Sunday, December 4, 2011

Press Release From PEBA

I would like to give way to a press release from PEBA (Pinoy Expats Blog Awards) for the information of those who will be interested.

The following is the official press release from PEBA forwarded to me through email.

OFW remittances at an all-time high: social remittances as new currency from Global Pinoys

Remittances from Filipinos working overseas are at an all-time high. And no, it’s not just because they’re sending back US dollars, Saudi Riyals, Euros or Japanese Yen; but because our modern-day heroes are sending back what’s known as social remittances.

Social remittances refer to ideas, practices, identities and social capital that flow from receiving to sending country communities. It was coined by sociologist Peggy Levitt in her book “The Transnational Villagers and she describes social remittances being transferred by migrants and refugees that are exchanged by letters or other forms of communication that includes phone, fax, the internet or video. She suggested that social remittance affects family relations, gender roles, class and race identity, as well as have a substantial impact on political, economic and religious participation.

This concept isn’t something new for the Philippines. In the 1800s, this was already seen through the newspaper La Solidaridad and the novels of Jose Rizal. Like them whose ideas paved . In the 21st century, blogging is the new form of social remittance of Filipinos working and living abroad. Through their blogs they are publishing their stories online to inspire others. They also advocate for causes, help others and muster support from their readers to help effect change in their own little ways.

With globalization, Filipino migrants are beginning to realize the power of harnessing the potential of social remittance. They may be students pursuing a higher education, a professional with a white-collar job or a migrant working as house help; but all of them have something in common: an economic goal and aspiration.

This year the Pinoy Expat/OFW Blog Awards or PEBA 2011 is geared to recognize the contributions of Filipino bloggers abroad. This year’s theme is dubbed as "Ako'y Magbabalik, Hatid Ko'y Pagbabago." (I Will Return, I Will Bring Change) as Balikbayans not only send back their monetary remittances; but social remittances as well.

For this year PEBA opens a new blog search called PEBA’s Any Blogger, Anywhere for all Filipino bloggers in various categories, at home or abroad. This year’s blog contest will look into narratives as to how returning Expats/OFW will make use and share their social remittance or their talents, skills and fortunes to bring change to their families, communities and country. Expats/OFW bloggers who will be joining the contest will be required to write a blog entry on the said theme. There is also an ongoing blog contest for OFW supporters.

For 2011, VIPinoy, a service and perks for overseas Filipinos and OFWs offered by Ayala Malls is the biggest sponsor of PEBA. Ayala Mall is providing Trinoma Activity Center as the venue for the awards nights on December 9, 2011 and Market Market as venue for its photo exhibit from December 9, 2011. PEBA is equally supported by one of its long time partner NOKIA and communication giant Globe Telecom.

PEBA will exclusively invite some 200 guests who can make their reservation and confirmation/RSVP of their attendance through VIPinoy Lounges in the different Ayala Malls and the awarding will be watched by a thousand or more and will be telecast live for OFWs to watch.

As an OFW myself, I am supporting this project which aims to recognize the contribution of OFW's to the Philippine economy and I believe that this is also a great opportunity for all OFW's to be a part this growing community, showcase their talents and be heard!


  1. I remember the theme last year, diba it was all about family? Naalala ko 'cause I got invited by a blogger friend before kasi daw OFW papa ko. :) For sure, this is going to become a huge sucess for PEBA 2011. I like the term social remittances. :p

  2. OFWs working their ass off away from home is such a feat. I am all hats off to OFWs like you Krizz for hurdling the separation and distance with your loveones. Sobrang nakakabilib!

    May you have a wonderful week ahead of you!


  3. This event is a good venue para mabigyan ng recognition ang mga OFWs. Marami din kasi ang hindi pa aware sa mga sacrifices na ginagawa nila sa abroad at ang mga na contribute nila to helpour country...

    Daan ako dito sis....

  4. Have you also joined the PEBA contest? I have an entry there. Though not really after winning, I just wanted to make a contribution, too - in a way doing some social remittance...

  5. @ Algene, owww...OFW din pala Papa mo. That's nice. Yes, I wish PEBA success.

    @ Lainy, Hi Lainz, nice to have u back here. Yes, sana lang mafeel din ng government yung support namin sa Philippine economy so instead of issuing directives to ban OFW's from going to some countries eh ang pagtuunan nila ng pansin ay yung panu nila maiipapakita yung appreciation nila sa sa amin. After all, they cannot provide a decent living to most of the Filipino families.

  6. @ Rovie, actually most of the Filipinos aware naman, yung govt lang ata ang hindi aware..hehehe.
    I think magandang venue nga ang PEBA to let OFW's to be recognized and be heard!

    @ Chin, Hi Chin! Glad that you're here today. I did not join eh. Actually di nga ako masyado aware sa PEBA. It so happen lang na may nag email sa akin to request for this press release to be posted here for information dissemination.


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