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"OKKK TO" Seat Sale From Cebu Pacific

If you're planning to have a trip early next year whether local or international, Cebu Pacific is offering "Okkk To! Seat Sale" until December 01 or until seats last for international flights for travels on January 1 to March 31, 2012. Great destinations await you. Flights available are Clark to Hongkong or Macau, Manila to Hongkong or Macau, Clark to Bangkok, Cebu to Hongkong and Manila to Bangkok or Taipei. 
Local flights are also available and on sale until December 07, 2011 for travels on January 1 to March 31, 2012. Avail of the promo fares for as low as P88. Flights available are Manila to Roxas, Davao to Cagayan De Oro, Zamboanga to Tawi Tawi, Manila to Cauayan Isabela and Manila to Tuguegarao.
It's a huge savings so if you really have plans to take a vacation or visit your families in the provinces, don't miss this chance.
You can visit Cebu Pacific site for more details. 

Preparing For My Vacation!

I've been reading some comments from my blogpals on how is my preparations going for my forthcoming vacation next month. Some of them were expressing their excitement that I would finally be home this coming holiday season. Like them, of course I am equally excited too. But thinking about it, it's not really been that long since the last time I visited home. My last vacation was last week of April until 3rd week of May this year, so it's just about 6 months ago. It's actually not too long compared to other OFW's that's why I feel a bit luckier coz there are even times that they get to see me three times a year. Yes, that's how often I go back to visit home. But, I'm just not so sure about the coming year. Sometimes, schedule changes and it's not within my control. Well....I just hope that everything will be fine then.
I've mentioned to a blog pal Algene that so far there's nothing much to prepare for my forthcoming vacation except f…

Featured Animal Show At Dam Sen

It's Christmas season once again and same like the previous years, Dam Sen Theme Park at Hoh Chi Min City will be crowded again. This huge theme park which features a lot of interesting attractions is one favorite destination at HCM by both locals and foreigners.

One of the nice things to see inside the theme park is the "Animal Circus show". This is one spectacular show that will surely delight every members of the family. We've seen it already one time last summer and all of us truly enjoyed watching those clowns and animals doing their acrobats and magic tricks. Both my son and daughter enjoyed the show and the many attractions that the theme park has to offer.

This is one destination that shouldn't be missed every time you visit Saigon.

What Makes Women Stand Out

Recently, I've seen so many articles featuring some great women who became popular in their respective fields. Some are successful business owners, some are those who excelled in the field of arts, politics, theater and movie industry. I was just thinking, how about those ordinary women who do not have a successful career but are just plain people, housewives or simply mothers. Don't they deserve some kind of recognition too?

In this modern times, women are no longer regarded as the weaker sex. They play a vital role in politics, business and the arts. Gone are those days when women were just regarded as ordinary people of lesser importance in our society.

However, on a personal note, women need not excel in any field to stand out. Women have so many inner qualities that were not present in men and yet brings out the uniqueness in them. The power and strenght that resides in women during motherhood is an attribute beyond compare.

The following is an excerpt from a li…

I'll Be Home Soon!

Following my two blog pals, KM who is still currently enjoying her much awaited vacation in the Philippines and Rovie who is currently having a grand vacation at Cagayan De Oro for the much anticipated reunion with her college friends, next one will be ME.

Today, after much dilly dally, I finally booked my flight back to the Philippines. I'll finally be home two weeks from now. This is actually my scheduled home leave but because I was waiting for another opportunity, I purposely did not book my flight earlier. As a result, I got my return tickets on a much higher price compared to a "promo fare" which should had been a lot cheaper should I had booked earlier. But anyway, I knew that we are not in total control of the situation. Sometimes, things never happened according to how we planned. But on a side note, I think it's a blessing in disguise because my daughter is currently sick and she badly needed me to be at her side. I was just thinking that if my "…


Today, I had the chance to chat with my daughter and I can't help but to worry about her deteriorating health condition. She is currently very sick and during moments like this, I can't help but to feel very sad knowing that I am not around to take care of her. I remembered the last time I was with her was during the summer vacation. I went back home then and I brought them over when I came back here.

I still can very well recall those smiles in her face when we visited various attractions at Hoh Chi Minh City. She's full of life.

