Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How Do You Manage Your Time?

Oh well...over the past few days, I've been juggling on a lot of things. I did procrastinate on some tasks and focus more on the other things which I truly enjoy. But what should really be the idea behind managing your time? Did we ever thought of doing it or do we simply get contented with how things are going?

I am not an expert with time management as there were also times I considered 24 hrs a day is not enough for me to accomplish everything. But I would say that over the years that I've been a working Mom, I had managed quite well. I never stopped working even for a year. I was continuously working even before I got married. The first few years were crucial especially when you had a little one in the house. This really requires a lot of attention. I understand why some women had chosen to stay home after giving birth. To manage a household and take care of a baby requires full time. Well...I guess, it has been the preference of most and I respect and admire every Mom who had chosen to be a full time Mom. That was really a tough decision especially if you have a career to consider.

As for my case, I used to juggle with my time more often doing multi tasking. I don't know but I enjoyed it most when I'm busy. If I have nothing to do, I feel like a lot of time is wasted. At least I should have to do something even if it's a small thing like clearing my closet or cleaning the pantry area. To be able to see the passing of years having had accomplished something while successfully maintaining a family is really a blessing and something great that I can really look up to.

When I had my son, I was working in an office. I used to have a day time job working from 9AM to 6PM. During Wednesday night and afternoon of Saturdays, I'm attending to my masteral classes. My son would be at my MIL house day time and will be brought back home to my house after dinner. I spend full day with him on Sundays and read books or play with him before we sleep every night. That was the arrangement until I managed to complete all my masteral units. However, due to the changing times and needs, I have to work double time and aspire for higher positions and so my daily routine had to change. When I had my daughter next, I still do the same routine.

Needless to say, I'm happy with the outcome. I was able to attend to my kids and my work with ease. Thanks to the help and assistance of my Mom and a house helper. My journey continues as my husband decided to work abroad. I accepted his decision gracefully. So my tasks then became even more as I no longer have someone to share the responsibilities with. To my surprise, I was able to make it and with flying colors...(lol). I get promoted at work numerous times, actively participates in my kids school activities ensuring that I am always present on every important event in school. My two kids were consistent honor students and I am very visible in the school thus most of their teachers and classmates knew me. How I managed to do it? Prioritizing is the key.

I always maintain a daily planner and I schedule my loads for the day. I jot down meetings on school that I have to attend, contests or programs that I have to watch ahead of time and I applied my leave right away for those days. I always leave a note at home before I go to work asking my kids to work on their home works after school and anything that's not settled shall be left on my desk for me to go through after work. Everytime I arrived home, no matter how sleepy and tired I am, I would always open their school bags and open their notes one by one. Yes...you read it right, literally one by one. During examination week, I usually file a vacation leave to help them to review their lessons. Mind you, I never hired any private tutor for my kids. I was their lifetime tutor. Whenever they bring home their test papers having high scores, I would straight away go to the nearest shop after work the following day to buy them a "reward". When my day off for the week comes, I will treat them out. Actually, we always go out once a week during my off day. This is my bonding time with them. We do their school projects together and have the conversation daily during meal time. That's how it was during those years that I was with them. They both grew up very very close to me.

Household management comes easy when you have a house helper although sometimes it's a pain in the neck when they do commit serious mistakes. All through the years, I have mastered the art of delegating tasks to reduce my work load. Maybe the countless seminars I have attended on time management, work productivity and management enhancement programs helped me a lot to gain the basics on how to apply the secrets of effective management both at work and at home.

Now...as I look back, I feel blessed. I didn't need to give up my work and at the same time, I never neglected my duty as a parent. We're all doing fine. They are responsible, obedient and loving and should I say, very disciplined children. I'm happy how it turned out to be. I'm loving every thought of it.

Do you have your own way of managing your time too?

Hope you can share it here.



  1. You are very responsible parent. I'm proud of you. Time on the family is the most important one. Keep sharing.

  2. WOW! I am all hats off to you, Krizz! I am super bilib talaga. Not too many women can hurdle both being a home maker and a career woman all at the same time. But you did it! That's truly remarkable!

    Idol kita especially when you're hands on with the special needs of your children.Thanks for this great share. One day, when I embark on another journey and be blessed with my own children, I shall remember this post and will have you to look up to for being the woman of all time! :-)


  3. You manage you time well ate Kriz! Magaling ka sa multi-tasking. You're a busy mom talaga but still, you have time more everything. Glad to hear na you always attend your children's events or meetings at school. Importante kasi yun, diba? Hehehe. Good luck sa busy life ate. Congrats nga pala sa work promotions mo kahit late na. :p Ano kinuha mo na masterals ate?

  4. I super used to manage my time when I was still working due to my demanding work loads but now wala lang... Hehehe.. I have all the time in the world. Thanks be to God for the luxury of time is such a blessing.

    You are such an achiever and I dare say a SUPERWOMAN sis. Lumunok ka ba ng bato or kayang kaya lang talaga. I salute you for being a woman that you are.

    Wala pa akong tulog since last night sis. I just started an online job as a content writer kaya medyo adik pa ngayon. Rest muna ako and visit you later.

    By tha way, ibabalita ko lang na after my PR dropped due to the change in new domain, PR2 na ang 3 blogs ko kanina ko lang na check. Salamat dahil alam ko ang laki ng contribution mo doon.

    Have a great day at work. Huggssss!

  5. @ GbSb, Thanks for the compliments!

    @ Lainy, I just share this experience of mine to inspire other Moms that everything is possible if you are determined to make things happen.

    Anyways, thanks so much for the kind words and compliments. I hope to see you someday as a kind of Mom you wish you would be.

    Have a nice day!

  6. @ Algene, I always wanted to be a good Mom but I also dream of being able to work for them. I challeneged myself that I could be good at both and with God's grace, I made it!

    Thanks for the compliments! :)

    @ Rovie, yup Sis, everybody has her own choice in life. What is important is that we're happy with that choice. You also managed to be productive at home and that's something admirable. Anyway, thanks for the kind words.

  7. hats off to all moms out there. being able to do hands on and maintain a career as well. i am single but still have dilemma managing my time between work, chores, loved ones and mga rackets. =)

  8. Yes Krizz. You'll be my inspiration when I'll be blessed to have children of my own one day.

    I have always been a career woman since I graduated in college so I can never imagine myself giving up working even when I settle down.

    Thanks for imbibing such kind of inspiration to all of us.


  9. wow!you are now my instant inspiration. i just got to being a working mom now and I can't imagine how will i manage my time now. prioritizing is really essential. good job!

  10. Thank you Crib! I'm sure you can make it. Just have that determination to succeed and you're up way to go!

    Thanks for the visit! :)


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