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Hair Care

Bought this conditioner at the Duty Free Shop during my last visit there. I felt curious to try this one after reading the description. It says, it's good for extra dry, brittle or frizzy hair and specifically meant for chemically relaxed hair. It can also be used for colored hair. The fact that it deeply nourishes (well, that's according to the product description) I didn't think twice and immediately grabbed this one. I had my hair rebonded for almost a year now and as you know, rebonded hair needs extra attention and care. It needs to be moisturized always and must get regular trims. Extreme dryness has always been a problem for me that's why I always try various products to find something that really suits my hair. After buying this product and tried it on my hair, I get quite disappointed because I didn't get the results I expected. I don't want to say that it's not good, but perhaps, it doesn't suit my hair. The promise of smooth intense c…

Cho Ben Thanh At Hoh Chi Minh City

Ben Thanh Market is said to be one of the most interesting places at Hoh Chi Min City. Here, you can find almost all Vietnam souvenir items. Linens and paintings are the best buys at Ben Thanh Market and as for the food products, Vietnam coffee and herbal teas have always been the best seller.

You can also find a lot of good priced products inside the market ranging from clothes, shirts, caps, pants, accessories, bags and shoes. Basically, everything is available here but you must prepare to haggle if you want to go home bringing a lot of good stuff with you. Some sellers are hard bargainer, although there are some who would always agree to give you the lowest possible price. There are some stalls marked fixed price and these are said to be government stalls. Here all the goods are marked with it's fixed price so if you are not the type who likes to haggle, you better go straight to these shops. Actually, I always get my idea of the ideal price for a certain good from these …

Beauty Quote Of The Day!

Model : Catherine Zeta Jones
Photo Credit :

This evening, I happened to read some inspiring beauty quotes from some famous celebrities published on female network. I specifically choose the following beauty quote to ponder:

"I’ve learned that it’s not about looking young for your age—it’s about looking great for your age."

- Bobbi Brown, world-renowned makeup artist

There are about 20 beauty quotes mentioned from different celebrities but this one from Bobbi Brown is the simplest and most meaningful for me.

First what does it mean when you say looking great? I guess this has something to do with self confidence and how you carry yourself. For me, you may look beautiful but it doesn't mean you're looking great! When we say looking great, this shall include the inner and outer beauty of a woman. This is a kind of beauty that is reflected through your soul. Some women may look beautiful but having low self esteem and lack of self confidence.…

Hurricane Irene

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Everytime I get back to my room from work, I would always on the TV and tune in to CNN news. For several days now, I've been hearing a lot of news and updates about hurricane Irene, the first hurricane to make a landfall in the continental United States since year 2008. Needless to say, this caused massive destruction to some areas of the United Staes and created a panic to millions of it's people. In Virginia alone, more than 1 million houses and establishments lost power and about 100 roads were closed. Flights were cancelled and people were ordered to move on safer grounds.

This saddens me as I can still very well remember how Philippines suffered from the hands of countless typhoons in the past. We never knew when and where will calamity strikes, so it's better to be prepared at all times. Everytime I hear weather updates from CNN and over heard the news anchor mentioning the Philippines to be the next target of a destructive typhoon,…

Can You Laugh At The Days To Come?

One of the leisure activities that I'm usually engage with apart from watching DVD's, internet surfing, blogging and cooking is reading books and magazines. I would normally read a little before I go to sleep. To be honest, this is my way to fall asleep easily (lol).

While I'm reading this book of Pastor Ed Lapiz, I was caught by this particular topic which I would like to share with you, "Can You Laugh At The Days To Come?" Well, this interests me as I immediately asked myself this question. "Can I Laugh At The Days To Come?" Well, this has something to do with how we utilized our time during the younger days when we still have the opportunity to work, earn and save for the future. According to Pastor Lapiz, "Our resources are limited, they have to be saved." What does this mean? It's simple, every stage of life must be enjoyed and that includes "old age". Some people tend to relax during the time that they are strong and …

Month End Sale From Cebu Pacific!

Once again, Cebu Pacific is offering a seat sale for both it's domestic and international destinations from now until August 28, 2011 or until seats last.

Manila to Hoh Chi Min, Kota Kinabalu or Singapore can be availed at Php1,299. Cebu to Hongkong is available at Php888 and Cebu or Clark to Singapore at Php1,299. They also have Manila to Brunei at Php2,999.

They are also offering "fun tours" to certain tourist destinations at a very affordable price package.

Visit for more exciting deals.

A Home Make Over!