Posing with a Monk

Now she's sick and weak. Because of this, I lost my mood. Maybe I cannot blog walk tonight. I'm sure my friends will understand me.

I have to see her very soon.

One Fine Day!

Alas! After few days of dilly dally, I was finally able to have my humble abode tidied. After work, I delivered my bed sheets, comforter and towels at the nearby laundry shop. I would admit that I haven't been out lately thus I was not really comfortable walking on a dusty road. Nevertheless, I took advantage of having some time out so I've decided to buy some canned juice, fruits and breads on my way back to the building where I am staying. After reaching my room, I just felt the urge to have it cleaned. However, after seeing my bathroom, I felt that I wouldn't be able to do it all alone. There's quite a few things that need to be done and it would probably take me long hours to finish it. I finally found a solution to my "little problem" by asking one housekeeping staff to help me with the cleaning.

I also find the time to change my bed sheet and blanket.

I was very pleased after the housekeeping staff managed to have everything in the bathroom looks cle…

LIfe Is The Coffee

photo credit : honnebun3

I'd been a coffee drinker for so many years now. I don't know but there's something in coffee that I love. In fact, my day won't pass without indulging myself into a cup or two. Cappuccino is my all time favorite. Coffee has been my faithful companion during the times that I feel sad, feel weak, or feel alone. Sometimes, coffee can also symbolized friendship.....or perhaps, life!

Have you ever thought that your life is not perfect? There are still so many things in life that you want to get but you feel that you were already left behind. I guess most of you could relate to this story here....

A group of alumni, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor. The conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life. Offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups -porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal, s…

Rest In Style

Oh well....I'm happy that I was able to get a good sleep last night. It helps a lot when I was able to finish all the things that I have to do at once. I think, getting yourself to sleep without having your mind preoccupied with some thoughts can help a lot. After I was able to get more than 8 hrs of sleep, I just felt that I have enough energy to get through with the whole day. In fact, I was able to accomplish much. There were lots of things that I'm supposed to do with the past few days which were left undone. It really pays to get a restful sleep. We just can't imagine the great things it can do to our body. Getting enough sleep helps us to keep our mind focused. It improves our memory, we feel energized and our stress reduced. We could focus more on our work and we can think ahead. It's also a great way to rejuvenate our body, mind and spirit.

They say that prior to going to bed, we could do some relaxation techniques in order to calm and relax our body. …

A Good Sleep

Recently, I am having an irregular sleep pattern. I think it can be attributed to my daily activities. I think I have to start working on my daily journal again. Listing down my daily tasks would help me to plan ahead and avoid backlogs.

Sleep deprivation is one thing that we should avoid. This normally results to head ache, nausea and irritability. This also affects our concentration at work or on whatever we are doing. Good thing that over the past years that I've been working, I was already used to having different sleeping time. I can easily shift my sleeping time based on my working schedule. I would like to go back to the last time where I can sleep for about 10 to 12 hrs straight. Most of my colleagues at work would always comment that I am a person who doesn't have any problem in sleeping. I can sleep with lights on and with TV audio on. Once I'm already asleep, I'm same like in comatose (lol). I think it's time for me to go back to the last time. I…

Scars Of Life

Do you keep any scar from the past? How do you handle your scar?

Scars can be a result of being wounded from any unforeseen situation or activity. This type of scar can vanish with the passing years. How soon depends on how we take extra efforts to get rid of them. Some light scars can be removed by ordinary creams or ointments, some fades naturally and some require laser treatments or cosmetic surgery. Nobody likes to keep a scar as it is very unsightly to have one.

But how about those scars brought about by our painful experiences, broken relationships and unexpected failures in life? How do we handle them? Do we normally lament over them in the passing years, do we keep ourselves slaves of the past and let those people who hurt us remained victorious, or do we allow our life to stop from spinning round the clock and stop dreaming and living because of the past?

