Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gifts From Kiddos!

I had a good laugh after opening my Christmas gifts from kiddos. I don't know if these two discussed with each other about what gifts to buy coz their gifts are almost identical (lol). From Miks, I got a pair of cute pink slippers plus a set of skin care products and from my son Edmar, I got a pair of soft and comfy home slippers plus a set of foot spa products. There were also 2 pcs of foot spa gift certificates (lol).

But anyway, my kids gifts are always precious to me. It doesn't matter whether these come in whatever form, shape and size. For me, it's the thought and sweetness that counts most. I'm proud to say that since they were small, they never failed to surprise me with gifts in whatever occasion and for me, it's priceless. I loved it most when they would come up with their own personalized greeting cards with their sweet thoughts on it. Sometimes, they would do a video clip about me and this always excites me.

Hmmmm...what more can I say? Thanks a bunch kids!!


  1. Wow! Your kids are so sweet ate Krizza! :) Nagmana talaga sau ang thoughtfulness nila..

    Anyway, I already received the package and I'm really thankful for it. Sobrang nakakahiya naman.. I love them, lalo na yung green. Ano po ba tawag dun? :D

  2. Wow....your kids are really adorable and i know their gifts are priceless. Anything given by loved ones would be a perfect, precious and priceless. And its interesting to know that they also video clip about you which would always be a great memory for you and your kids whenever you watch it.

  3. Ang sweet naman ng mga kids mo sis... You are so blessed to have good kids like them...

    Happy New Year to all of you sis...

  4. feeling ko hindi sila nag-usap that's why parang similar ang gifts nila. hehe! kakatuwa naman ang mga kids mo talaga, krizza, as in kilalang kilala ka nila ;)

  5. @ Algene, oo nga Gene...kasi na train ko sila maging ganun...yung maging mahilig sa gift giving and make it as a tradition until pag mga matured na sila. They are really wonderful kids and I'm proud to have them.

  6. @ Rovie, Yes Sis, having kids like them is such a blessing! :)

    @ KM, Hahaha! Oo nga KM, magkasama ata silang namili eh. Hahaha!!


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