Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why Use Business Envelopes For Branding

Don't you wish sometimes just for a moment that you were an envelope? It's the best keeper of secrets, agreements, contract and some vital information that wouldn't be disclosed to many.

It carries a heavy responsibility, that of a messenger and a mediator between two or more parties. With such responsibility bestowed upon a piece of folded paper, it can only be fair to adorn it and give it the desired personality. Matters regarding business are very sensitive but even more when it comes to branding. Common question is why using business envelopes for branding? What's the relation between the two?

For those in business they'll agree that, it represents who they are or they are engaging in what they are passionate about. It is the first contact with a company and therefore it characterizes your attributes as a company. The need to brand your business then becomes essential as it should identify your core values, goals, aspirations and objectives. It communicates with your customers and markets your business too. What choice to use is a question that leaves many stranded? The widely used in business are the C5 envelopes. It holds an A4 sheet when folded or an A5 sheet. Many use them in letters and stationery.

Envelopes can be custom made for you. That way it gives you an opportunity to be part of creating a brand and customize it to suite your image, they widely come into contact with almost every one you may not know. These important papers come in handy as they are of a reasonable size and one may not find it bulky or too inconveniencing to carry. Have you ever carried a protruding parcel and feel uneasy when people tend to stare at you? I know the feeling and the good thing with them is that they have a capacity of up to 200 sheets without bulging.

These significant papers are good for branding in that they take identity to the target market. A unique, well-articulated and neatly done envelope is worth a thousand words. They portray absolute devotion, seriousness and dedication key qualities in every business. Creativity is also an important aspect in branding. It should be moderately done so as not to communicate any mixed signals that will attract the wrong clientele or give bonus points to competitors.
Creativity in branding a large piece of paper may include a combination of colours related to the company's theme, a little design in shapes of the envelopes. They do stand out when perfectly shaped. Most importantly remember to include your business logo and image for an easier and hustle free branding.

Whether you are in a small sole proprietorship, a large partnership or even a larger domain, it's important to use what works well in branding. You never know where it may land you. In a world full of opportunities and diversities it's always good to stay on guard, with outstanding, beautiful and attractive papers that convey important messages to all.

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This is a sponsored post brought to you by Ace Envelopes.


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  2. MY first comment was way off topic, pagpasensyahan mo na, kakagising ko lang. LOL!

    Beggars can not choose. For government agencies like us who's budget depends so much from the central government, kung anong binibigay samin, di puedeng magreklamo unlike the corporate world. So gustuhin ko man na ung envelopes namin eh sobrang disente and presentable, di kaya ng budget :-( So sad!

  3. There is an art in envelope, from love letter to business envelopes but I want to see the Google envelopes.

    Keep posting..

  4. Haven't read all the post yet sis... Here lang more a quick peek hehehe...

    I am up all night daan lang bago matulog this morning. Hugs!

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  6. @ Lainy, Don't worry Lainz....I completely understand your schedule. "Super Nova" tayo pareho di ba? Dumaan ka man at hindi dito, alam kong dadaan at dadaan ka pag di ka na busy.

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