Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hats On!

Feeling bored after work, I browsed on my photo archive and tried to entertain myself looking through my past photos since 2 years ago when I had just started working here and travel quite often. Then I just realized that I had actually bought a lot of caps/hats for both myself and my son. My daughter is not much into caps but I also bought few for her over the past years. For one, wearing a cap or a hat protects me from the heat of the sun and protects my hair from dusts. It also helps to keep my hair in place. Not to mention that caps and hats are quite cheap here. :) My son, on the other hand adores caps a lot. He had been collecting caps and even had a cap organizer fabricated and installed in his room.

After looking at my photos, I just recalled how I get crazy over caps and hats (lol). During the early times, hats were an indicator of social status but now these are more of a protective covering or a fashion accessory. In Vietnam, most of the women are wearing hats of various designs and colors. This explains why you would find numerous shops here selling colorful hats and caps with all those cute designs.

Last May, when I had a vacation with the family, I bought another one with this design since I cannot stand the heat of the sun and the theme park is quite huge to explore.

My daughter can't resist to have a pose wearing my hat (lol).

Here are some of my pics with caps/hats on.

At Notre Dame Cathedral, Hoh Chi Min City Vietnam

At Ocean Adventure, Subic Bay Philippines

At Victory Beach, Sihanoukville Cambodia

At Ocean Adventure, Subic Bay Philippines

At Sihanoukville Cambodia

At Anne Raquel's Resort

Here's a good way to organize your caps:

How about you? Do you like caps/hats, too?

By the way, it's weekend...go get that cap and have a stroll at the park.
See you around!


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  1. You have an amazing collection of hats. I too love wearing hats, but i don't get to wear them much here.

  2. Oh my! I so love hats too, Krizz. Ang tindi! Andami mo palang collections! Wala ako nyan, LOL! I only get to buy if I am scheduled to be on the road. I use it for photoshoots, LOL! It's more of a fashion accessory for me, hahaha!

    Thanks for letting us have a peek on your collections and also for sharing these lovely captures. Ang cute ng pose ng dalaga mo. May pinagmanahan ;-)

    And oh! I need to mention that it's the first time that I got a good glimpse of you up close ;-) Ang ganda mo pala :-)

    I just reached home from work and hitting the gym. Will be early for church tomorrow. I need to have a good rest early too. See yah tomorrow.

    Nytie nyt! Hugs!

  3. Hi Elvira, thanks but I only buy these caps because these are cheaper here than in the Philippines.

    Thanks for being here! :)

  4. Hi Lainz, wala lang natutuhan ko lang mag ipon nyan kasi namumurahan ako sa price nya dito as compared sa Pinas. Mahilig din kasi kami ng mga bata sa photo shoots. Dyan nga nauubos oras namin pag namamasyal. (lol)

    Thanks for the compliments. Baka natyempuhan lang yung pic na yan. (lol) I look very ordinary actually.

    Thanks for swinging by! Nyt! :)

  5. Beautiful shots Tita. Wish you can leave me some comments too next time, it makes me happy!

  6. @ Ms. Burrito, I'm sorry dear. I was rushing yesterday as I'm quite busy. Will go back to you today. :)

  7. INborn ang kagandahan, Krizz. Hehe! :-)

    I was here at your blog the same time you visited my blog. Pareho na ata talaga tayo ng iniisip, LOL! I just reached home from church. I feel so drowsy kasi sobrang early ako nagising. I wonder if we do have the same time zon?

  8. So nice meeting you Elvira, you have a great and fun blog I will visit again to see it all. You're beautiful and so is your daughter. Thanks for dropping by sweet lady. Have a blessed Sunday.

  9. Good Morning Lainz! Hmmm...alam ko kasi na online ka after the church visit (lol)!

    Bale late kami dito ng 1 hr compared sa Pinas.
    I wonder what your outfit is when going to church every Sunday. Fashionable chic ka kasi kaya I'm curious. Hahaha! I've seen kasi mga photos mo sa Malaysia and Singapore trips mo and you're always sporting that fashionable outfit.

    Looking forward talaga ako sa new pad mo.

  10. @ Fabby's Living, oooppssss, I'm Krizza po! Elvira is my visitor.

    Anyway...thanks for the visit and for the compliments. Yeah..I hope to see you gain here!

    Have a great day! :)

  11. Hi SIS! Miss na kita... SO nice to have a glimpse of that collection of yours. I am not really into using hats but Bren is.

    Medyo marami rami din ang hats nya and your post reminds me to organize all of them pretty soon. Hehhee

    Out connection are still down nakiki share lang sa sobrang hinang connection ng neighbor. I need to go out of the house to have at least a bar connection. Sobrang hina lang. Baka bukas pa talaga maibalik eh...

    Mwah! Dalaw ako ulit kung maka connect pa. Hehehe

  12. Hi Sis! Musta ka na? Namiss ko na din dalaw mo at kwentuhan. Ano kasi nangyari sa internet mo?

    Anyway...hope everything will get fixed real soon!

    *hugs* Have a lovely Sunday!

  13. You have a huge collection of cute caps ate Kriz! Buti ka pa, you're able to wear it. Ako talaga, nah! I can't. I don't look good whenever I wear a cap. Abdel loves to wear ball caps and he also organizes his collections like you do!

    Nakakamiss nga si Ate Rovie noh? :(

  14. Hi Algene! Yup yung iba ayaw mag wear nng caps. Hahaha! Ako kasi kailangan pag nag tra travel eh. Ang nit kasi minsan.

    Sana nga maayus na yung int connection ni Rovie, kawawa naman sya kasi kung lagi dadayo sa neighbor nya.

  15. for a girl, you have a big hat collection. =) i too love hats but mostly baseball caps of nba teams

  16. I'm not into hat pero carry din naman to wear ;) visiting you back.

  17. Hahaha! Sana nakakuha ako ng kahit isa man lang capture kanina ano before going to church? Hehe! Hayaan mo, I'll do that one of these days. I love to dress up but I always bear in mind that O do dress for comfort and not for fashion. Di naman masama maging fashionable basta ba bagay lang, hehehe!

    BTW Krizz, I wonder kung meron kang FB account?

  18. Hi Krizza. I don't wear hats and caps but my boys and their dad do. They have so many hats and just like you we have a place for their hats. But yours is so organized, hehehe, while ours is... well, hahaha. Visiting from Color Connections.


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