Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zia Quizon's "Ako Na Lang"

Oh well...for today, I've decided to have a break from the kind of posts that I usually share in this blog, allow me to talk about something light and different this time.

I've just seen this music video of Zia Quizon on You Tube and I was a bit astonished to know that the youngest daughter of Dolphy and Zsa Zsa Padilla is now a full grown lady and in fairness, I find her face very captivating. Sweet and plain looking and yet exudes a strong sex appeal. And the voice? Hmmm...her voice and style in singing is very different from her Mom. She has achieved her own style which is good for her as it is normally the trend to compare showbiz children to their parents acting and singing wise. At least, she managed to create her own style.

The lyrics of this song is not so unique and special and the plot is very ordinary but I love the melody (lol).

Oh well....with that kind of face and voice, there is high hopes that this girl will surely make her way to the top.


  1. oh, yeah. You're right. She has a very pretty face and good that she didn't get the same exact voice timbre with Zsa Zsa. Hihi. Because, honestly, I don't really like her singing voice, at nakuha ni Karylle yon. This Zia is prettier and lovely. ;)

  2. showbiz tayo ngayon, Kriz, ah. Hehe! Unang tingin, hawig din sya kay Karylle :D Pero pag tumatagal, kita mo na yung Quizon look nya :)

  3. OO KM...showbiz muna ako ngayon kasi na high blood ako sa article ko yesterday about the medicines in the Philippines. Hahaha! Chika muna pang alis ng stress! Thanks sa maagap na pagbisita at pag comment.Hahaha!

  4. @ Rona, Oo nga Ning...ang sweet ng face nya diba? Parang napaka simple ng beauty nya at napakaamo ng mukha. Mas maganda sya kesa kay Karylle. Hehe. Sana walang maligaw dito na fans ni Karylle at baka awayin ako. Hahaha. :)

  5. i like zia, i saw this MTV several times already at MYX...may isa pa siyang song that i like also.
    ang TV ko kasi sa kuwarto laging nasa MYX and CNN pampatulog

    pasensiya na ngayon lang nakadalaw...i am so exhausted, laging tulog hahaha...hirap mag-adjust hanggang ngayon

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    just visit this link

  6. Hi Reese! you like Zia? I'm not aware about her other song. So tinutulugan mo pala yung TV mo? hahaha!

    I understand Reese, I know how tough is your work. Thanks for this info on WBFC.

    See yah!

  7. napadaan si kikilabotz para mang istorbo. ehehe

    ang laki na pala talga ng anak ni dolphy at zsa zsa, mga talented pa

  8. I like this guitar acoustic song :-)

  9. Cool song though hindi na masyado ako nakaka watch ng music videos... Actually dito ko lang ito nakita.... hehehe

    Thanks for sharing sis...

  10. @ kikilabotz, oo nga ako din nagulat! Di ko alam na dalagita na pala yung anak nilang bunso. The last time kasi na makita ko sa magazine, ang liit pa at akay akay ni Zsa.

    @ GbSb, ako din I like the song... napaka cool.

    @ Rovie, Ganun ba? Libang ka din minsan Rovs...Hahaha. Paminsan, minsan nanonood ako para maiba naman routine ko at medyo ma reax. Sana nagustuhan mo itong kay Zia.


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