that communicable disease can also be transmitted through the use of these nail cleaning tools.  I guess, it might be true coz if you get wounded, chances are a small amount of blood will be left from either the nipper or pusher and if the blood is coming from a sick customer, then the virus can be transmitted to another customer if the nail cleaning tools were not properly cleaned and sanitized.
Sometimes, we really have to protect ourselves so we have to be wary of the things that's being used on us.  That's why I felt a bit comfortable when I saw that this par…

Teaching Your Kids How To Handle Money

Got this photo from one of my repins at Pinterest. :)
I think this is a good idea!  To come up with 3 cute jars, have these jars labeled same like what was shown on the photo and encourage your kids to fill each jar from their school allowances or now that Christmas is fast approaching, maybe from their "aginaldo" from their Ninongs and Ninangs.
Teaching our kids how to value and handle money is the greatest gift that we could offer them.  This good trait, when developed will put them to a great advantage when they grow up.  Children should also realize that money is not just only for spending on whatever they like.  They should also be taught on how to share their blessings to less fortunate people and used it as an offering when attending holy mass.  I guess the best way of encouraging our kids to learn how to handle money well is through leadership by example.  We should show our kids the benefits that we got out of proper spending and saving.  

Encourage your kids to do si…

Natural Beauty Tips

I'm just wondering if you ever had that feeling of being exhausted walking around the mall scouting for some beauty and skin care products that would promise great results.  I do!  Going around the beauty section had been driving me nuts as I can't decide which one I'm going to choose as there are plenty of products to choose from.  Sometimes, the price helps us choose the products that we're going to buy as we would normally go for the affordable ones.  As for me, from among the beauty and skin care products that I've tried, I was just satisfied using Oil of Olay and Loreal anti aging and revitalizing cream.  I just normally switch between the two although I used Oil of Olay more often as this is the brand that my husband brings home every time he comes back for a vacation.
Whenever I shop and happens to pass by the department store's beauty section, I just shop for the basic skin care products like Lotion.  I'd been long using Citra Body Lotion which is a…

Foods And Fun!

We happened to eat at one restaurant opposite MBK mall in Bangkok and I'm a bit pleased that I was able to find a restaurant that could cater to the food preference of my two kids.  My daughter is very choosy with foods and even before we went for our Bangkok tour, I'm a bit worried that Thai foods will not be much to her liking.  For one, she doesn't like spicy foods and most of the Thai dishes are spicy.  Second, she is much into meats especially beef and she doesn't welcome the idea of trying new Asian dishes unlike her brother who is willing to try everything.
We got into this restaurant (sorry, I forgot the name) on our first day and because we liked the place and the food they served, we went back there to dine on our second day, as well.  We were attracted by the colorful interiors of the restaurant.  It's simple but clean and accessible as it is located just opposite the mall.

After trying their stir fried chicken with cashew nuts and dried chili on our first…

Gift Of Good Health

Few more weeks and it's going to be Christmas! As early as September, most of us have probably gone through a lot of shopping and gift buying.  Well, Christmas is about giving and this has been the tradition for many years.  Since, I wouldn't be home for Christmas, I wouldn't be having any special celebration.  Things only get special when I spent it with the family, especially with my kids.  In fact, I would be working both on Christmas eve and Christmas Day!  I have checked on my work schedule and I would be on afternoon shift on both days.  I do not plan for anything except that I would probably be calling them on that day or perhaps, if we could see each other through webcam via skype, that would be a lot better.  Anyway, I promised them that I will surely be home next Christmas.
This year, apart from having my family intact, leading a happy and comfortable life, one best wish that I have for myself and my family is a gift of good health!  As they say, "Health is w…

Welcoming Monday!

It's been six days since my last post in this blog.  I was very busy with all my personal stuff that I forgot to update my posts here.  I'm just done with the final touch ups on my newest blog which is a travel blog.  I just thought of compiling all the chronicles of my travels within and outside the country in just one blog.  I really love to visit places and my family could attest to that.  I made a promise to myself that I'm going to organize trips each year for myself and my family.  Since we've visited a number of wonderful and exciting places, I don't wish to put all memories into trash so having a travel blog would somehow reminds me of all the beautiful things that I've seen and witnessed on my every trip.
I hope that you will support my new blog as much as you have supported my other blogs especially my home blog which is earning quite a decent traffic.  With just two years in blogging, I think that's considered a simple achievement for all my hard …

Random Thoughts...

We are now approaching the last week of November and before we knew it, it's going to be December.  Sometimes, I hardly notice the passing of each day.  This has been my life here in Cambodia.  As what I have said before, I only keep track of the date not the days.  In life, there's so many choices that we have to make and in every decision we make, we have to give ample time and planning in order to succeed.  To be honest, sometimes I do feel that I might not have enough time to do all the things that I want and to fulfill all the things that I plan. Sometimes, I'm thinking if I'm kind of late in achieving all my goals or if I'm just on the right track.  
Just like today, I'm in the midst of my deep thoughts,  I suddenly miss my life in the Philippines wherein I am surrounded with lots of friends and my family of course.  At least, I have some people to share my thoughts with and discuss my plans, and on the process, I could get some insights and advices from t…

Online Shopping

It’s Christmas!