Sunday, December 18, 2011

Duty Free Shopping At Royal Subic

School days are finally over! A week after I arrived home, this was the first time that we were able to spend the whole day together. My two teen aged kids had decided to do our duty free shopping at Royal Subic. We took the free shuttle service at the Main Gate and we saw the driver of the shuttle service wearing a Santa costume. My son took a snap shot of the driver where the latter remarked, "you should have told me earlier so I could give you a good pose". (lol)

After about 15 minutes ride, we've finally reached Royal Subic Duty Free Shop.

Since it's Christmas season, it's a bit crowded inside. There were so many local tourists from Manila that time. However, this didn't stop us from taking photos inside (lol). Normally, photo shoots inside the malls are not allowed.

Me, looking for some cake mixes that I can use for my baking experiments.

My son Edmar didn't want to lose to me and requested for a shot (lol). My daughter Mika acting as our photographer.

After we've done with the shopping, we felt a bit hungry and tried to find a place to eat. Initially, we wanted to go to Starbucks which is just nearby but since it's almost 8PM that time, we all agreed that we can never be full with coffee and cakes. So we've decided to have our light dinner at Shakey's as this is the closest to the Duty Free Shop.

We just decided to order one pan of pizza, chicken and chips, cream soup and a pitcher of iced tea. My daughter Mika loves pizza so much thus, we just gave in to her request. We were surprised that even Shakey's is a bit crowded. That only means that there were lots of local tourists going to Subic for a holiday vacation and that's a good sign for the overall tourism industry in Subic.

After dinner, we went home straight away, we have lots of shopping bags with us so we can't afford to have so many stop overs. :) Actually, we wanted to attend the "simbang gabi" but we're already late.

Overall, the day went through smoothly except from some minor irritations that happened in between but in the end, we still tried our best to end up the day happily.

Until here....Ciao!


  1. Wow! Umpisa na ng todo bonding ng mag-iina. Parang first day palan ng bonding sulit na ah...

    May shopping at kainan na agad. Kung puro kayo kain sigurado ako makakabawi na si Mikz at tataba na yan...Hehehe

  2. Ate Krizza! Sobrang kainggit ang naging date mo with the kids. For sure, all of you had a perfect day. :) Masaya naman ako at may bonding time ka with the kids. Hope to read more happy posts from you..

    Natuwa ako sa son mo. He really requested for a shot? Kasi ang brother ko, oa. Ayaw niya na may picture. :))))

  3. Aba! Nagkasakit lang ako at andami ko ng na-miss dito. Anyway, I feel so happy for you Krizz. At least ngayon kasama mo na ang mga anak mo. Wonderful bonding moments with them. \

    O nga ano? Buti naman at nakalusot and picturan blues nyo sa mall.

    Pareho pala kami ng dalaginding mo. Apart from spag, all time fave ko rin ang pizza ;-) Naglalaway na nga ako dito eh. Baka may natira pa dyan, LOL!

  4. I miss shakeys. Merry christmas!

  5. Wow! Shopping mode agad! Sori now lang nabasa ah? Kaya medyo nasurprise din ako. Eto ulit. Wow! hahaha. Sarap ng bakasyon noh?


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