We're doing a home make over! It actually started this month of Agust and this is probably one of the reasons why I'm stressed out! (lol). Of course, my pocket will soon be crying so I better plan my budget now. We're into renovating two houses now and though it's not really a major renovation project, I could still feel the pains in the pocket... :) You see, construction materials now are getting higher and so is the labor cost. For my first house, I've got no choice, repair needs to be done. After all, it was not maintained for years now. The roof of the house is getting weak due to the onset of typhoons one after the other. Since this house generates income for me monthly, as this is being rented out, it's about time to do some minor renovation works.

The case is different for my second house where the family currently stays. It's well maintained and well taken care of but the "make over" was the kids idea. They wanted to give the h…


It's almost 1 week in a row that I have not been eating much. I don't know, maybe because my appetite was affected by my stressful situation or maybe because I'm sick and tired of the foods I've been normally taking each day. Don't get me wrong, I'm not into dieting. Absolutely not! It's just that I really cannot figure out what I would like to eat these past few days. Meals prepared for us from the company restaurant consist mostly of meats. It's either fried or with sauce that I really not much into. I always ended up taking just a few bites and voila! I'm done! And since, I'm not in the mood these days, I barely cook my meals, as well. I always eat sandwiches, salads and quick soups plus some servings of fruits. (*pity*). Anyway, today I'm planning to cook "sinigang" and hoping to have recouped from a week of "unintentional fasting" (lol).

This is the life of an OFW. Exciting, boring and starving! Hahaha.... …

Bring Back The Basket!

Would just like to share here one story that I read from one of my favorite books, Why Worry?. The title of the story is, "Bring Back the Basket".

Here's how the story goes.....

Once there was a young couple who lived with the husband's father. This old man was very troublesome as he was always bad tempered and never stopped complaining. Finally, the couple decided to get rid of him. The man put his father in a large basket which he slung over his shoulder. As he was preparing to leave the house, the man's son, a little boy aged 10, asked, "Father, where are you taking grandfather?" The man explained that he was going to leave him for a while out in the mountains to fend for himself. The boy kept silent as he watched his father walking away and suddenly shouted, "Father, don't forget to bring the basket back!" Surprised, the man stopped and asked the boy why? The boy replied, "Well, I'll need the basket to carry you away …

Time To Relax!

After some days of being stressed out, I finally decided to give myself a break. Went to have a body massage last night at Emchi Massage. As usual, the soothing "hot stone" massage never fails me. I was able to get rid of my body pains and the "hard pressure" given by the Vietnamese massage attendant was absolutely great.

This is more than an hour whole body message which will normally start by soaking your feet in a wooden bucket filled with warm water while the massage attendant is working on your arms and hands. Next, she will give you a relaxing "foot massage" which is the best that I had so far. This will be followed by the "back massage" which will later include the hot stone massage. Overall, it was great! In fairness, the Vietnamese massage is the best that I had having experienced already that of the Khmer traditional massage and of course, the one from Philippines. Well...I have to try yet the Thai massage which according to s…

My First Blogger Award

Hmmm...claiming the "Versatile Blogger Award" from Reese of "My Random Thoughts". My first award ever in the blogosphere!

I'm blogging for only less than a year and not so active if I may say. Well..that could be expected because I'm a full time working Mom! Though I regularly update this blog, I'm guilty of not being able to visit much blog sites. But, if I have enough time, I certainly do especially those sites that I like! Sometimes, it's quite hard to manage my time. Working full time, maintaining 2 blog sites, the other one being a "home blog", and attending to my personal needs and following up with the kids at home is not a joke! I only have few online friends but I'm hoping to gain more! Maybe...step by step.

Nonetheless, I am very grateful to those who frequent my blog site and one of them is Reese who was actually the one who handed this award to me. I appreciate her frequent visit to my site and her way of inter act…

Tie A Yellow Low Low Ribbon Sales From Cebu Pacific

Is this sale for real?

This was the first thing that crossed to my mind after I saw the ads of Cebu Pacific! Imagine, a domestic flight seat for PHP8.21 and international flight seat for PHP82.10? Amazing!

Actually, this is in line with the celebration of the death anniversary of Ninoy Aquino thus the price marks the date of Ninoy's death anniversary.

Promo period is until August 21, 2011 for travels on January 1 to March 14,2012.

Hurry! Grab your seats now....

Our Troubles...

"A difficult situation can be handled in two ways: we can either do something to change it, or face it. If we can do something, then why worry and get upset over it, just change it. If there is nothing we can do, again why worry and get upset over it? Things will not get better with anger and worry."

-- Shantideva --

I was hooked with this quotation when I was reading a book. Looks like it has something to do with my current situation. If you are frequenting my blog site, you could have read my previous posts talking about my sadness, boredom and stress beginning of this week until this time...yes, until this time :(

I would say that I'm full of worries now...

