Sunday, October 30, 2011

We Cannot Please Everybody

Today is Sunday and I wish to share you again another story from my favorite book, "Why Worry?"

Read on....

Once a man and his son were taking a donkey to the market. As they were walking, some people saw them and remarked, "Look at these fools, why don't they ride the donkey?" The man heard this and asked the son to ride the donkey while he walked alongside. An old woman seeing this remarked, "Look at that young man riding comfortably while he makes his poor father walk!" So the young man got down and this time the father rode the donkey. As they went along, a young woman passing by said, "Why don't both of you get to the animal?" So they listened to her and both rode on the animal. Yet another group saw them and said, "Oh, what a poor animal, it has to carry those two fat good-for-nothings!" By this time, the father and the son were getting quite fed up, they decided to dismount and carry the donkey instead so as to stop everyone from talking. This led people to laugh and say, "Look at these human donkeys carrying a donkey". Of course the donkey did not like this peculiar arrangement at all. Whilst approaching a river, it struggled vigorously to set itself free and finally the man, his son and the donkey all landed themselves in the water.

Moral of the story?....

"When you try and please everyone, you will end up pleasing no one and in the end, you will only lead yourself into trouble."

Reflecting on this story,I would say that the hardest thing to do is to please other people. This happened to me a number of times. I've been working for so many years already and throughout those years, I was able to meet a lot of people with different cultures, different backgrounds, different attitudes and sad to say that I have gone through a lot of difficulties trying to please each and everyone only to find out in the end that some still try to find a fault in me, blaming me for this and that. Time has come when I came into a realization that it's time for me to change my direction. To just work on something that pleases me and something that would make me happy. After all, I'm responsible for myself and my own happiness. I tried my best to be less sensitive to what people are saying. I told myself once that maybe even an almost perfect individual still gets criticisms as people by nature are fault finders. So why do I have to take extra effort?

I guess at the end of the day, what is important is that we've been true to ourselves. Time will pass and people will forget what good deeds you have done to them. Since then, when I do a thing, I make sure that I'm doing it because it makes me happy and that I derived great pleasure doing it. I still try to please people at times but I already put on a certain limit.

This story reminds me to just continue with my journey even there are lots of obstacles around. Whether it be people, things, events, circumstances.....after all, people may come and go and the only thing that would left to us is our happy thoughts and feelings. A feeling that we have achieved something that's remarkable and something that pleases us.

The next time I walk around and hear a negative remark....I would just try to remember this story and just whisper to myself.....

"We cannot please everybody!" So be it!

Happy Sunday!


  1. It is difficult to please men. They will always be able to find fault in whatever we do. I agree with you that what we should do is just do our best. If we still fall short, so be it. At least, we have done our part. Also, we should learn to accept criticism for us to improve.

  2. this is one of my fave fables of all time! i remember reading this from a book of Aesop's fables i borrowed from the library back in my elementary days. very amusing yet the lesson is very clear that we can never please everybody.

    thanks for the anniv greetings :) happy Sunday!

  3. Hi Chin! Yeah you're right...becoming less sensitive with what people are saying can also help. What is important is that we have done our best. Thanks for coming here Sis!

  4. Hi KM! I was thinking that you're not going to online today coz you are very busy celebrating your wedding anniversary. Anyway, glad to know that you are also aware of this story. You're really a wide reader... *winks*

  5. Super true sis. I was once a "pleaser"... Gagawin ang lahat para walang masabi sa ang ibang tao. But whatever you do lagi talagang may masabi ang ibang tao...

    Tama ka na when we do things dapat gusto natin aksi in the end tayo lang ang responsible sa sarili natin. As long as wala tayong naapakan na ibang tao. Ang importante masaya tayo at alam natin na wala tayong ginagawang masama..

    Salamat sa dalaw sis... Medyo na busy ako lately...

  6. Great fable out here, Krizza. Thanks for the share.

    I hear you. Whenever we try to please everyone, we end up getting disappointed and bitter. WE end up as sore losers. Kaya, KIBER! Let's be happy for what we are.

    Thanks for the frequent visits. See yah!


  7. I want to be myself than to please everybody but I'm eager to take their advice's for consideration. Nice Post.keep blogging.

  8. @ Lainy, thanks dear! tama ka..."KIBER" long as you are happy and true to yourself, so be it!

    Thanks for all your visits, too! :)

    @ GbSb, Thanks dear! Will visit u back, soon.

  9. This is very true. Its so hard and impossible to please everyone. I want people around me to be happy always and please them in anyway i can and its just hard, you dont know whats on their mind after everything you did for know..cant please everybody! God bless our ways.


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