Friday, November 25, 2011

I'll Be Home Soon!

Following my two blog pals, KM who is still currently enjoying her much awaited vacation in the Philippines and Rovie who is currently having a grand vacation at Cagayan De Oro for the much anticipated reunion with her college friends, next one will be ME.

Today, after much dilly dally, I finally booked my flight back to the Philippines. I'll finally be home two weeks from now. This is actually my scheduled home leave but because I was waiting for another opportunity, I purposely did not book my flight earlier. As a result, I got my return tickets on a much higher price compared to a "promo fare" which should had been a lot cheaper should I had booked earlier. But anyway, I knew that we are not in total control of the situation. Sometimes, things never happened according to how we planned. But on a side note, I think it's a blessing in disguise because my daughter is currently sick and she badly needed me to be at her side. I was just thinking that if my "other plan" pushed through according to how it was originally scheduled, then I wouldn't have the chance to be with my daughter during the time that she needed me most. I believe that God always "sets time" according to what would be best for us. At least now, after I have booked my flight, my mind is now only focused on one forthcoming vacation.

Now, I have two more weeks to prepare for everything. I usually plan ahead of time so I could maximize my stay in the Philippines and attend to every bit of detail that needed my attention. But more importantly, I am planning on how would I be able to spend a quality time with the family.

Now, I feel a bit happier because I will get to see everybody again including our house helper who was hired in my absence.

I just hope that my daughter will get better each day until that I set foot in the Philippines so I could see her again in her usual "playful ways".

Until then.... Ciao!


  1. Wow! You're coming home ate Krizza! Good luck and enjoy the vacation. :) You surely can't wait to spend time with your family. I hope everything will turn out fine kahit na 2 weeks nalang preparation mo.

    Get well soon ke daughter mo! And sa meet and greet sa house helper na nahire in your absence. :D

  2. Wow...ikaw na naman FC ko! Thanks Algene! Yeah...I'm hoping to be home soon and it's fine, 2 weeks preparations is more than enough for me.

    I'm really looking forward to that day! :)

  3. HI Krizz. This is good news. At least you'll be reunited with your family during the holiday season. I am excited for you.

    Indeed, God sets a perfect timing for everything. Your children needs your presence, most especially and dalaga mo.

    Hanggang kelan ba ang bakasyon mo? Are you staying till the NEw Year?

    Pasensya ka na if I haven't visited more often than I used to, I have been sick for 3 days na. Yesterday was the worse. I don't even have the energy to face the lappy. Para akong lantang gulay. Nag-aaprrove lang ako ng comments across my blogs at nakahiga na the whole time. Sabi ng Prinsipe wag na akong pumasok today for work para makapagrest ng husto. Ang Nanay ko naman pinapauwi ako sa bahay nya.

    Anyhow, mas ok na ngayon nako nagkasakit kesa naman sa trip pa namin in about a week.

    May you have a fab weekend. Hugs to you Krizz!

  4. Good to hear that sis! At least two more weeks from now makakasama mo na ang family mo lalo na ang daugther mo.

    I am so happy for you sis. I hope you are feeling better now. I am also sad to hear that Lainy is getting sick. Sana gumaling na din sya pati na din si daughter mo.

    By the way, thanks for the linky love. Hugs!

  5. Oo nga Lainz eh... I am also very happy that finally...I'm going home to spend the holidays with the family. Rare opportunity rin kasi yung ganito because we couldn't take vacation on Christmas every year. A couple of months ago kaso, I'm still undecided coz of other things that I'd been waiting. But, everything is just timely though dahil maaalagaan ko daughter ko.

    Yup, I'll be staying at home until my daughter's birthday which will be on 1st week of January next year. Sinadya ko yun para mapakyaw ko lahat ng okasyon sa bahay. makabawi naman sa kanila.

    I understand lainz, busy din ako these past few days and di din ganu nakaka blog hop. Friends understand each other :)

    May you get well soon dear! :)

    Have a great day ahead! hugz back to you!

  6. Hi Rovs! Thank u sis. Yup...I'm really looking forward to that day na makikita ko na sila pati ang bahay namin. Hahaha!

    Take care! :)

  7. haha. natuwa ako kung kayo pauwi at mega bakasyon sa pinas, ako naman ang paalis. Sa wednesday na flight namin ni hubby to spend Christmas with the inlaws there. How ironic life is?

    Thanks nga pala sa pagbati sa birthday ko! Happy birthday to me and peg ko ngayong araw! hahaha

  8. Welcome back to your homeland Krizza. Your country the Philippines needs more tourists and balikbayans he he he, don't forget our pasalubong. (joke)

  9. Kumusta ang preparation mo for your grand homecoming sis?

    I am soooo excited for you... Medyo busy pa din kami dito hehehe...

  10. Hi Krizza. This is really exciting. I know the feeling. Hope you get to spend a great time in the Philippines.

  11. @ Rona, thank u Ning! Good Luck pala sa trip mo sa Wednesday. So sa Taiwan ka pala mag spend ng Christmas? Keep in touch ha. Happy Birthday ulit! :)

    @ Jun, Thank you Jun. Madami talaga "balik bayans" na dadating dyan by next month kaya nga fully booked lahat halos mga airlines papuntang Pinas.

    @ Rovie, Okay naman Sis....everything is fine naman with me now. Don't worry, I will still be very much visible online kahit nasa Pinas ako.

    @ Chin, yes Chin kaka excite talaga umuwi. Parang gusto mo na hilahin yung mga araw. Hahaha!

  12. may linky pala ako dito ! thanks, krizza ! :D

    excited ka na sa bakasyon mo? palapit ng palapit, napapadalas din ang posts mo about Pinas ;)

    enjoy your visit ah. have a wonderful bonding time with your daughter and the rest of the family ♥

  13. @ KM, thank you KM! Excited talaga ako kasi napakyaw ko lahat ng okasyon sa Pinas including my daughter's birthday. Thanks sa pagdalaw and sa well wishes. :)


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