Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Daughter's Wish!

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My daughter's fervent wish is to own a shih tzu puppy. She's been urging me to get one for her since two years ago but until now, I haven't got one for her. Well...the reason is obvious, it's expensive! (lol)

But honestly, this is not my main concern. This is only one time pain in my wallet. What stops me from buying one is the thought of the expenses and the difficulties looking after a shih tzu pup. As I was told, this cannot eat just any kind of food. There are only few varieties that they could eat. They have to be fed with milk, veggies and OMG beef! They should have their own place to sleep perhaps a fabricated bed, own set of toiletries and they have to be groomed to maintain their "good looks". Thinking about these things makes me think twice. Do I really have to get one for her considering all those additional expenses that we will incur as a result?

But in Vietnam and Cambodia, shih tzu puppies are far cheaper compared to the Philippines. Sometimes, I keep wondering why everything in the Philippines is expensive and why everything here is cheap. A shih tzu puppy here only cost about $30 each which is only equivalent to Php1,200++ as compared to the price in the Philippines which is normally around Php10K to Php12K.

Out of my utmost desire to bring happiness to my daughter, I always think of bringing one back home. But after I learned about the process that I have to undergo just to bring back one like the papers, quarantine period for the puppy both in Vietnam and in the Philippines....oh my! I told myself, "Why do I have to go through those difficulties and inconveniences?" (lol)

So perhaps, if I'm already emotionally and financially ready to buy one for her, I think it's better to just get it in the Philippines to get away from all those hassles.

Hmmm...thinking about it, I also find shih tzu pups to be really cute and adorable same like those on the above photos.

Oh well....I hope one day I can finally buy one for her.


  1. Very cool and cute, I can't resist the temptation of having this kind of pet. You should start saving to your daughter's wish

  2. YAY! I love shih tzu! In fact, we own one :-) EWOKS will be turning three on the 20th of March next year, hehe. You can see him here:

    I am sure it will be a dream come true for your daughter, Krizza :-)

  3. the price of the dog doesn't end after buying it. the maintenance is costly too, especially for breeds that need regular grooming, and of course vet checkups, shots, etc.

    yehey ! another meme ;) actually, yan ang naka line-up na i-jo-join ko sa next week's WW. hindi nga lang shih tzu yung entry ko, pero maltese-bijon ;)

  4. Aw! So sweet naman of you, Mommy! :) Pero totoo, if outside of the country ka bumili napaka-hassle talaga.. Pag dito naman sa atin super expensive!
    Di naman po siguro nagmamadali si daughter niyo dba? :)

    Spreading some love from WW.
    Voice in My Heart

  5. Ang mama talaga lahat iisipin at gagawin para sa anak. Surely your daughter understands your reason of not giving her what she wishes...

    Cutie cutie ng puppy but hindi ako mahilig mag alaga ng aso.. hehehe... takot ako sa allegy at ashtma na pwde nitong dalhin but we have dogs in the house... Isang ASPIN ( Asong Pinoy a.k.a Askal) and Mini Pinscher pero mama at papa ko ang nag aalaga...

    Welcome to WW! Hehehe

  6. Oh yes, owning a puppy is coupled with big responsibilities~ My daughter is asking me to buy her one too, but I rather adopt. So many homeless dogs need our love and care.

  7. i have one Jap Pitz.. :D but this one's cuter because so fluffy!

    hopping from Wednesday Whites.. hope you can drop by too at my entry here..have a great week ahead!

  8. A mothers love....di tlga kayang dedmahin lang ang wish ng anak:) Iba ka mag mahal:)

    Your daughter is lucky to have you:) more love for both of you:)

  9. good luck on your plan sis! ang cute nga ng shih tzu but am not really so fond of raising a pup,.. gusto ko lang mgbantay sila ng magnanakaw sa bahay, lolz.
    The pups on the pics really looked cute. so cuddly and fluffy.. visiting from WW. thanks for dropping by my blog

  10. cute dog, but why the dog also is picky eater, visiting from ww.

  11. hi krizza. i own a shitzu. the main concern is the grooming. since shitzu has a long coat you must be willing to groom/brush everyday for atleasty 30 mins or else it will develop mat, magdikit dikit. and toilet training, and you must be willing also to walk her everyday. i trained mine to poop in the garden.

    actually food is easy, i just fed her dogfood and mineral water everyday. occasional trips to the vet for checkup, and yearly vaccination/anti rabies

  12. aww these are adorable, no wonder they say that puppy is cuter than baby hehehe

  13. Just like our daughter, kept begging us to buy her one:(

    They're soo cute:)

    Visiting for WW! Hope you can visit me too:)

  14. Weeeh cutie!!! I'm sure your daughter will be in cloud 9! :D

    Late WW visit! Hope you can stop by mine, too, if you get a chance!
    24,000 LBS-PAPER-PILE
    New Wii REMOTE
    Ice Craze and Sundae

  15. awwww stinking cute dogs :-) hope your girl's wish is granted soon, visiting for WW, hope that you can visit me back too

  16. my kids are also very keen on having a pet dog here in Thailand but it costs so much and I agree, you have to invest on many other things: food, check ups and vaccinations... for now we don't have enough budget for that. But good luck on buying your little one a cute pup!! thanks for joining WW!


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