Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Day At The Freeport

We have not completed our duty free shopping at Royal Subic, thus we've decided to go back the following day, but this time we went to another Duty Free shop inside the Subic Bay Freeport, the Freeport Exchange.

Of course, what would be next after shopping but dinner at our favorite restaurant inside SBMA, Meat Plus. This is situated just opposite the Freeport Exchange thus, it's quite convenient for us as we can do both shopping and dinner in just one area. Besides, this is the favorite restaurant of my daughter Mika. She loves the beef burger here so much thus, she never change her order every time we dine here.

As for me and my son, we love to try different dish every time so we always order a different meal each time we drop by here.

Burger Steak Meal served with soup, rice and drinks priced at Php220

Beef Burger with Meat Balls Spaghetti served with drinks priced at Php170

Beef Ribs Steak served with Java Rice, soup and drinks priced at Php220

Actually foods here are considered affordable, thus, this place is always crowded. According to some local tourists from Manila, they love to dine here because of the affordable imported steaks which would cost them a hefty amount should they avail it at Manila. You can also purchase imported raw meats her for take home or you can opt to have it cooked at the restaurant for a minimal charge of Php100.

This restaurant also served cakes and other mouth watering desserts. Photo above is the price list to give you an idea in case you would like to go and visit Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

You can actually combine your trip here with other exciting activities like the Zoobic Zafari Adventure, Ocean Adventure and a lot more.


  1. Wow! Bongga at sunod sunod ang pagsa - shopping ah...Hehehe

    Sarap ng food! Merry Christmas sa inyong Sis. enjoy!

  2. Wow! Another fun and perfect day. :) Sobrang nag-eenjoy ka talaga ate Krizza noh? Buti ka pa, always updated. Ako, lately, medyo busy sa work kahit holidays.. Hehehe. Lalo na on the 23rd dahil vacation. Sana dalawin mo pa rin blog ko.

    Anyway, I'd love to take a bite of the Beef Ribs Steak! Nakakagutom naman yan! :)

  3. OMG! haha.. I so love your updates! So inggit naman ako sa dami ng update at everyday talaga. Di bale bukas I will be blogging. So much to tell din ako eh. So dami to share din na pics. I love my vacation too just how you love it there being back sa ating bansa.

    It's so refreshing and happy to know that you're enjoying your vacay! God bless!

  4. panay panay ang shopping ah :) saya!

  5. wow shopping to the max tita! Christmas Gift ko ha dont forget! Miss You!


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