Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back Packs For Christmas

When I finally arrived home last Monday after almost 7 months of being away from home due to my overseas work, the first thing that I did the moment I stepped in was to look around the house and check on every rooms. I was really expecting that my children had done a good job of cleaning and organizing everything in the house as they knew for a fact that I am a very well organized person and seeing a messy place will definitely displease me. True to my expectation, everything was done neatly, perfectly arranged according to my standard. As I stepped into my son's room, I noticed that he had made several improvements as he is now more into organizing things. He had requested his Dad to fabricate a caps organizer for him which was installed opposite his bed and he did asked someone to fabricate for him a shoe organizer made of thick tinted brown glass. His entertainment corner as well as his book shelf and cabinets were all neatly arranged. Seeing all his personal stuff made me realized that he really had a huge collection now from shirts, caps, pants, perfumes, shoes and bags. I saw that he got a number of boys bags in his rack and the way I look at it, the bags is the least in number as compared to all his collections. So, I thought of giving him bags this Christmas. I overlooked on this when I did my shopping at Phnom Penh a week before my flight. I concentrated on buying things such as shirts, wallets, perfumes and chocolates. It's fine though coz I now have an idea on what gift to wrap for him on our traditional exchange gifts on Christmas Day. Since he loves back packs, I am thinking of buying a dvs pack for him. I think he would love to own one as he already had a few now, so adding one to his growing collection would definitely delight him. Perhaps an electric pack would also be a good choice. I have seen some on sale online and it would definitely save me a great deal of time and effort to purchase it online as this time, free shipping is being offered. Most of his back packs now came from his Dad and only few were bought by himself. I remembered that during our summer vacation at Hoh Chi Min City last May, he was constantly looking for a suitable bag that he could use in school. My son had always been fussy when it comes to his stuff. This makes it quite difficult for me to buy some for him. Luckily, I was never wrong yet in choosing what best suits him. Most of the stuff that I bought for him during my trips were all put into good use. Most of the dvs packs and electric packs that I've seen online cost at an average of $45 to $50 per piece. It's quite pricey but I am after the quality thus I would like to choose a good brand for him.

I can't wait to see how he would react after seeing his gift. I wanted to choose a good one for him since this boy never fails to excite me with his unique gift ideas every time we had our traditional Christmas exchange gifts. Some of my favorites were the personalized black shirt and the personalized mug that he gave me. He personally hand painted my black shirt with my name on it and it turned out to be really nice. The magic mug that he gave me on the other hand really amazed me. It was only a plain black mug when I received it. The following day, he asked me to use it for my daily morning coffee and the moment I pour in the hot water, my photo and some dedications from him slowly appeared. It was so sweet of him and I really love those personalized stuff that he gave me.

Gift giving has always been the good part of celebrating the Christmas season and it always gives us a joyous feeling to remember our loved ones and surprise them with some little thoughts packed with love and sincere wishes.


  1. Ito na ang todong pangra-raket kahit nasa bakasyon ah... Hahaha!

  2. Hi Rovs! Hahaha! Talagang ganyan, seasonal ang mga to kaya kailangan samantalahin.galing na ako dun sa mga blogs mo at mukhang ganito din ang nakita ko. Hahaha! :)

  3. It mut be a nice feeling to be back home after such long 7 months. And i am sure your boy would love the gifts you've wrapped up in surprise for him.

  4. You're very lucky and so blessed to have such disciplined kids, Krizz. Indeed, you're reaping the fruit of your effort of disciplining them even when you're away from home.

    Pero naman! Masuerte sila sayo for having such a wonderful working Mom. Not too many Moms can do that.

    May you have a fab weekend with your family.


  5. hmmmm... sounds like a happy Christmas!


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