Monday, December 5, 2011

Few Days More And Counting!

Oh well....I have few days left before I'm finally back home to spend my Christmas vacation. As expected, I'm rushing things now. Over the past couple of weeks, I was consistently watching few DVD's that my son sent me through a relative who just came back from a vacation in the Philippines. Hmmm....I'm on my last piece of DVD now. Just in time to finish before I take my vacation. Some of these DVD's are nice, some are not really that interesting and some are "tagalog movies". But the more important thing is at least I have something to entertain me whenever I feel bored and restless.

Here are the DVD copies that I got from my son quite recently:

Since, the last time, I was not quite sure whether I could go back home in time for Christmas celebration, my son and daughter got themselves ready by sending me a Christmas Card, my very first for this year. In this card, they've mentioned that they are not sure if I'll be home, so they have decided to send me one together with the other stuff that I requested them to send me through a relative.

But now, things have changed and I finally decided to proceed with my initial plan of going home and as expected, both of them were very happy with my decision. I guess, I am, too. Few days more and I'll be home again. Yesterday, I have started packing my things checking if there would still be some more space available in my luggage bag. :) Perhaps, I would be keeping things day by day until, I'm all set. I don't normally pack a day before I left. This has been done in the past and the result was not good (lol). I often forget some things behind so doing this one step at a time should be the best idea. Well...I'm half way done. Today, I did some laundry and I slept the whole day as I was really tired from yesterday's trip. I did a little bit of shopping and take some time out for myself.

I was not online much lately same like before. But I always do my best to catch up with friends whenever I'm online. It was just fortunate though that most of my blogging friends are on vacation mood these days, so I guess everybody is kinda busy. :)

I hope that I'm able to prepare everything here just in time for my vacation.



  1. Good luck ate Krizza! Sobrang galing mo na mommy. From this post, I can say na you really raised your children well. Very thoughtful at their young age. :) Naalala ko tuloy when I was younger. Means of communication dati is cassette tape lang and letters. Ngayon, bongga na. Thanks to the presence of the internet..

    Wish you advance Merry Christmas! Enjoy :)

  2. oh, that was nice, ive watched all that dvd series in your first photos! nice blog, huh!

    Anyway, I followed your blog, hope you can follow back, too!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  3. @ Algene...oh thank you for the kind words dear. I'm proud to say that both my children are really disciplined, loving and obedient. Considering that they don't have either parent at their side, and yet they are behaving so well and doing good only means that they really had a good training. I feel blessed! :)

  4. @ CutestPrincess, oh really? you are also able to watch those? wow...mahilig ka din pala sa Korean series. Thanks for following dear. Sure, I will visit you and follow u later. :)


  5. uy, masayang Pasko ang naghihintay sa'yo, Krizza :)

    ano pala yang mga DVDs na yan? mga telenovela ba? na-adik din ako dati sa Pinas sa mga ganyan ^^

    ingat sa trip ah. enjoy the packing. post pictures when you get home, and regards to the rest of your family who I'm sure are as much as happy as you are, being able to spend Christmas together.

    God bless!

  6. @ KM, Hi KM! Yup I'm looking forward sa masayang pasko. Nami miss na din siguro ako ng Mom ko. Oo mga tele novela yung mga DVD's na yan. Yan ang libanagan ko dito kaya parati ako may baon pag bumabalik na dito.

    Thanks for all your good wishes KM! pagkatapos mo, ako naman..... (lol)

  7. I am so excited for you sis. Magiging maganda at masaya ang Pasko ng family mo....

    Just got home from CDO at medyo pagod na pagod pa mula sa byahe... Kailangan pang bumawi ng pahinga...

    Ingat sa byahe mo ha bago mo mamalayan eh nasa Pinas ka na.

  8. wow, good for you! I miss celebrating Christmas in the Philippines!

  9. By the fact that you have two kids, blessing na yun ate Kriz. Plus bonus nalang na mababait sila :)

  10. Hey Krizz! Gising pako! Hahaha! One hour nalang nakaset na ang alarm ko para gumising, LOL! 4am ang alis namin later and it's now 1:01am. Di kasi ko makatulog. Praning, hahaha! Katatapos ko lang din magempake. Baket kasi andami kong anek anek na pinagdadala, sobrang dami, hahaha!

    Anyways, excited narin ako para sayo. I am doubly sure your children are excited twice as much than you do for this homecoming of yours.

    I can't wait to hear your stories when you get the chance to update your blogs.

    See yah when I get back.


  11. @ Rovie, Thanks Sis. Tama ka! Malamang di ko nga namamalayan, nasa bahay na pala ako. Hahaha!
    So nakabalik ka na pala sa Davao. That's good! I'm happy to note that you arrived there safe and sound. :)

    @ Algene, tama ka dyan Algene!

  12. @ Lainz, grabe Lainz gising ka pa at this time? Excited? Hehehe.... kikay ka talaga, ang dami mo palang bitbit eh. Hahaha.

    Thank you din sa pagbisita ha. At least I was able to hear from you before your trip. Take care and god luck ha...Enjoy!

  13. Kahapon dating namin dito sa bahay. Kakapagod ang unpacking plus andaming labahan... Hahaha...

    Excited na ako for you sis...


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