Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why Would You Go For Cosmetic Dentistry?

It's quite funny but I have two entirely different experiences with my son and daughter as regards to caring for their teeth. When I had my son the first time, I was not quite mindful in caring for his teeth, thus when he celebrated his first birthday, he already had some cavities. He got this from eating too much sweets which we were unable to put a stop right away. I took note of this experience with my son so when when my daughter came, I was conscious enough to look after her teeth making sure that she won't get that same experience as what his brother did. Everything went alright until her permanent teeth were all trying to show up at the age of 8. Since she is having a perfect set of temporary teeth that time, she had a problem with the coming of her permanent teeth making his teeth totally misaligned. Believe me, her teeth really look so awful! Realizing the importance of having a good set of teeth especially for girls prompted me to inquire for a possibility of her getting a cosmetic dentistry. You see, I don't want her to suffer from being bullied by her classmates because of her unsightly teeth.

When we brought her to the dentist for assessment, the dentist has recommended using a dental brace to help align and straighten her teeth while working to improve on her dental health. Without much thinking, I had her wear her dental brace though that time it's quite pricey to have one.

Now, it's relatively easier to scout for cosmetic dentistry online as there are some sites where you can actually have a glimpse of various dental treatments to improve the appearance of the person's teeth, gums, and/or bite. One example of this is the nashville cosmetic dentistry where you can find a full range of dental make over options.

I think it was a right move for me to have my daughter get her brace on since I personally believe that having a good set of teeth and improving one's dental health increases our self esteem and gives us that confidence to get along with people and do our daily tasks.

As the saying goes, "first impression is lasting" so we have to take an extra effort to look presentable at all times.

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  1. Importante talaga ang dental care lalo na habang mga bata pa sila.

    Si Macky nga eh misaligned din mga ngipin. My brother is planning to get him some braces kaso may kamahalan. So part ng future plan pa lang. Hehehe...

    Congrats sis! Raket na naman.Hehehe

  2. Hi Rovs, oo nga Sis, may kamahalan talaga ang braces. Yung sa daughter ko, I spent $1,000. Actually she's still wearing it until now. Gusto ng dentist nya, perfect ang kalalabasan. Yayy!

  3. Masuerte ang mga anak mo, Krizz. You can well afford to provide them the braces that they need. Nong panahon ko, di puede kasi nga basic essentials lang puedeng iprovide ng magulang ko. That's why when I can well afford it, I didn't hesitate to have it for myself. It would have been much better if I had it when I was much younger. Anyways, it pays rin naman. The confidence when you face people matters most- especially when you have a good of teeth.

    Congrats nga pala for having your way with bucks2blog. I don't feel comfy sa kanila kasi kelangan mo pang gumawa ng mahabang convincing post para mapili, hehe.

  4. Hi Lainy! Gising ka pa? Hehehe...
    Korek ka dyan Lainz, maswerte talaga mga anak ko kasi halos lahat ng pangangailangan nila naibibigay ko sa kanila. Maybe partly, that's one of the reasons na din kung bakit mababait sila at sobrang masunurin. They, too recognized the fact that they are lucky.

    Last summer vacation, when I brought them for an out of the country vacation, they felt so delighted and thankful at sila na mismo nagsabi na ang swerte nila. Hahaha!!

    I can't forget the time nung minsang nasa airport ako waiting for my flight, I texted my daughter to say take care and to tell her that I'm so lucky to have her and her brother. You know how she replied me? She said, "You maybe lucky to have us but we are more lucky to have you as our Mom!" Awwww... I was teary eyed when I got that message. Until now, di ko yun makalimutan. That's the thrills and joys of being a Mom. :)

  5. Sobrang sweet naman ng mga anak mo, Krizz. You're very blessed to have wonderful children like them.

    Nagising ako kanina then mga around 5am na nakatulog uli. Kakagising ko lang uli ngayon, hahaha! Almost 8 na. I need to go down and prepare for work. See yah again when I get back from work tonight.


  6. i just left rovie's blog and smelled moolah there...dito rin also smell moolah hahaha

    dami niyo raket ah...inggit


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