Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Video Clip That Touches My Heart!

Being away from home myself, I was deeply touched by this video clip uploaded in You Tube by a mother showing her 2 year old daughter reacting to the pre recorded video of her father who is a military and working away from home.

I have first seen this video featured on CNN and I became interested to find it on You Tube. The 2 year old girl here is so cute and smart and was really reacting to her father's story as if he was really infront of her in flesh.

According to the news, her father recorded this video before he headed back to work with a desire of being able to bond with her daughter even while away from home. I guess, he was successful in his objective judging by the way his daughter reacted to his pre recorded video. I am just loving the idea of how technology can help us in so many ways more than we can ever imagined.

Somehow, I could relate to this coz I am on similar situation and more often, I am communicating with my family through Skype or YM. I love that idea coz I can see them through the webcam while talking to them. Somehow, it eases the boredom and sadness and you can feel that "connection".

I remembered how my daughter used to show me on webcam any new thing that she just had...from books, to clothes, to cell phone even when she got a new puppy. This really helps a lot. I could not imagine working away from home in the absence of internet and all those amazing technology.

This video clip and those things that I experienced myself while being away from home only proves one thing....that distance is not a hindrance to show your love and affection to people who matters most to you.

Entertaining these happy thoughts, made me realized...we are blessed and I thank God for that!


  1. especially now with the modern technology, there are so many ways to get connected even with the distance. i hope you get to visit your family soon, krizza. i'm sure you miss them a lot and vice versa. nothing beats the warmth of a real hug :)

  2. Hi KM! That's why I'm taking advantage on all available resources to get connected. Bu when have the chance, I'll let them to come over here as well to spend vacation with me.

    Thanks for being my first commenter as ever. :)

  3. Ayy ang sweet naman. I love stories like this, inspiring talaga. Tama ka ate, thanks to the latest advancements in technology. Bridging the distance between you and your loved ones is made easy! Naalala ko tuloy how hard it was for me and my dad nung wala pang phones and video calls. :D Snail mail talaga!

  4. Yes Algene, the younger generation now is really very lucky coz everything comes handy na and with much ease unlike before. Even the existence now of budget airlines makes it possible na to see your family more often even you're working away from home.

  5. Really touching sis! I'm getting teary -eyed imagining if me and Bella are in the same situation... Hayy! Ang hirap pero minsan kasi kailangan mag sacrifice for the family...

    Thanks for sharing sis! Si Algene kasama na din sa circle... hehehe

  6. Ang cute nong baby and indeed it's so touching! Thank God for the advent of technology.

    It must be so hard for you too Krizza being away from home, especially that you're a Mom. Minsan di na nasusubaybayan ang milestones ng mga anak. Good thing there's internet. It made our lives easier and better. I hope you'll get to be together with your family real soon.

    BTW, thanks for swinging by at my fashion blog I have 7 blogs but only a few I can manage to update regularly, minsan nakakapagsulat lang pag merong paid oops, hahaha! I need to update often kahit walang oops kasi mataas ang traffic non. There are regular visitors that would keep urging me to write more of my craps, hahaha!

    These are all my blogs:

    Anyways, Re: Online store. I bought those dresses about 2 years ago when I was still so hooked with online purchases. Most of the great finds I had was at eBay.Kaso lang nagsawa rin ata ako. kakapagod din mag bid hahaha. Datirati, walang kapagurang antay ng mga nasa watchlist ko. May time pa na umabsent talaga ako from work para lang abangan yong mga gusto kong ma-acquire, hahahaha!

    Napahaba na ata to. Nobela! Hahaha!

    Thanks for the frequent visits at the blogs, Krizza. I hope I am keeping up. I only have early morning and night time for my blogging chores coz I have a regular day time job. I do visit as often as I can when time permits. Yon nga lang minsan di na magawang makapag-update ng blogs. Sigh!

    See you around!


  7. @ Rovie, oo nga ang cute kasi nung baby girl at nakaka touch nung nag hug sila nung Dad nya.

    OO nga Sis, dumadami na yung recruits natin sa circle. Hahaha!

  8. @ Lainy, Thank u dear for returning back the visit so soon. I really appreciate it! Ok lang naman me here kasi madalas naman me magbakasyon at almost everyday ko din sila nakakausap. Daily ang communication ko sa kanila through texting and chatting, sometimes pag urgent, phone calls pag nasa office ako. So, okay naman....

    Actually may account ako sa Ebay pero ni minsan di ko pa nasubukan bumili. Hahaha! May bidding pa kasi kaya I feel lazy to try.

    Sa dami ng blogs mo Sis at sa taas ng traffic, ikaw na ang bagong idol ko sa blogging, hahaha! Hope I can achieve even half of your accomplishments sa blogging. Actually this main blog of mine, 1 yr pa lang at yung home blog ko naman 7 months pa lang but so far, satisfied naman ako. Medyo naasikaso ko naman sila pareho even having a full time job din.

    I will try to visit and check on your other blogs, soon!

    Thanks for being here! *hugs*

  9. What a loving Dad and daughter bonding. I agree, distance is never a hindrance to show your affection. It help hubby and I to have a strong and solid relationship when we were still apart. It draw us closer to each other! Actually namiss ko yung araw araw nnaguusap kami via webcam and phone hahaha.

  10. @ Chubskulit, Oh so you did experience this before? Glad to know that it made u closer with your hubby. Now a days there are lots of ways to bond with your family even away from home.

    Thanks for the visit and for sharing your experience here... :)

  11. this is so cute.. can't wait to let my wife see this video... thanks for sharing ate krizza..:)


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