But do you ever realized that having scar connotes a positive meaning? Before you disagree, let m…

Sell Online - Jump Starting E-Business

With the wide acceptance of virtual shops, lots and lots of people are going crazy with online selling as well as online shopping. With it's many advantages, there's no doubt that online business is currently the "in thing". I was also fancied in putting up an online shop. For one, I was attracted because of the low operating expenses. You don't need to hire employees, pay rental fees and pay operational expenses such as utility bills and other incidentals. It's easier to manage and only requires you to have a computer, an adequate knowledge of the products you are selling and a reliable internet connection. However, most people are thinking that getting to sell online is a time consuming endeavor that only the tech savy people can handle. I understand this dilemma as I myself is not tech savy. To be able to have a successful venture online, you must have a well designed website, a reliable payment system and establish a well defined shipping policies.

Why Would You Go For Cosmetic Dentistry?

It's quite funny but I have two entirely different experiences with my son and daughter as regards to caring for their teeth. When I had my son the first time, I was not quite mindful in caring for his teeth, thus when he celebrated his first birthday, he already had some cavities. He got this from eating too much sweets which we were unable to put a stop right away. I took note of this experience with my son so when when my daughter came, I was conscious enough to look after her teeth making sure that she won't get that same experience as what his brother did. Everything went alright until her permanent teeth were all trying to show up at the age of 8. Since she is having a perfect set of temporary teeth that time, she had a problem with the coming of her permanent teeth making his teeth totally misaligned. Believe me, her teeth really look so awful! Realizing the importance of having a good set of teeth especially for girls prompted me to inquire for a possibility of h…

Encouraging Your Kids To Save Money

One of my favorite accomplishments when it comes to parenting is having taught my children the importance of saving money. I remembered those days when they were still in the pre school and that time, I was still working in the Philippines. I would always buy them a piggy bank or anything that could practically be used to save money. Of course that time, they just started saving for some coins which they saved from what was left from their school allowance. That time, it's quite small because we normally don't give pre school aged kids tons of money to bring to school. Normally, they would bring a lunch box to school containing their sandwiches, drinks and fruits.

I remembered so well how my son would invent ways to earn money for himself at such a young age. He would normally hand me a list of tasks which he is able to perform within his limit and he would charged me a small amount for that. His favorite and my favorite too is the soothing head massage. During those ti…

Tips To Staying Young And Healthy

I'm pretty sure that most of us wanted to stay young and healthy! We are in constant struggle to bring that pleasant and youthful look. Most of us would would take regular trips to salons to have our hair, nails and face done. Some even to the extent of going to cosmetic surgery clinics. We buy beauty and skin care products to take care of our looks and it's totally alright. Taking care of ourselves is a must! Feeling good and looking great increases our self confidence. It adds zest to the performance of our daily activities. When we feel good and look great, we have the mood to do things, we are inspired to continue with what we are doing and we always have that energy to keep us "on the go". How to achieve this state of feeling young and healthy requires discipline and inspiration. While we are conscious about our external appearance, we should also be wary of our health and feelings. When we speak of personality, it comes in a package. It doesn't only …

Thoughts On Happiness....

For the past few days, I've been feeling down and lazy with everything, and been constantly chatting with my blog pal Lainy almost everyday and we discovered that we are sharing the same feelings and sentiments for no apparent reason at all. Then later, we just tried to figure out ourselves what might be the reason for feeling that way. That night after I've written my post for this blog, I slept quite late and was contemplating on what had caused me to feel "down" and "low". The next day, I got a text message which is just actually a forwarded message which reads:

"People get lost when they think of happiness as a destination. We are always thinking that someday we'll be happy...that we'll going to get that car or that job or that person in our lives who'll going to fix everything for us. But happiness is a mood, not a destination. It's like being tired or hungry. It's not permanent. It comes and goes and that's okay. …

Hats On!

Feeling bored after work, I browsed on my photo archive and tried to entertain myself looking through my past photos since 2 years ago when I had just started working here and travel quite often. Then I just realized that I had actually bought a lot of caps/hats for both myself and my son. My daughter is not much into caps but I also bought few for her over the past years. For one, wearing a cap or a hat protects me from the heat of the sun and protects my hair from dusts. It also helps to keep my hair in place. Not to mention that caps and hats are quite cheap here. :) My son, on the other hand adores caps a lot. He had been collecting caps and even had a cap organizer fabricated and installed in his room.

