Monday, November 28, 2011

Preparing For My Vacation!

I've been reading some comments from my blogpals on how is my preparations going for my forthcoming vacation next month. Some of them were expressing their excitement that I would finally be home this coming holiday season. Like them, of course I am equally excited too. But thinking about it, it's not really been that long since the last time I visited home. My last vacation was last week of April until 3rd week of May this year, so it's just about 6 months ago. It's actually not too long compared to other OFW's that's why I feel a bit luckier coz there are even times that they get to see me three times a year. Yes, that's how often I go back to visit home. But, I'm just not so sure about the coming year. Sometimes, schedule changes and it's not within my control. Well....I just hope that everything will be fine then.

I've mentioned to a blog pal Algene that so far there's nothing much to prepare for my forthcoming vacation except for some few things that I normally do like buying the "bilins" of my kids, packing my things and fixing all my other stuff that would be left in my room. Normally I secured everything here first prior to taking my vacation. Since I would be away for almost a month, I make sure that I wrap all my clothes in tight plastic bags to protect from dusts and molds. Then I would normally buy some moth balls to place everywhere in the cabinet. Then my dining utensils are also secured the same way. I also use to secure my books, magazines and other documents in a safe container and sealed accordingly. Of course, the more important things, I bring all with me. I normally leave my fridge empty and clean before I go coz I need to unplug it.

For the past few days, I've been trying to figure out what are the things that needed my attention back home and as early as now, I'm starting to list them down one by one including all my other planned activities with the family. Of course, I just jot down things freely...everything that comes to my mind. Later, I would sort out my list and check on my priorities. Them from the list of my priorities, I would number them according to what's the most important down to the least. This way, I make sure that I'm setting my priorities accordingly. Right now, I'm still on the process of doing things and hopefully, I can share some on my future posts.

Well.....I guess, the past few weeks had been a grand vacation time for my blog pals who are all busy catching up with themselves, friends and loved ones. How I wish I could do the same thing too very soon.

For now, I still have to work on some important things that need to be done for the rest of the day. I will blog walk later.



  1. Hello Sis! Sorry... Andami kong absent medyo busy din sa bakasyon dito...

    After reading your post, natawa ako thinking na kahit ba naman sa pagbabakasyon organized ka pa rin... Hehehe

    When I left for CdO parang wala naman akong inisip kundi yung dadalhin at ang maiiwan sa pagbalik ko na lang...

    I am so happy and excited for your grand homecoming. Surely isa na namang memorable Christmas or your family ito especially for your kids...

  2. Hi Rovs! Nabuhay ka ah! Hahaha... Okay lang yun, I understand naman. Give time to yourself and your family. You deserve it. Ewan ko ba sis, but I'm really organized talaga with everything. Madali akong mairita pag di organized lahat and from experience, I often regret on some things left undone just because I never plan ahead. That's why sometimes, it pays to be prepared.

    Thanks for the visit and enjoy the remaining days of your vacation. :)

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  4. Hello ate Krizza! Wow! Na-mention ako sa post mo. Nakakatuwa naman. Really? Minsan thrice a year ka nakakauwi? Buti ka pa! Ang papa ko twice or once a year lang. Tapos 45 days lang vacation niya. Ikaw? Ilang days?

    Good luck sa vacation mo. Kasama mo pa family mo on Christmas day! For sure, ng dami mong pasalubong for them.. Looking forward sa mga posts mo about your vacay. :P

  5. Its such an excitement when you plan visiting home. And while you made your plans obvious, you also shared your thoughts on how you would set everythihg right before you leave. Those thoughts were great indeed and would definitely be of some help to others as well.

  6. Hi Krizza! Wow, uuwi ka pala! Katuwa ka naman kasi frequent ang uwi mo :) I'm sure excited na din ang family mo lalo pa ang mga not-so-babies mo. Good to know din pala na okay na ang daughter mo. Praying for her speedy recovery para pag uwi mo energized na sya for pasyal ^^

    Thanks pala sa pag bisita sa blog ko. Alam mo naman, vacation/work mode pa din ako. Eto daig ko pa si Kuracha, ang babaeng walang pahinga. Sa umaga, dispatchadora, sa gabi sya ay bonggang bongga. Ay mali, si Annie Batungbakal pala yun. Hehe!

    Nweiz, enjoy your vacation. Aabangan ko din ang vacation update mo and please post pictures!

    Take care lagi :)

  7. PS: I agree with Rovz, pati nga sa vacation, very organized ka pa din ^^ Way to go, Krizza ;)

  8. Hey Krizz! Nabuhay din ako, hahahaha!

    I am excited for you. Kahit madalas kang nauuwi to be with your fam, siempre I can feel your excitement parin. San ba sa inyo sa Luzon?

    I am glad your dalaga is ok now. At least you'll be at peace. Feel ko yong sobrang ligalig mo nong nagkasakit sya.

    Make the most out of this vacation Krizz and enjoy with your family and like KM has requested, please post pics whenever you can.


  9. Nice post.... Pde po ba makisabit sa bakasyon? ahihi

  10. @ Algene, yup Algene madalas 3x ako nauwi in one year. Ewan ko lang next year. Kasi I have to check on them once in a while. Lam mo na working Mom eh. :)

    @Elvirah, yes sis, it really feels wonderful when you are about to take a much needed vacation especially so that I would be seeing the whole family again. Thanks for dropping by sis. :)

  11. @ Lainy, oo naman kahit 2 months lang ako mawala, excited pa rin ako umuwi. Lalo na at hands on ako sa mga bata at sa humble home ko. Especially pag naiisip ko yung gala gala namin. Sa Subic kami Lainz. Nag alala talaga ako sa daughter ko dahil higit 1 week sya di nakapasok at sobrang laki ng binagsak ng katawan nya. Pero now, nakaka recoiver na sya. Thanks God!

  12. @ KM, Hi KM! Thanks at nakasilip ka. Pero don't worry alam ko namang busy ka pa now eh. Continuous pa din pala online job mo kahit nakabakasyon ka? Mahirap nga yan. :) So hindi na pala ikaw si Karenina kundi si Kuracha? Hahaha!
    Oo nga excited na ako makita sila ulit pati Mom ko. I'm looking forward talga to this vacation kasi nga Christmas season eh.

    Take care ha...pahinga ka naman!

  13. @ Goryo and HD Cafe, thank you pals for being here! Have a great day! :)

  14. Hi Krizza, I and my hubby are now here at the airport waiting to board on the plane. I'll be busy for about a week or 2 but I promise to be blogging talaga if I have time. Ikaw? When uwi mo Pinas? Hope you'll have a great time with family! Muah!

  15. @ Rona, Good luck Ning! Maging happy sana ang bakasyon nyo dyan sa Taiwan. Just enjoy as much as you can. Paminsan minsan lang yan. Me, mga 2 weeks pa before ako makauwi. I'm looking forward to that. :) take care! Hugs..


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