Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One Fine Day!

Alas! After few days of dilly dally, I was finally able to have my humble abode tidied. After work, I delivered my bed sheets, comforter and towels at the nearby laundry shop. I would admit that I haven't been out lately thus I was not really comfortable walking on a dusty road. Nevertheless, I took advantage of having some time out so I've decided to buy some canned juice, fruits and breads on my way back to the building where I am staying. After reaching my room, I just felt the urge to have it cleaned. However, after seeing my bathroom, I felt that I wouldn't be able to do it all alone. There's quite a few things that need to be done and it would probably take me long hours to finish it. I finally found a solution to my "little problem" by asking one housekeeping staff to help me with the cleaning.

I also find the time to change my bed sheet and blanket.

I was very pleased after the housekeeping staff managed to have everything in the bathroom looks clean and sparkling white.

After I fixed my cabinet, I felt a little bit tired and sleepy and this stopped me from preparing my dinner as originally planned. I just content myself with a bottle of juice and some breads. I just managed to get online for more than an hour and doze off after I hit the publish button on my previous post (lol).

At any rate, I was feeling totally energized when I woke up the following morning for work. It was a great feeling to have enough rest and have pending things done. Just like my blog pals, I hate procrastinating but sometimes, it can't be avoided.

Now, I can move on to other more important things. I have a scheduled chat session with my daughter later. I have to check on her as she is currently sick. I hope she'll be fine soon.



  1. Nothing feels great than having a clean and organize place! Buti naman at you have found some time to fix your lovely place ate Kriz. Thanks sa help ng housekeeping staff! Unit to ate? :)

    Get well soon sa daughter mo. Dati si baby Bella and sick, ngayon naman kid mo. Hope she'll be fine soon!

  2. ganda ganda naman ng bahay ah :) gusto ko nung washroom mo. ang cute. hehe! alam mo, okei na din yung nag hire ka ng housekeeper, kasi every once in a while lang naman ;) at least may time ka pa gumawa ng ibang bagay, di ba? :D

  3. What a fine day, indeed! Thanks to the house help, it made things a lot easier for you, Krizz.

    Ang cute naman ng iyong mosquito net, hehe! I remember my younger days, di kami makatulog pag walang kulambo pero nong tumanda na at nong lumipat kami ng house, di na kami gumagamit ng kulambo :-)

    Ay! Same kami ng anak mo. I have flu right now since the other day. Nag half day nga lang ako kahapon at work but I had no choice but to report in the afternoon coz the Boss kept calling me for some matters na ako lang ang nakakaalam, sigh. I hope gumaling na kami pareho ng anak mo, Krizz :-)


  4. Hi Algene. Wow...FC ka ngayon ah. OO nga buti na lang naharap ko na magpa general cleaning. Parati kasi ako busy. Yeah...I have so many things bothering me now coz my daughter is really having some health problems now. She's going to see the Doctor this morning. I hope she'll be fine very soon. Thanks for swinging by Algene!

  5. @ KM, yup KM...kung konti konting linis lang, kaya ko naman kaso general cleaning to eh. Pag ako, hayysss aabutin ako ng ilang oras at madami na naman mape pending na trabaho. Anyway, tip lang naman give sa housekeeping kasi on duty naman talaga sila kaya ok lang. At least, naging maaliwalas paligid ko. Hehe ...

  6. @ Lainy, Hi Lainz, oo nga eh savior ko talaga yung housekeeping staff namin dito. Everything was done fast and easy kasi tinutulungan ko din sya. Yung mosquito net ko, more of fashion lang yun, hehehe... pampa cute lang, hahaha! kasi naka aircon naman yung room actually. Nagandahan lang ako kasi nakita ko yung sa friend ko at nagpabili ako sa kanya. :)

  7. i will definitely have fun...salamat!
    i like your kulambo!

  8. wow so ganda pala talaga ng house mo. and is that your bed? really cool! I like that cute pink mosquito net hanging over the bed. Plus that bathroom, gorgeous! Can I sleepover for a night? haha!

    Anyway, where is your daughter living by the way? Are you far from each other? How is she now? Hoping that all is well!

    Dami bang tanong? well, can't help it eh. haha. By the way! In Philippine time, magandang tanghali!

  9. @ Reese, yes should. You deserved it! Thanks at nagustuhan mo ang aking "magic kulambo". Hahaha!

    @ Rona, Di ko house yan Ning, that is the place provided by the company for me to stay. My daughter is in the Philippines right now. I'm at work. I just visit them thrice a year and sometimes if may chance I bring them over for "pasyal". She is currently at the clinic now having her check up. I hope maging okay na sya really soon. Thanks Ning and okay lang marami tanong wag lang Math or Science! (lol)

  10. Ang cute ng mosquito net and the whole set up. kaya gusto ko laging dumn dito nakakuha ako ng ideas.

    Btw kindly grab your award here I am happy to share this to you

  11. Hello,

    Its nice to see that mosquito net you have. Where did you buy that one. I am also using a mosquito net but its the regular one. Hope you could also share where did you buy it?



  12. @ Kha, thanks for swinging by here, please feel free to do so. :) Marami talaga may gusto sa kulambo ko. Hahaha! I also liked it so much the first time I saw it. I am actually using it as a fashion accessory only. :) Not because of the "lamok". Anyway, thanks for the award, wow...I never thought that you would think of giving it to me. Thanks again...

  13. @ Lady, hmmm...parang wala nga kasi akong nakikitang ganyang design sa Pilipinas. Normally yung regular nga lang. Actually, it's a product of Thailand but I bought it at Phnom Penh Cambodia. Dito kasi ako nag wo work. But the kulambo itself came from Thailand.

    Thanks for the visit and for liking my kulambo.

  14. That looks so cool of you. I love your room arrangement it is so cozy. That place is a perfect fortress for a tired and restless body.


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