After looking at my photos, I just recalled how I get crazy over caps and hats (lol). During the early times, hats were an indicator of social status but now these are more of a protective covering or a fashion accessory. In Vietnam, most of the women are wearing hats of var…

Book For A Cause

OMF Lit Inc. in partnership with Jollibee is offering a 30% OFF on all it's Hiyas Books that will be donated to "Jollibee Maagang Pamasko" project. What's more? For every Hiyas Book Donation, OMF Lit will be donating PowerMark Comic Book.

What would be a better way to celebrate Christmas than giving some smiles and cheers to those kids who will benefit from this project.

You can also check out on their other books on sale from November 14 to November 20, 2011.

Go and be a part of this project and experience the joys of giving this Christmas. Drop your Hiyas books, other books and toys at the designated drop boxes on all Jollibee outlets nationwide.

My Sunshine Award

Sorry for the late post on this Sunshine Award given to me by no less than my dear blogging friends, Rovie of Anything About Bella and the super sweet Algene of The Coffee Chic.

This is the fourth award I received so far since I started blogging a year ago. I am so grateful for those newly found blog pals that I have now who are keeping me busy and entertained with our daily "kwentuhan".

Now, here's the rules for the recipient of Sunshine Award:

1.) Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
2.) Answer the questions below.
3.) Pass it to 10 fabulous bloggers and send them message to let them know.

For the Question And Answer Portion :)

* Favorite color? Pink and Orange!
* Favorite animal? puppies and birds!
* Favorite number? 9 and 4
* Favorite drink? Pineapple juice, Orange Juice, Herbal Teas and my all time favorite... Coffee!
*Facebook or Twitter? None. I just feel lazy attending to these.
* Your Passion? Gardening and decorating my house and t…

Why Use Business Envelopes For Branding

Don't you wish sometimes just for a moment that you were an envelope? It's the best keeper of secrets, agreements, contract and some vital information that wouldn't be disclosed to many.

It carries a heavy responsibility, that of a messenger and a mediator between two or more parties. With such responsibility bestowed upon a piece of folded paper, it can only be fair to adorn it and give it the desired personality. Matters regarding business are very sensitive but even more when it comes to branding. Common question is why using business envelopes for branding? What's the relation between the two?
For those in business they'll agree that, it represents who they are or they are engaging in what they are passionate about. It is the first contact with a company and therefore it characterizes your attributes as a company. The need to brand your business then becomes essential as it should identify your core values, goals, aspirations and objectives. It communicates with …

How Do You Manage Your Time?

Oh well...over the past few days, I've been juggling on a lot of things. I did procrastinate on some tasks and focus more on the other things which I truly enjoy. But what should really be the idea behind managing your time? Did we ever thought of doing it or do we simply get contented with how things are going?

I am not an expert with time management as there were also times I considered 24 hrs a day is not enough for me to accomplish everything. But I would say that over the years that I've been a working Mom, I had managed quite well. I never stopped working even for a year. I was continuously working even before I got married. The first few years were crucial especially when you had a little one in the house. This really requires a lot of attention. I understand why some women had chosen to stay home after giving birth. To manage a household and take care of a baby requires full time. Well...I guess, it has been the preference of most and I respect and admire every…

It Pays To Be Healthy

As a working Mom, health and wellness has always been my top priority. I used to tell my friends that I wont mind shedding extra cash if it concerns my health and wellness. Well...the reason is quite obvious, how could I work and deliver the needs of my family if I'm always sick and weak.

Taking care of our body requires discipline. To achieve a healthy life style, we must have the basic knowledge and a sheer determination to succeed. Apart from regular work outs to keep our body going, working on a healthy diet is a must. However, getting all the nutrients that our body needs on a daily basis is not that easy. Our lifestyle sometimes prevents us from following a strict healthy diet especially if we are working and always on the go. We have the tendency to eat any food that is available on our company cafeterias, fast food chains and restaurants which served quick meals. Our busy lifestyle normally deprives us of healthy eating habits. I am guilty of this somehow. Due to …

Mayonnaise Jar And Coffee

It's Sunday once again, but instead of feeling relaxed, I feel the other way around. I'm having a lot of stress lately which made me feeling sad and low. I'm trying to combat my feeling by keeping myself busy so I won't have much time to think and worry. I have a lot of things on pending status both here and at home and I cannot plan ahead. I cannot simply move in one direction. I am trying to joke around as much as I could but when I'm alone, I'm simply being attacked by depression.

