Saturday, November 5, 2011

An Addition To My Growing Stuff

Just recently, I got the following stuff as "pasalubong" from my husband. He went home to spend his months long vacation. These are all my favorites!

Lacoste perfume, lotion, deodorants and my all time favorite.....Oil of Olay facial moisturizing cream.

I never requested for a shoe actually coz I prefer to wear comfy flats and sandals but I changed my mind after seeing this. fairness, it's cute!

There's no need to talk much about the last two items, I love bags! These two Guess Bags are awesome! I love the design and the color. Perfect for a frequent traveler like me. *winks*

Thanks God after several attempts, he already mastered my style! (lol)

Thanks a bunch Mr. E! More to come! (lol)

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  1. I love that pink purse Tita! Thanks for joining.

  2. wow! sobrang sweet naman ni Mr.E! Yes, more to come. Hehehe

    It's good to know that your husband is finally back.

    Sis pang PINK FRIDAYS din itong post mo na ito. Looking for PF Badges? Nasa blog ni sis KM. Haha!

  3. wow, sobrang sweetness. loved the perfume:)

  4. Wow! Your husband is so sweet ate Kriz! He knows what you really want. :) And oh, about the bags.. They look so cute! Sino ba namang girl ang ayaw niyan? LOL

  5. YAY! Great finds by the hubs, Krizza. Ang galing pumili ha! Alam na alam ang gusto mo, hehe!

    Visiting here on a Sunday. Just reached home from church. Si Karenina mukhang nasa Pinas na ata. Kahapon may time pa mag FB eh, hahaha.

    May you have a fab Sunday!


  6. Dalaw ulit for Pink Fridays sis. Hehe!

    Pati na din pala sa Color Connection. Sinundan kita doon.

  7. Wow!! tahts a lot of pasalubong! youre so lucky!! :D nweis YES gawa ko sia ang crochet beanie and scarf :D

  8. Wow i like the pink bag..Happy new..Visiting from Pink Fridays. See you in my site.

  9. Wow! Sarap naman ng mga pasalubong na yan! I love the shoes-- looks so comfy to be worn all day! And the bags-- ever so lovely! :D

    Visiting for PF! Don't forget to check out mine, if you have time! :)
    Pink Soul at the Infinity Room
    New Task Chair
    Pink Forest

  10. Wow,you're such a lucky wife! Love those two bags too:)

    Visiting for PF! Hope you can visit me too:)

  11. lucky you sis, your hubby has good choice of stuff for you...mine unlike you hasn't mastered the craft yet... he needs more practice...

    new GFC follower for this blog...visiting for Pf#95

  12. awww what a sweet husband, keep it up. I am sure the wife is spoiled rotten, you deserved it Sis. Dropping some love for Pink Friday, hope that you can visit me back too

  13. how sweet your husband, a great gift from him, visiting from PF.

  14. very nice items indeed! I love the shoes too! You have such a sweet husband! have fun!


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