Monday, November 7, 2011

It Pays To Be Healthy

As a working Mom, health and wellness has always been my top priority. I used to tell my friends that I wont mind shedding extra cash if it concerns my health and wellness. Well...the reason is quite obvious, how could I work and deliver the needs of my family if I'm always sick and weak.

Taking care of our body requires discipline. To achieve a healthy life style, we must have the basic knowledge and a sheer determination to succeed. Apart from regular work outs to keep our body going, working on a healthy diet is a must. However, getting all the nutrients that our body needs on a daily basis is not that easy. Our lifestyle sometimes prevents us from following a strict healthy diet especially if we are working and always on the go. We have the tendency to eat any food that is available on our company cafeterias, fast food chains and restaurants which served quick meals. Our busy lifestyle normally deprives us of healthy eating habits. I am guilty of this somehow. Due to the nature of my job, I cannot be consistent with my goal of eating the right kinds of foods daily. During working hours, I partake my meal from the office and I just normally take what is being served to employees. That's why I decided to take some health supplements like Vitamin D. Vitamin D is naturally present in very few foods. Vitamin D are best found in fatty fish and fish liver oils but very small amounts can be found on beef, cheese and eggs. The latter, however are the normally readily available foods that we used to indulge with daily, thus I just felt the need for Vitamin D supplements as it aids in calcium absorption in the body.

Apart from this, part of my healthy regimen is to take regular relaxation and therapheutic massage at least once or twice a month. This, I believe helps to release toxins from my body, promotes blood circulation and eases muscle pains. Also, since my family has a history of scoliosis, I am very particular when it comes to picking the foods that will boost bone health. Luckily, there are lots of readily available food products rich in calcium such as low fat milk, yogurt, cheese, cereals and there's also orange juice, sardines, almond and broccoli among others. But to be safe, I opted to take some calcium supplements daily to ensure that I'm getting enough amount of calcium for my daily requirements. Unless, I can very well monitor my daily food intake could I only ensure myself that I'm getting the right amount of calcium.

As we get old, we tend to be conscious with our body and with our health. Everybody wants to look great and everybody wants to be healthy. Who don't? But wanting to be healthy doesn't stop there, we have to do something to make it possible. Women usually undergo transformation from the teen years to adolescent years. We must know what we need best at a particular stage in our lives. Like when you are just beginning to enter motherhood from the time that you are conceiving, our body is already in need of certain nutrients to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy. Folic acid for pregnancy is a must. This is an important B vitamin that combats neural tube defects on babies (NTD's) and other birth defects. After giving birth, we suffer from fatigue, insomnia and depression. Nursing a baby is not an easy task and we need to take care of ourselves more. Taking care of our body and maintaining our health to it's optimum level is a never ending journey.

Despite of the many hassles brought about by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being deprived enjoying certain foods, and habits like drinking and smoking, I still believe that it pays to be healthy. As it was said a thousand times, "Health Is Wealth". Getting away from sickness and the expenses associated with it is such a relief. When you are healthy, you don't need to spend much on hospital bills and expensive medical treatments. Extra money can then be used for more rewarding activities like occasional trips with your families, buying a house of your dream, spending for your children education and indulging yourselves on total relaxation. Oh...and the last but not the least, I believe it's every parent's goal to stay and live long, to see their children grow, mature and have families of their own.

It really pays to be healthy!


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  1. Tama ka dyan, Krizz. Health is wealth 'ika nga. Mahirap magkasakit sa panahon ngayon.

  2. Yes ate Kriz, health is wealth talaga! Truly, it pays to be healthy. :) We must all be responsible for our health 'coz if something bad happens, tayo lang din naman ang tatamaaan. We should regularly take vitamins which is much lesser than the hospital bills in case we get sick..

    Visited Pure Matters! :)

  3. @ Lainy, uyyy salamat ha. Ang aga mo dumalaw. Yes health is wealth kaya wag ka na magpapa massage ha? Hahaha! Or better yet... mag iba ka ng masahista mo. Baka natuwa yun sayo kaya di ka tinigilan at sumakit katwan mo. :)

    Dito sa amin, ang galing ng massage esp yung "hot stone". Yun yung regular ko every month. Nakaka release ng toxins sa katawan. Magaling mag massage ang mga Vietnamese.

  4. @ Algene. Thanks Algene! That's why you have to take care of yourself din kasi ang students laging pressured yan kaya dapat healthy life style.

    Thanks for visiting the sponsor. :)

    Kahit di ka naman makadalaw dito pag busy ka ok lang basta ako dadaan ako dun daily. I know naman na pag di ka busy, u never forget na pasyalan ako eh. That's more than enough for me. :)


  5. Wow! Ang aga ni Algene at Lainz. Paid OPP ba ito sis? Hehe Raket!

    Kidding aside, it is really true that health is wealth. Bahala hindi maraming pera basta lahat healthy.

    Dalaw ako dito sis. Paalis na ako now. Lakad muna.
    Good to know you feel better now ang importante nakapagpahinga ka na.

  6. yup health is wealth! better take care of urself so you can take care of others as well. have a nice day

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  8. really nice article..
    really love your point that your very much willing to pay extra when it concerns your health and wellness... after all how could you work and earn if your always sick and weak as you said..

  9. I remember posting a comment here sis... Nawala bah? Dalaw lang ako sandali tapos tulog na. Sakit ng ulo ko ngayon...

  10. Oo, Krizz. Maaga talaga ko. I always make sure I check out some blogs before I leave for work. That's the only time I have in my hands to do my online chores :-) I had a fully day at work today. I hope to have some more energy to spare to publish a new post. I am crossing my fingers on that.

    Salamat sa walang sawang pagbabalik sa blog ko. Sobrang na-appreciate ko.

    Love and Hugs!

  11. @ Rovie, yes Sis...your money earned will be useless if you're always sick and always spending for your hospital bills.

    San lakad natin? Mukang nag shop ka na ng pang handa ni Bella ah! :) Engrande ba?

    Hindi nawala yung first comment mo Sis...di ko pa lang sya na moderate agad before you signed back ulit kasi maghapon akong tulog. Sobrang sakit ulo ko. Migraine ata...pero ok naman na.

  12. @ J. Alvarez, yup you're right! It's better to be healthy so we can take care of our family well.

    Thanks for the visit! :)

    @volvoS90Turbo, thanks for the kind words and compliments and for the visit, too.

    @logan23...thanks a bunch logan for that wonderful compliment. I'm happy that you came here for a visit.


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