Reading this quotation, I have some quiet moments of self reflection and came into a realization that for as long as we live, we will never ran out of problems, worries and fears. These will always be a part of our human existence and a parcel of our human experience.

On some moments, we can be happy and on to…

Animal Circus Show at Dam Sen!

Meet the "cuties" at Dam Sen Theme Park :

These were the performers during an animal circus show at Dam Sen Theme Park at Hoh Chi Minh City. Just wish to recall those lovely attractions that we saw during our last vacation. We really had a great time during the show. They featured other trained animals which are not included in the photos like puppies, and baby bears in an exciting animal tricks that surely delighted everyone in the audience. The elephant show is my favorite! That trained elephant was really cool!

The Vietnamese clowns were also fantastic in their comic acts even we never understand what they are talking about as they are talking in plain Vietnamese language (lol).

Just sharing!

I Need A Break!

Sayings are really true...."If you start your week with a blue, you'll end up feeling it the rest of the week"...

Well....I'm having it now! The start of my week was not right and it progresses more...I'm full of stress now, can't collect back my good mood. Don't know until when it would last. I'm bored and feeling unhappy! But, it's okay. I used to exprience this every now and then. I'm sure I'll get over it in due time.

Meanwhile...I have to look for something that will beat up my stress, maybe a relaxing body massage or probably, picking a good movie from my DVD collection?

OMG! I need a break!

More Exciting Events From My Great Food Club

Just received notice through email on the upcoming events of My Great Food Club! Once again, MGFC is coming up with lots of exciting events this coming September until October. They have this, "I Can Cook" event which is a series of workshops and cooking demos on your choice of popular cuisines. Schedules are as follows:
I Can Cook Korean scheduled on September 3, 2011

I Can Cook Japanese scheduled on September 24, 2011

I Can Cook Spanish scheduled on October 15, 2011

Venue for the 3 classes will be on San Miguel Pure foods Culinary Center and fee is P1,500 per class. Register on the 3 classes and you'll get P500 discount. I think, the fees are reasonable as this is already inclusive of all work shop manuals, ingredients and apron. If you are a member, just like me :) then you will be entitled to a 5% discount.

They also have this "My Sunday's Best Recipe Contest" which is cool! You just have to make a cooking video of your original recipe and you'…

My Pen And Paper!

I hate to say this..but today, I feel a little bit stressful and melancholic. I just wish I wouldn't feel this way for the rest of the week.Once in a while, I'm being attacked by sadness. When it hits me, I tend to lose my mood with everything! Glad that at the end of the day, I'm still able to grab my pen and paper and start to write down my negative thoughts until I feel relaxed. My pen, paper and laptop are my best friends now. Whenever I feel sad, I would always write down what were the sources of my bad day and how I actually felt about it. Later, I will find myself relieved a bit. Well...writing is my outlet and blogging has been my passion. Through this, I'm able to find ways to communicate my thoughts without necessarily disturbing any person in particular.

I know someone out there would listen! It doesn't matter who....
After I park my pen tonight, I'm sure my paper and pen will absorb all the pressures and stress by the time I'm sleepin…

SSS Flexi Funds For OFW's

Few months ago, I'd been contemplating with the idea of contributing to SSS Flexi Fund For OFW's. But the problem is...I haven't reactivated my contributions yet with SSS since I started working overseas. I'm planning to work on it when I go back to Philippines to take my vacation.
I came across this SSS Flexi Fund when I still have the Filipino channel here in my work place which is NBN 4 from which I always had the chance to watch "Bantay OCW" by Susan K. There is a segment there wherein the Chairman of SSS will be interviewed by Susan K to give updates on the latest projects and developments at SSS. This is where I first encountered about the SSS Flexi Fund for OFW's.
The way I look at it, it is an investment opportunity created by SSS for overseas Filipino contract workers to encourage them to save for the future. It is a provident fund and all accumulated amounts of contributions plus interests will be accrued solely to the OFW member. The funds po…

When Driving Becomes A Necessity

My friend from way way back who is now residing at California had mentioned to me through our exchange of emails how is her life now after going through a series of adjustments migrating in a new land. Of course, she mentioned about the difficulties she had experienced in finding an appropriate job for her, adjusting to the climate, the environment, the people and so on. She's been transferring from one job to another until she was able to find the job that she really wants a couple of years ago. She said, driving herself to work would be so ideal. Unlike in Philippines, owning a car there seems to be a necessity but getting a driving license is quite tough. You have to pass a written examination which is not that easy! My friend is a first time driver. She is not a veteran in this field and she told me that even some people that she knew there who had been driving for years had also experienced difficulties securing a license.

