Saturday, December 24, 2011

Therapeutic Massage

Four days before Christmas, me and my daughter Mikz had decided to go for a beauty and wellness bonding. We went to my favorite spa located just a few minutes ride from my house. Whenever I go there, I usually go for the "Therapeutic Massage" as this involves minor stretching of the muscles. I really need this one as I am not much into exercising lately and is usually seated in the office the whole day. I wanted to treat Mikz for a foot spa but she doesn't like and she just volunteered to wait for me at the lobby.

We wanted to take photos of the place but it's quite dark inside. The decorations are purely oriental.

Therapeutic Massage is a 90 minutes full body massage and is totally relaxing as it releases tensions in your muscles. It really feels nice to indulge in a relaxing massage in a quiet place with just a classic music in the background. I really love it and I usually go for a massage whenever I had the chance.

After my 90 mins massage, we've decided to go for manicure and pedicure. This time Mikz agreed. My daughter is still very young and she's not quite comfortable to indulge herself on such. She's so naive and simple. But I told her that it should be okay as she is with me anyway and it's my way to bond with her.

As usual, we ended up the day with a light meal at her favorite restaurant nearby. We just took some sandwiches, fried noodles plus ice cream and leche flan for dessert. It was fun and I really had a good day with my daughter.

Till then....Ciao!


  1. Sarap talaga magpa massage.

    Good for you sis at hindi mahilig sa mga echlavu na ganayan si Mikz. Hehehe

    Napaka simple nga nya. Buti naman para menus gastos. Hehehe

    Merry Christmas!

  2. wOW! I love it! Nice tips! How I'm longing for a full body massage talaga. Sana maranasan ko yan soon! Haha. How are you?


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