Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm Finally Home!

It's a great feeling to be home once again. I arrived home Monday morning and was very tired and sleepy because of my long hours of travel from bus rides to plane ride. I traveled 2 hours from Cambodia to Hoh Chi Min City for my night flight at Tan Soh Nhat Airport. Actually it's only 1 hour bus ride but because of the boarder checks and stamping of passports at both the Cambodia and Vietnam immigration, it took me almost 2 hrs. before I finally reached the airport.

I was kind of excited and thrilled to see my family once again and to see my home after it had undergone minor renovations few months ago. For the past two days, I was indulging much on foods. It was just fortunate that I have a good metabolism so eating much wont really make me fat. I am the one preparing every meal now and I make sure that I cook all the favorite dishes of my daughter who was sick for quite sometime now and had tremendously lose a lot of weight. I want to feed her to her hearts content as I really wanted her to regain her health and desired weight. This week is considered a busy week for the students though as they are having their exams prior to their Christmas vacation, so we haven't actually gone out yet. They are having their school Christmas party this coming Friday so after that, they will be totally free. Meanwhile, I'm doing all my errands now while they are still busy at school. I want to process all my documents, pay bills, go to bank and fix my room while they are still fully occupied so we will be all free at the same time for the much awaited "pasyal".

It's just timely though coz SM City Mall will be having it's grand opening on December 15 just in time for the Christmas vacation. Something to look forward to.

Hmmm...til then, I will be posting more soon. Meanwhile, I have to go now. It's time for lunch!



  1. Hey Krizz! I am so glad you had a safe trip and siempre kasama mo na rin ang mga anak mo. I will be looking forward for more of your grand vacay.

    Inggit naman ako sayo. Kahit na kumakain ka, di ka tumataba. How I wish ganyan din ang metabolism ko.

    O sya! Hope you enjoy the rest of your time with your kiddos. Antay nalang ako ng mga updates mo.

    Love and Hugs!

  2. Wow! Finally! Just enjoy your vacation and your bonding time with your children. It's really different when you spend Christmas with your family. God bless you!

  3. Welcome Home Sis! I'm happy to know that you arrived home safely.

    Excited na ako sa mga kwento mo kasama ang family mo especially your kiddos...

    Excited sa SM??? Hehehe Isama mo kami sa shopping mo! Hahaha

  4. I bet your very happy to be home this Christmas cause you'll be spending it with your family..

    I am a new blogger. If you have time please visit my blog. Thanks. Merry Christmas!

  5. good to hear you're finally home! wala talagang mas sasaya pa kung kasama ang pamilya.

    I'm happy that you arrived safely! Have a blast with your family!!

    Much love!!

  6. feel na feel ko ang excitement mo, krizza! at talagang on na on ang pagka-mommy mode ah ;) i hope you're daughter gains back her lost weight and for sure, with your tender loving care, she'll regain her good health fast. pakabusog kayo pareho at sabay :) take care!

  7. Welcome home ate Krizza! Enjoy your stay in your hometown. For sure, excited na rin kids mo for your bonding moments after their exams.. Ako rin, busy this week dahil sa prelim exams, :)

  8. Dear ladies,

    Thank you so much for all the well wishes. I am truly happy to read such wonderful remarks/words from all of you. I know that you are all happy for me now that I can be with my family this holidays season. God bless you all and I also hope that you will all have wonderful Christmas season with your loved ones.


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