I could remember how it was easy for me to get …

Nature Trip 07 - Calmness Of the Sea ....

Next to flowers, plants, trees and gardens...the next thing that I really love to see and appreciate is the calmness of the sea. Being a nature lover, I love everything that can bring me close to nature.

Every time I am having a walk by the sea, I can always feel the peacefulness that surrounds me. The serene environment coupled by the sound of the sea breeze and warmth of the morning sunshine never fails to bring me a relaxed mood even on a quiet day.

Photos above were taken from Ocean Adventure at Subic Bay Philippines.

Happy relaxing week end everyone!

What Is Cohen Diet?

While doing my rounds on celebrity news online, my attention was caught by an article on Judy Ann Santos Weight Loss Program. It was said that she was able to lose 27 pounds from Cohen Diet. I would admit, it was my first time to hear about this diet program.

What is actually a Cohen Diet?

Cohen Diet was created by Dr. Jean Michel-Cohen, a French medical nutritionist. The actual concept of this Cohen diet can be explained in two ways, the rapid version which only allows you for up to 900 calories a day and the comfort version which allows up to 1,400 calories a day. I personally like the concept of this diet program. Though I am not really into dieting as I'm not really fat, I just thought that understanding the concept behind Cohen Diet is also nice in a way since this also has something to do with proper nutrition.

The good thing about Cohen Diet is that almost all kinds of food are allowed but should be taken in small quantity. It is more on managing your own diet as ther…

Round The Clark Sales By Cebu Pacific

Good news for frequent travelers and those who are wishing to go out of the country for the first time! Cebu Pacific is offering a seat sale from now until August 12 for travels on September 01 to October 31, 2011.

How about going to Bangkok, Hongkong, Macau or Singapore for only P888? You can also avail of P688 seats from Manila to Kota Kinabalu Malaysia for travels on September 01 to December 14, 2011.

For those who wish to take domestic flights, P488 seats are also up for grabs from Manila to Cebu and from Davao to Cagayan De Oro and Zamboanga.

Wow...traveling has never been this cheap and easy! Only at Cebu Pacific... :)

In The Name Of Love

I always get fascinated with some interesting news around the globe. This is the advantage I got from not concentrating too much on Filipino channel as I don't have it here in my place. Hahahaha....

Just got curious with the recent news about Duchess Maria Del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva...wheww...wonder how she learns to write her name when she was in pre school. (lol)

Well...this famous personality is creating a bigger name more so due to her well publicized wedding plans. This 85 year old Duchess who is known to be one of the wealthiest women in Spain is set to marry a public servant, Alfonso Diez, who is 24 years younger.....all in the name of love. heard it right! The 18th Duchess of Alba will give away all her personal fortune in order to set herself free and be with the man she loves. Diez was said to have signed a document renouncing all his claims to the wealth of his lady love. Despite of this, the Duches…

My Future Orchids Collection

One project that I'm dying to fulfill this year is to boost my orchids collection. Currently, I only have few varieties and I'm hoping to add up more this year, especially now that my new canopy for my pocket garden has already been in place. I intend to hang some orchids there. I also like to fabricate an orchid pot holder to showcase my collection.

Maybe something like this.....

This photo was taken from Damsen Theme Park at Hoh Chi Min City during our last visit there last May. Don't you find it lovely?

But, I would admit that my knowledge when it comes to orchids and it's propagation is very limited. That's why I would like to start by trying to familiarize myself with the known varieties. I also would like to learn the basics in growing orchids.

I'm happy to note that there are so many free resources online that would help me in going through with my plan. I just learned from that there are six elements essential to the orchid …

Nature Trip 06 - I Love Green!

I am a certified garden lover! I love greens! This explains why my house is full of plants. I just feel relaxed every time I look at green plants, flowers and trees. I just feel so close to nature. Every time I visit a particular place especially the one in the country side, I always look for plants...plants and lots of plants. Even if I am riding in a bus, I would always open the curtain of the window when the bus is already approaching the farms. I just don't want to miss the sight! I just feel the serenity of the environment and this brings me to a relaxed mood.

I love to have some solitude moments while appreciating the beauty of nature. This helps me to meditate and make some personal reflections.

These photos were all taken from Saigon....

The Four Money Stages Of Life

Been reading a lot of articles by Ms. Karen Galarpe on Financial Management. She is a money management guru and writes regularly for Good Housekeeping magazine. Recently, I read an article titled, "The Four Money Stages of Life" and I just felt interested as this sounds new to me. Well...I have an idea of the money stages in life but I don't exactly know how to refer to each stage.

