Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reminiscing All Saints Day...

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Philippines is celebrating All Saints Day every 1st of November and all Souls Day every 2nd of November every year. This is one of the most important festivities in the Philippines where people observe strict adherence to Filipino culture and religious traditions that had been on for so many years.

Looking back…I can still recall so many good memories of All Saints Day. Since my father died, I can very well remember how the loss of this very important figure in our family had brought us closer together. All Saints Day had been considered an important day in our family as all my siblings together with their respective families gather together at the memorial park where my father had laid to rest. This allows us to reunite and see each other amidst our busy schedule to offer our prayers, light our candles and share the scrumptious dishes that each family brings. We used to do “pot luck” and this caused excitement for each and everyone. Thinking what to bring, preparing our “baon” and squeezing ourselves in the very crowded market just to take a pick of the specially arranged flowers that we will bring and offer to our father has been a practice for years. When we all get there to the place, we are very excited to share stories, play games, or simply crack jokes to everybody’s delight. It’s very nice to remember how precious this day to each and every one of us.

Years passed and everything had changed including our routines, our jobs, our wants, our needs and sad to say, our family tradition.

Now, I know that my father feels very sad because the All Saints Day which he had probably been waiting for every year to get that opportunity to see his big family gathered around him had vanished. The All Saints Day is still there and will continue to be celebrated each year but our family gathering and practices will never be the same again….not again. Our family grew apart. The closeness was gone. The tradition has long been forgotten. No more “pot lucks”, no more scrumptious foods to share, no more jokes to hear, no more games to play. That’s how it is now.

Could it be that each member of the family had been taken away by their ambitions? By their desire to grow? Or is it because each and everyone had been taken away by pride, by misunderstanding or misconception of their renewed beliefs and aspirations?

“I am deeply sorry father! I know how this pains you. I know that you did not want this to happen nor you did expect that your death will keep us apart. Whatever it is, I will always be your faithful daughter and you will always be in my heart forever”.

I am hoping and praying that time will come that each and everyone of us will realize our own mistakes, learn to forgive and forget and break that wall that was unconsciously built between us. Every year, All Saints day will be celebrated and every year will be a new hope for a new beginning.

One fine All Saints Day, you will see us all again…praying together, laughing together, eating together….gathered together.

That’s a promise!


  1. Bawat isa sa atin merong kanya-kanyang paniniwala. For the vast majority in the Philippines being a Catholic-dominant country, it has been a tradition to remember and honor the dead at this time of the year. But with the advent of technology and other reasons I can't identify, Filipinos learned to outgrow the old traditions. Kung nakakabuti ba eto o nakakasama, diko alam kasi we don't practice going to the cemetery to remember the dead. May iba rin kasi kaming paniniwala being non- Catholic, hehehe!

  2. awww, krizza :( you must have truly been missing your family a lot. worry not, there's a time for everything. a time to laugh, a time to weep, a season for all things. time will come when you will be able to be with your family and do the things you used to do with them. it will come :)


  3. Na sad naman ako while reading your story sis. Na iimagine ko lang kung gaano kayo kasaya before looking forward for All Saints Day kasi parang family reunion na din.

    I'm praying that one day, that promise will be fulfilled.

    Hindi masyado nakakadalaw dahil dami din activities dito for the All Saints Day...

  4. Hi Lainy! Yes, I understand. I'm one person who have high respect for each individual's religious beliefs. Gaya ng nasabi mo, kanya kanyang paniniwala yan at kinagisnan. But faith is not the reason why our family drifted apart. It's about individual differences and all...

    Thanks for the visit dear!

  5. Thanks for the kind words KM! That means a lot to me! As always..you never fail to motivate me. :)

  6. Hi Rovs! Yes...sobrang masaya talaga kami before. I'm also hoping na dumating yung time na maging masaya ulit kami....

    Thanks Sis!

  7. I still believe na mabigat parin ang pinagsamahan ng magkakapamilya. Di basta-bastang naitatapon yan. Kaya tama si KM, Kung ngayon, you feel down and disappointed with how things are going in the family, a time will come na magkakasama naman kayong magkakatawanan at ngingitian nalang ang lungkot at pait ng nakaraan, NAKS! Ang drama ng litanya ko, para ng nobela, hehe! Nadala namin kasi ako sa lalim ng emotions mo, Krizza.

    I hope you feel a lot better now.

    Love and hugs,

  8. Thanks Lainy...bumalik ka pa talaga to follow up on me. That was so sweet of you and I appreciate it so much! Thanks din sa pang unawa...

    That's why we need friends to comfort us every time.... :)

  9. I'm also looking forward sa masayang family reunion tuwing All Saint's Day ma, tulad ng dati. Sana nga mangyari yun ulit. Yung masayang dati. :)

  10. Tama ka dyan, Krizza. Friends are real gems. Their words of comfort are just soothing to the soul :-)


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