Saturday, December 3, 2011

Meet Brian Tracy

I had few invites on this forthcoming event which will be held at Hotel Equatorial, Hoh Chi Min City on December 15, 2011. Mega Guru, Brian Tracy will be the resource speaker for the said seminar and will tackle interesting topics on "The Keys to Personal and Leadership Success" It would just be a one day affair participated by some well known personalities in the business sector. There would be a book signing during the one day affair. If only I had the chance to be there, I would certainly love to. Just the thought of meeting a well known personality like Mr. Brian Tracy who is the best selling author of 52 books and 500+ audio and video programs on business and personal success definitely excites me. I just had this invitation to join this seminar because of being an Anphabe member. It really feels great to be a part of this group which connects leaders. Registration fee to this seminar costs $600 per person and $450 if you are an Anphabe member.

Anyway, I will already be home by that time so meeting Brian Tracy will still remain a dream for me. Anyway, I'm certain that this event would be a huge success.



  1. I've heard great things about Brian Tracy. Sayang naman ate at nasa Phil ka na by that time. :D Who knows? Baka siya pa mismo lumapit sa'yo in the future. So, dream come true na 'yon. :D

  2. Sayang sis! It's a one of a kind experience sana. I would always want to listen on inspirationa talks about leadership.

    Sige lang may maganda ka namang reason of not going eh...or should I say mas importante diba? hehe... Excited na ako for your grand homecoming...

  3. It is always good to listen to a motivational speaker once in while because it is very uplifting especially during times of low morale.


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