Friday, November 4, 2011

Where's Your Favorite Hang Out?

One of my favorite past time whenever I'm free from work is to watch a movie with my family. Whenever I go back to the Philippines, this will always be a part of my planned activities. I don't know but I find this very relaxing. Whenever time permits, I would always try to bring my Mom. Normally she wouldn't succumb to the idea of going out of the house. She's quite old already although she's still very much capable of joining family eat outs and strolls. My kids are always happy when we bring her with us. I'm lucky that they are so loving and caring to their grandma whom they fondly called "nanay". To make it even more lively, I would also tag along our house helper. This is my way to give her a treat for her hard work and for faithfully serving the family. :)

On our last trip to Hoh Chi Min City, I definitely included a trip to Megastar Cineplex located on the 10th floor of Parksons Department Store.

Me while choosing what movie to watch. :)

My daughter in her usual playful ways....

After choosing our seats and buying the movie tickets, we just hang around at the cinema lounge while waiting for the scheduled screening. At the cinema lounge, they have Highlands Coffee shop selling your favorite coffee frappe and choices of delectable cakes. This is located just infront of the long counter selling pop corns, sodas and other snacks.

My daughter Miks looked like she never had enough of the movie while others already leave the place. (lol) Well...the truth is, she just wanted to hang around a bit for some picture taking. :)

On our way out of the Parkson's building.

We're not from Manila that's why we rarely had the chance to watch a movie from a high end cinema especially those movies in 3D. That's why, I really find the way to bring them to Megastar Cineplex in Vietnam so they would have a chance to watch a movie from a different place. Megastar Cineplex is the best cinema in Vietnam. I think, I brought them there twice during the duration of our vacation.

It always gives me a great pleasure to have a break from work and have fun or simply hang out on places where I could truly relax away from the stress and pressures. But...spending it with the family makes it even more special.

Happy week end everyone!


  1. The joy of spending time with family can never be equaled by any other means. MAlaki na pala ang mga anak mo, Krizza. I was thinking mga 3-5 lang, hehehe.

    DI ko pa nasubukan magphotoshoot sa cinema ah. You just gave me an idea, hahahaha!

    May you enjoy your weekend in grand style!


  2. Hi Lainy...aga mo today ah! Kaw pa first commenter ko. Touched naman ako! Yup medyo malalaki na sila kasi if not, d ko sila maiiwan sa Pinas. I trained them first with everything before I decided to work abroad. Yung foundation kasi is very important. The timing is just perfect though coz I can feel more the bonding whenever we travel and parang friends lang kami. same way with their Dad. We are both OFW's.

  3. Oo, talagang maaga ang beauty ko nagsstalk sa mga blogs kasi eto lang ung time ko before I leave for work at sa gabi na rin after work.

    First commenter ka rin sa post ko at may link back pa to show my appreciation :-)

    Mabuti naman at yong presence mo during your children's crucial period, 0-6 y.o eh andyan. Yon yong pinakaimportante sa lahat.

  4. my favorite hang out ay sa mall - watching movies, shopping and dining out with my boyfriend or friends
    pero iba pa rin sa bahay kasama ang family watching our favorite tv series, movies and eating out
    have a nice weekend krizza

  5. Since I become a mother, wala na yatang pwde pang maging favorite hang out kundi sa bahay with my Bella Baby... Hehehe.

    Medyo boring ako kasi I seldom go out even before pa. Actually when I started working in 2010 but before that akala ko nga mababaliw ako kung hindi makalabas ng bahay in a day. LOL!

    Time changes and so as my priorities. Siguro it comes with age? hahaha...

  6. naks naman, ang ganda ni mommy krizza ah! at ganun din ang daughter ;)

    natatawa ako sa mga messages nyo sa shoutbox ko. LOL. kanina pa ako kating kati maki-reply at makigulo kaya lang busy sa empake. sumingit lang ngayon dahil hindi ko na talaga mapigilan. haha!

    salamat ng marami ulit :D ilang oras na lang lilipad na kami. ayoko na matulog ngayong gabi para sabay na oras ko sa Pinas. lol.


  7. movietime is a great time. with all the good movies esp for the kids. glad your having quality time with your kids =)

  8. @ Rovie, Oo ganun talaga Rovs kasi kakatamad mag karga at magbitbit ng anak pag namamasyal. Kaya nga, I enjoy going out more now kasi nga di na sila alagain tulad before nung maliliit pa. :)

  9. Uyyy KM...thanks ha, nakadaan ka pa dito today. Alam mo parang pare parehas nga tayo eh. Yun bang parang naging daily routine na yung pag uusap at parang di complete araw pag wala yun...Hahaha!!

    Ingat na lang pala ha! Have a safe trip! :)

  10. Adik na tayo sa isa't isa eh...Hehehe

    Uy sis, salamat sa regalo kay Bella ha. This friendship with you, KM, Lainy and the rest is such a blessing...

    Super thank you!

    P.S. Naunahan mo ako sa pag comment sa post ni Lainy ah. Congrats sa link *wink*. Hehehe

  11. its always a great time hang out with family, like this.

    btw, nice blog..

  12. @ Reese, thanks sa pagdalaw ha.

    @ Rovie, nakakaraming thank u ka na ah! : )

  13. @ J. Alvarez, yup movie time is the best time 4 me. Thanks for the frequent visit ha.

    @ duddz, thanks a lot!

  14. Hi Krizza. Buti ka pa malakai na anak mo. Kailan kaya lalaki ng ganyan kalaki mga anak ko? We don't go to movies, wala dito noon eh. So, sa harap lang ng TV minsan bonding time namin. Last time, we watched Transformers together.

  15. Hi Chin! welcome back here! May advantages din naman pag maliliit pa ang anak. Mas nae enjoy mo yung personal na pag aalaga sa kanila. Yun nga lang laking ginhawa talaga pag malalaki na kasi they can take care of themselevs na at walang hassle pag namamasyal kayo together kasi they are on their own na. :)


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