Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sell Online - Jump Starting E-Business

With the wide acceptance of virtual shops, lots and lots of people are going crazy with online selling as well as online shopping. With it's many advantages, there's no doubt that online business is currently the "in thing". I was also fancied in putting up an online shop. For one, I was attracted because of the low operating expenses. You don't need to hire employees, pay rental fees and pay operational expenses such as utility bills and other incidentals. It's easier to manage and only requires you to have a computer, an adequate knowledge of the products you are selling and a reliable internet connection. However, most people are thinking that getting to sell online is a time consuming endeavor that only the tech savy people can handle. I understand this dilemma as I myself is not tech savy. To be able to have a successful venture online, you must have a well designed website, a reliable payment system and establish a well defined shipping policies.

Getting started is often stressful. More so if you don't have the basic know how. However with the emergence of ecommerce solutions, getting started with that online business is nearly achievable. These companies are making sure that start up entrepreneurs would be able to bring their business to cyberspace with much ease.

Normally opening an online business can be done in few steps:

Choosing a name for your store.
Choosing a design for your website.
Adding product catalogue and descriptions
Setting up payment systems and shipping policies

Then it's all done. However, going through this process requires some skills. This is precisely the reason why there's that old perception that putting up virtual stores are only for tech savy. However the good news is, it's no longer applicable today.

As an overseas worker, I am also thinking of having my online business someday. I cannot be working overseas all my life. Thus, as early as now, I'm looking for possible options and ways to enrich my knowledge on ebusiness concepts.

Given the opportunity in the future and in consideration that I don't have much of the needed technical skills, perhaps I would just resort to hiring a professional who could do the things for me. This way, I could concentrate on my products and marketing my business.


I am participating in a blog campaign for Bucks2Blog for an ecommerce solution company and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.


  1. Mooolllaaaahhhh! hahaha!

    Congrats Sis! Ikaw na nga ang kasunod ni Lainy sa mga e-raket? Hahaha

  2. I have been a customer of online shops. IN 2009, I got so hooked with eBay before the prevalence of online stores at FB. Grabe! Nong mga panahong yon, wala talaga akogn time pumunta ng mall dahil sa sobrang busy in preparation for the 2010 Automated Elections. Halos di ko na nga alam ang hitsura ng mall, nong nakapunta ako uli, nanibago ako, LOL! Panay sa ebay lang ako namimili. Halos every other day ata yong purchase ko, LOL! Nakakaadik din pala ;-)

    Andami mo ng gig, Krizz ah. I am hapyp for yah. Kararating ko lang from dining out with fam. It was my nephew's dedication at church. WE had a blast eating out. Nasira ang diet ko, hahahaha!

    I hope you had a great day, Krizz.


  3. @ Rovie, kaw talaga Rovs...malayo pa ako sa raketeers ni Lainz. Hahaha!!

    @ Lainz, Sad to say di ko pa nasubukan mamili dyan sa Ebay. Mas mura ba? May account ako dati kaya lang now baka deactivated na. Safe naman? Gusto ko nga rin sana masubukan minsan. You mean sa Ebay Philippines?

  4. Hey Krizz! I sent you a PM at your rocketmailbox. Hope you got it ;-)

  5. There's a growing market for online sellers. More convenient kasi for different consumers to purchase online. Unlike ate Lainy, hindi ako masyadong na-hook sa online shopping lalong lalo na wala pa akong credit card. :)

  6. Ay! Di ata lumusot yong mahabang comment ko dito early am kanina :-(

  7. @ Lainz, wala akong nakitang comment na mahaba Lain...promise! Ano ba yun nakasulat. Yun lang nakita ko sa dashboard ko eh. Yung check yung PM mo, yun lang talaga. Ano kaya yun sinabi mo? Di ko tuloy alam... :(

  8. @ Algen, yup...I agree Gene, online shopping is becoming a trend now. Di ka pa kasi pwede mag apply siguro ng credit card Gene kasi madaming requirements to have one. But you can apply for a supplementary card from your parents card.

  9. Hola Krizz. Don't you worry, must be some glitch in the system or my browser acting up.

    Ayways, I am not too sure if ebay is way cheaper. Basta when I eye for something. I don't mind about the price, basta bid lang ako ng bid, hahaha!

    May time pa na umabsent ako from work just to make sure na makukuka ko yong item nong last day of bidding na. Nakakaloka! Sobrang addictive talaga sya.

    I've tried ebay Philippines and even the US. PAg sa labas galing, it will take time for the shipping.Pero it's all worth it naman pag gusto mo talaga yong items. Most of my loots are dresses.

    You've got to check out the seller's reputation before doing the bid to make sure na makukuha mo yong item mo. Meron kasing feedback from clients kaya don mo malalaman kung matinong seller sya. I never encountered any problems except when I got pissed off with one seller na sobrang tagal magreply when I won the bid. Sobrang tagal din na ship. Tinamaan sya sakin sa feedback at naiblog ko pa sya, hahahaha! Ang sama ko ba? LOL!


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