Monday, December 26, 2011

Free Books From OMF Lit

Few months ago, OMF Lit Marketing Manager sent me a package through LBC containing 3 books and 1 pc of "I Read" shirt as a token of appreciation for my support in their marketing campaigns and promotions. Since I was abroad that time, I only had the chance to see the package now.

My personal request was only a book entitled "Hope Away From Home". I personally picked this book since I am an OFW and this book is an inspirational book dedicated to OFW's. To my surprise, they sent me 3 books and a shirt, so I feel very grateful for that kind gesture.

I haven't started to read any of the books yet as I am still very busy at home attending to my kids and some personal concerns in the house. Maybe I would just bring a book or two when I get back to work early next year.

Thank you OMF Lit for that wonderful gift!


  1. Hello my dear friend Krizza! Nice post… Glad to be here … Thanks for sharing! I wish you a lovely new week full of joy and happiness. Hugs!

  2. wow! sis... i love reading inspirational books...

    Panu din maka avail ng ganyan sa OMF? hehehe

    Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year!

  3. OO nga, can I also avail of those free books?


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