Saturday, October 1, 2011

Typhoon Nalgae Now In The Philippines

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Another typhoon approached the northern part of the Philippines. The typhoon named Nalgae was the second typhoon to hit the Philippines in just a week time. I have lost track of the number of typhoons that hit the Philippines in the past months but I only knew one thing...that typhoon is always coming one after the other in short intervals. The other night, I was watching CNN weather update when this typhoon Nalgae was first seen approaching the Philippines. Even the CNN News Anchor also commented that Philippines has always been the target of typhoons. This put our country into bad plight. Geographically, Philippines is the first country beside the Pacific Ocean and it's tropical climate makes it prone to typhoons. I'm not really well versed when it comes to weather science but it will just make us analyze this way. I have also read from Wikepedia that a typhoon is a mature tropical cyclone that develops in the northern part of the Pacific ocean and the region is referred to as the northwest pacific basin where typhoons were usually formed.

Nalgae initially formed as a tropical depression last September 27 and developed into a typhoon 2 days after. I've seen those photos and video clips on CNN showing how the previous typhoon affected the Philippines, and now here is another one and this is just in a matter of one week. How I pray that this storm will be redirected to a place that needs rain but nature has it's own due course. Let's just pray that it won't be as deadly and destructive as the previous one and that the Philippines will survive this impending calamity.


  1. Is this the other name for Typhoon Quiel? I hope it will not cause much most especially to the affected areas. I am glad that though i am in the Philippines our place doesn't encounter typhoon frequently.

  2. Probably it is. I just heard this name of the typhoon from CNN. Maybe it's the international name. Nice to hear that your place is safe! :)


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