Whenever I'm being attacked by this kind of feeling, I would normally get a book and read. Afterwhich, I would stop reading and reflect for a while then I would suddenly recall some things in the past. What causes me the stress and worries. Then I would let some good thoughts flow into my mind.

Just like a good story that I would like to share again this time. It's a reflection of our life and the things that matter most to us.

The story is entitled, THE MAYONNAISE…

An Addition To My Growing Stuff

Just recently, I got the following stuff as "pasalubong" from my husband. He went home to spend his months long vacation. These are all my favorites!

Lacoste perfume, lotion, deodorants and my all time favorite.....Oil of Olay facial moisturizing cream.

I never requested for a shoe actually coz I prefer to wear comfy flats and sandals but I changed my mind after seeing this. fairness, it's cute!

There's no need to talk much about the last two items, I love bags! These two Guess Bags are awesome! I love the design and the color. Perfect for a frequent traveler like me. *winks*

Thanks God after several attempts, he already mastered my style! (lol)

Thanks a bunch Mr. E! More to come! (lol)

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Where's Your Favorite Hang Out?

One of my favorite past time whenever I'm free from work is to watch a movie with my family. Whenever I go back to the Philippines, this will always be a part of my planned activities. I don't know but I find this very relaxing. Whenever time permits, I would always try to bring my Mom. Normally she wouldn't succumb to the idea of going out of the house. She's quite old already although she's still very much capable of joining family eat outs and strolls. My kids are always happy when we bring her with us. I'm lucky that they are so loving and caring to their grandma whom they fondly called "nanay". To make it even more lively, I would also tag along our house helper. This is my way to give her a treat for her hard work and for faithfully serving the family. :)

On our last trip to Hoh Chi Min City, I definitely included a trip to Megastar Cineplex located on the 10th floor of Parksons Department Store.

Me while choosing what movie to watc…

Believe In Yourself!

Photo Credit : National Geographic

If you frequent my blog, then probably you already know that I love to share stories on some of my posts. Probably because, stories motivate, inspire me and keeps me going. It is also my objective to inspire others by sharing the stories here. I got this story below from my sister through email and I find it so nice that I can't help but to share it here. It's all about believing in yourself, being positive and never being discouraged by criticisms. The power of words is very important and it lies to us whether we want to be be affected by others.

Here it goes....

Once upon a time there was a bunch of tiny frogs.... who arranged a running competition. The goal was to reach the top of a very high tower. A big crowd had gathered around the tower to see the race and cheer on the contestants....

The race began....

Honestly, no one in crowd really believed that the tiny frogs would reach the top of the tower. You heard statements such as: "…

My Daughter's Wish!

photo credit :

My daughter's fervent wish is to own a shih tzu puppy. She's been urging me to get one for her since two years ago but until now, I haven't got one for her. Well...the reason is obvious, it's expensive! (lol)

But honestly, this is not my main concern. This is only one time pain in my wallet. What stops me from buying one is the thought of the expenses and the difficulties looking after a shih tzu pup. As I was told, this cannot eat just any kind of food. There are only few varieties that they could eat. They have to be fed with milk, veggies and OMG beef! They should have their own place to sleep perhaps a fabricated bed, own set of toiletries and they have to be groomed to maintain their "good looks". Thinking about these things makes me think twice. Do I really have to get one for her considering all those additional expenses that we will incur as a result?

But in Vietnam and Cambodia, shih tzu puppies are far chea…

Reminiscing All Saints Day...

Photo Credit : wikepedia

Philippines is celebrating All Saints Day every 1st of November and all Souls Day every 2nd of November every year. This is one of the most important festivities in the Philippines where people observe strict adherence to Filipino culture and religious traditions that had been on for so many years.

Looking back…I can still recall so many good memories of All Saints Day. Since my father died, I can very well remember how the loss of this very important figure in our family had brought us closer together. All Saints Day had been considered an important day in our family as all my siblings together with their respective families gather together at the memorial park where my father had laid to rest. This allows us to reunite and see each other amidst our busy schedule to offer our prayers, light our candles and share the scrumptious dishes that each family brings. We used to do “pot luck” and this caused excitement for each and everyone. Thinking what to brin…