Friday, December 16, 2011

A Day With Mikz

Being at home made me feel once again how it is to become a full time Mom. Preparing the foods every meal and occasionally fetching my daughter from school whenever I'm done with my errands are part of being a Mom. When I ended up with my appointments at the same time that she finishes her classes, I would just swing by her school to meet her before I do some grocery shopping so we could do it together. This is also the time that we can have our snacks together while I check on her about her day in school.

During her last day in school, I've decided to meet her after I'm done with my bank transaction. The bank is just situated near her school so I ended up waiting for her at the vicinity of the school. It's just timely though since she told me that she needs to buy a dress for her Christmas party the following day and a gift for her "monita". Before we go to the shop where she wanted to buy her things, we've decided to have a light snack at Chic Boy which is a fast food chain very similar to Mang Inasal. There, we had a good chat and I could see from her face that she's having a good time.

After buying her dress and gift, we passed by the grocery shop to buy some breads and milk for her grandma then we've decided to get back home as she needs some rest. This girl was sick for the past few weeks and had just been recuperating from her illness, thus, I wouldn't want her to be so tired.

While waiting for my Mom to open the gate, I asked her to pose for a photo shoot in front of our house. This girl loves to take photos actually.

As we got inside, the first thing that she would normally do is to greet her pet dog Luca.

The simple things that we do together each day made me feel happy as I really missed her and her brother that much. Before we finally enter the house, she asked me to pose for a shot even I'm a bit reluctant because I look so haggard as I was out of the house almost the whole day to do some errands.

Nevertheless, I feel glad that I'm able to make up for the lost times. Will update you more of my bonding moments with them on my future posts.



  1. Yey! I'm happy for you ate Kriz! Buti naman at nakapag-bonding na kayo :) I've heard many things about Chic-Boy. Okay ba dun? Hehehe. Haven't tried eh..

    Anyway, ang sexy mo naman sa picture mo sa taas! :P

  2. ganda ng ag mommy ah :) pansin ko na mejo parang payat nga si mikz no? hopefully talaga makabawi na sya uli at mag gain ng konting weight. enjoy ur bonding time with ur family.

    ps.: qng ganda ng balaysung mo, kriz! ;)

  3. @ Algene, actually everyday naman is a bonding time for us kahit nasa bahay lang kami. For the past few days kasi mostly yung mga personal na lakad ko inaasikaso ko kaya we just bond in the house during meal times at pag manonood ng DVD movies. Hehehe

  4. @ KM, oo KM grabe ang ipinayat nya. Kaya nga pinapakain ko sya ng lahat ng gusto nya kasi gusto ko na mag gain sya ng weight. Medyo mahina kasi katawan nya now. Thanks pala at na aapreciate mo yung house us. Simple lang naman house namin nakukuha lang sa pag aayos. Hahaha!

  5. Another memory to cherish sis!

    Gaya ng sabi ni Algene ang sexy mo sis at ang tangkad ha. Parang dalagang -dalaga.

    Sana nga makabawi na sa kanyang weight si Mikz noh? Yung vitamins nya sana sis ung may pampagana para lumakas ang kain at makabawi naman agad...

    Enjoy more time with your kids at kami naman mag aabang lang ng mga updates...

  6. Q Rovie, uyyy...thank you naman sa compliments. Panu mo nalaman matangkad ako Sis kasi naka lean ako sa grills ng terrace. Hahaha! But yeah, I stand 5'5" ft. Hehe...

    Thanks din sa advise mo, actually, appebon ang iniinum na vitamins ni Mikz ngayon reseta ng doctor nya at talagang binubusog ko sya sa kain. Lahat ng gusto nya kainin, go lang ng go and I bought her lots of fresh milk and cereals.


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