Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today, I had the chance to chat with my daughter and I can't help but to worry about her deteriorating health condition. She is currently very sick and during moments like this, I can't help but to feel very sad knowing that I am not around to take care of her. I remembered the last time I was with her was during the summer vacation. I went back home then and I brought them over when I came back here.

I still can very well recall those smiles in her face when we visited various attractions at Hoh Chi Minh City. She's full of life.

Posing with a Monk

Now she's sick and weak. Because of this, I lost my mood. Maybe I cannot blog walk tonight. I'm sure my friends will understand me.

I have to see her very soon.


  1. She's still sick pa pala ate Kriz? Sige lang, she'll be fine soon. Sana gumaling na si princess mo. Kahit di pa ako mother, I know the feeling. Bothered and worried ka talaga sa daughter mo especially na maayo siya from you..

    Nainggit naman ako sa picture niya with the monk. Alam mo bang isa yan sa mga gusto kong mangyari? :)

  2. Hi Krizza,

    I pray that your pretty daughter will soon feel well and be free from any illness. May she regain her strength by God's grace. I also pray that you get to see her soon. All the best and God bless!

  3. @ Algene, thanks Algene! your words mean a lot to me. By the way, why do you like to have a photo with a monk? Na curious lang ako eh.

  4. @ KM, thanks a lot KM. I appreciate all your kind words. Thanks for being a friend....

  5. Hi sis! I pray for the speedy recovery of your daughter. I truly understand how you feel and I pray that you will have peace of mind and that your heart will be free from worries.

    May the Lord heal your daughter and He may give you your heart's desire.

    God bless you and your little darling sis.

  6. @ Rovie, thank you sis! Your wishes and prayers mean a lot to me. Hope you're enjoying your vacation at CDO.

    God Bless sis!


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