Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Good Sleep

Recently, I am having an irregular sleep pattern. I think it can be attributed to my daily activities. I think I have to start working on my daily journal again. Listing down my daily tasks would help me to plan ahead and avoid backlogs.

Sleep deprivation is one thing that we should avoid. This normally results to head ache, nausea and irritability. This also affects our concentration at work or on whatever we are doing. Good thing that over the past years that I've been working, I was already used to having different sleeping time. I can easily shift my sleeping time based on my working schedule. I would like to go back to the last time where I can sleep for about 10 to 12 hrs straight. Most of my colleagues at work would always comment that I am a person who doesn't have any problem in sleeping. I can sleep with lights on and with TV audio on. Once I'm already asleep, I'm same like in comatose (lol). I think it's time for me to go back to the last time. I'm lacking of sleep lately because of too much thinking and because of not being able to budget my time wisely.

For those who are also having sleep problems, here are some tips:

Don't take big meals at night time especially two hours before your sleeping time.

If possible, have a regular bed time and have a regular wake up time.

Avoid excessive caffeine intake and liquid intake at nigh time to avoid frequent trips to bathroom which disturbs your sleep.

Make sure that your room is comfortable. Well, this depends on your preference. But generally, most people would prefer lights off and completely noise down. So turn off TV and computer.

Postpone your worries until the following day. Stay calm and relaxed.

Set your room temperature to your desired level.

Don't go to bed when you're hungry. Hunger pangs will wake you up for sure.

Maintain a healthful balance of nutrition and exercise.

Lastly, and I would say I am guilty of this.....
Avoid worrying on things left undone.... for things do happen even when you're asleep.



  1. Cool tips right here, Krizz. Thanks for sharing them. I once succumbed to sleeping pills just to remedy sleeplessness. It was no good.

    It was very hard to have a regular sleep time especially when you're getting hooked on blogging, LOL! There was a time when I had to lie low and curtail my blogging activities just to get my health back to normal. You see, I had hypertension from too much stress at work during the onset of the Automated Elections. The preparations began in 2009 and I was still actively blogging at the time. I barely had 8 hours of sleep. I go to bed at midnight and wake up at 3am or 4. My health definitely deteriorated.

    I have learned my lesson. When I begin to push myself to the hilt, I remind myself that health is my topmost priority. That's why when you see me not updating my blogs, I feel really, really exhausted.

    Thanks for the visits, Krizz. I attended church last night so I could hit the gym in the morning but failed to do so, LOL!

    May you have a restful slumber later tonight.


  2. Oh I didn't know that you had sleep problems too before. Glad that you were able to learn from that experience. I agree that sleeping pills is no good. This will just make you rely on it so much for you to be able to sleep. I never take these.

    Thanks for the lovely visit tonight!
    Hope you'll have a good rest too. Nyt!

  3. Nice advice. But the problem is of cultivating the regularity habit. Very difficult if you are in a big city and if you are writer!

  4. Ang ganda at napapanahon ang post na ito sis! I think this is what I really and badly needed now. A goooooddddd sleep!

    Just like you and Lainy,since nag active ako sa blogging medyo irregular na ang sleep lalo pang nadagdagan when I started my online job.

    Hopefully, I would be able to follow some tips I got here... Thank you very much for your support and prayers for Bella.

    I hope and pray for her recovery lalo na't we are scheduled to fly to Cagayan de Oro for a vacay this Tuesday...

  5. Same here ate Krizza, I've been having some sleeping problems too. It takes me one to two hours of rolling on my bed before I finally take a good rest. I sleep late and then wake up early. Since I drink coffee at around 9pm, kaya siguro I can't take my rest early noh? I need to lower down my caffeine intake na talaga.

    Thank you again for sharing this tips and tricks. They're very useful!

  6. That photo of the sleeping dog is wonderful...I too have problem in sleeping. There are times I can't sleep even if I practice meditation.

  7. Great tips sis.. the photo above so cute.

    Adgitizing here anyway.

  8. Thanks for the tips, Krizza. I encounter that a lot of times din when I find it hard to initiate sleep. Kadalasan nga kasi things keep on running through my mind kaya hindi ako nakakatulog - not necessarily worrying basta syado lang preoccupied yung mind ko ng mga bagay bagay ;)

    Speaking of sleep, eto medyo disrupted ang sleep pattern ko ngayon. Lol. Parang hanggang ngayon sinisingil pa din ako ng jet lag ko kasi lagi pa din ako inaantok. Hehe!

  9. sis,i had sleeping pattern problems before since my work is online and I usually finish around 12mn so active pa ung brain kondi agad makaktulog but what I did is i tried some sleeping videos in youtube, and somehow it helped tapos pag mejo nai-immunen ka na ult hanap ka ult iba...there are lots nnmn e...

    by the way, I have given you an award please check it here

  10. @ Chinmay, yes Sis, it's quite hard to develop the habit as it requires a great amount of discipline. :)

    @ Jun, I noticed that so many people are having problems with sleeping. So, just try to follow some of the tips mentioned here. Yes, I also love that picture above, it's really matching to my post! (lol)Thanks for the visit! :)

  11. @ Rovie, thanks Sis. Sana makatulong sayo yung ibang mga tips na namention dito. I know that you have problems with sleeping lately and since you still have a little Bella around, try to work on some schedules to follow sis. That's what I've done last night! :)

    Hope maging okay na si Bella! :)

  12. @ Algene, sad to say almost all of us..the blogging pals are having the same problem. About the coffee, yes maybe you should avoid drinking it few hours before you sleep. But last time, I developed a certain immunity in it na kahit uminom ako an hour before I sleep, nakakatulog pa din ako. But it would be good if we avoid na lang siguro.

  13. @ KM, ganun nga talaga Km. Pag may iniisip ka bago matulog like things left unsettled for the day, parang mahirap makatulog. I also experienced the same thing. Kaya nga back to my daily journal na naman ako.

    I'm glad that you're starting to be active in the blogosphere again. Are u still in Pinas ba?

  14. @ Icar, really Sis? may ganun ba sa youtube? Hmmm...that's nice, I would try to search for some. We should really find what best suit us.
    Oh...I feel overwhelmed that you've thought of giving me an award.

    Thanks a lot Sis!
    God Bless! :)


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