According to this article by Karen Galarpe, the four money stages of life are: 1.) Start Up Stage which is defined as the stage when your only source of income is your salary or earnings, 2.) The Build Up Stage is the stage when you still have your own day job but about 20% of your total income comes from your savings and investments. 3.) The Asset Allocation Stage which refers to the stage wherein you've stacked up more savings and investments, and these provides for 30 to 60 per cent of your total income and the last of course, is 4.) The Retirement Stage wherein you don't need to…

On Being Frugal...

I did mention on my previous post that to date, I was able to achieve 8 so far out of the 15 goals that I have listed down beginning of this year. I used to do it every year. From my past experiences, I'm able to accomplish more goals if I make a self commitment by writing these down on my yearly planner. One of the goals that I have listed down there is to build up more savings by cutting down on unnecessary expenses. any normal woman does, I love shopping and loves to pamper myself by going to spa and salons. But this year, I tried my best to cut down on my expenses as I need to move on to another goal which can only materialize if I could build up more savings and cuts down on my expenses.
Photo Credit :

Glad to say I'm going on the right track....I was successful enough to cut down on my unnecessary expenses. I limit my shopping to only those that are essential to me like food stuff and the normal skin care products. I cut down on buying cl…

Amazing Sculptures At Suoi Tien! (Part Two)

Until now, I still can't get over with the amazing views and wonderful work of arts that we saw at Suoi Tien Theme Park. Browsing at our numerous pics from my photo archive, I couldn't help but sigh!

The sculptures were symbols of how much the Vietnamese people embraced their history and culture.

This made the Suoi Tien Theme Park one of the world's strangest theme parks. The place is filled with godlike statues making it a Buddhist heaven.

I think everything in this theme park is big, bright and colorful but opposed to the colorful Disney characters that are common to most theme parks. The bright sculptures of lions, phoenix, dragons and turtles aimed to showcase the spiritual imagery of the Vietnamese people.

For some, this might proved to be a little bit boring but for those who love to appreciate culture and arts, it's a one good place to understand one's culture and way of life....These wonderful sculptures which I supposed cost millions of dollars are still wo…

Feasting On Lanzones!

Finally, I can find the time to sit long hours infront of the computer to blog walk and read interesting articles from other bloggers. I also able to find time to update my "to do list", make budget plans, and review my researches and files saved on my laptop. Also able to read my favorite online magazines. In between these online works, I'm actually feasting on lanzones as I bought 1.5 kilo from a nearby store. It's so sweet and perhaps cheaper here now compared to Philippines. I actually bought it for $1.5 per kilo. In the Philippines, I think the season for lanzones is from September to November and I supposed only by that time that the price of lanzones will drop to until Php 60 per kilo. I'm not sure but maybe for now, you can't find much lanzones in the Philippine markets and if you do, I bet it's still expensive. Lucky me! I can feast on lanzones at this early. Quite lucky enough coz I can take advantage of the fact that I do stay near to t…

Time Flies So Fast!

Time flies so fast! I barely noticed that we are already on the eight month of the year. It's August already. Few more months and it's going to be Christmas again. Oh my...I just remembered that beginning of this year, I was writing down my "to do list" for this year and now I have to make a review of what have I accomplished so far based from what I have written down. Don't get me wrong, I'm not doing this to upset myself in case that I fall short of what needs to be done. Let's just say that this is just a reminder to myself to double time and catch up with the things left undone. But let me see....some of the things I listed down were not done intentionally because it's just normal that we change our plans sometimes and replace these with something that we find more suitable and applicable for us at a given time. Well...I checked on my list and so far, out of 15 goals that I have listed down, I'm able to accomplish 8 already, 3 were can…

Cyberzone Tech Sale!

Oh well...I guess I've been missing a lot in the Philippines including this Cyberzone Tech Sale. They are having this big sale on the coolest gadgets of your favorite brands, and if you are a BDO Credit Card Holder, you can avail of the "Buy Now Pay Later" on installment at absolutely zero interest. They will bill you 2 months later after the date of purchase. Cool! :)

This promo is on until August 15, 2011.
They have branches on SM City North Edsa and SM South Mall.

Well... I actually wanted to replace my outdated cell phone which is no longer serving me well now. I'm not in the Philippines though, so I cannot avail of this promo! (lol)

But for those who are in the Philippines now, particularly those who are in Metro Manila, maybe you can go and check their stores. Who knows? Maybe you can pick a cool gadget of your choice at a much lesser price.

Just sharing!