Monday, October 17, 2011

Traditional Books Or E Books?

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Few weeks ago, I had the chance to participate on the survey conducted by OMF Lit, Inc. This is a Christian book store which I am supporting for a year now. They have this survey to get the opinion of the general public about their preference in reading books. I know for a fact that now a days, so many people are lured to the modern innovations particularly in terms of technology. I guess a number of people are now using ipad, kindles, and other e book readers. Why? Probably because they want to adapt themselves to the changing times, maybe because of the great amount of convenience that these products are offering or maybe because they simply want to "go green"? These has been the subject of the debates for quite sometime now.

Personally, I can't really decide what would be good for me in the long run. I just tried to answer the questions on the survey honestly on the basis of what I know and believe. For me, the advantages of e books would be first and foremost, the convenience that if offers to the user. If you are a frequent traveler, like for my case coz I'm an OFW. Perhaps it would be great for me to own an ebook reader or any other media of that sort coz that would translate to me being able to carry a bunch of my favorite books in a handy and compact gadget. This will assure me that I would be able to read my collection of books anywhere and anytime that I wish to. It also saves a lot of space as you don't have to practically own a book shelf just to keep and store your books. Another thing that I can consider is the opportunity to take advantage of "free downloading" of ebooks from the internet as there are numerous websites offering this. Then the issue of "going green"? This I cannot be 100% sure as until now debates are still ongoing as regards to those "carbon foot prints" brought about by these devices.

It's a great thing to go "paperless". This means fewer trees to be cut and forests destroyed every year. But ebook readers such as tablets and other digital reading devices are not 100% considered to be a "greener alternative". What about the materials such as lead, plastic and copper used in making these devices? How about the energy consumption? How about toxic waste and recycling options for consumer electronics? These are some of the things that have to be considered and cannot be settled until this time.

My stand? well...I see both the advantages and disadvantages of using ebooks and the traditional books and to be honest, I'm also half hearted on whether I should totally go for either one. Sometimes, there is a certain excitement brought about by opening pages of the traditional books. These also can easily be swapped, resell and exchange copies with your friends. It is also cheaper to give a book as a gift to family and friends. Giving a kindle or ipad as a gift would be so costly. I'm also thinking how about those people who could not afford to buy those gadgets? Will they be deprived access to those books?'s really hard to make a stand now. A careful study and research must be undertaken although I would admit that I would love to have an e-reader for the sake of convenience because of the nature of my work.

How about you? Which will you go for?

Would appreciate your inputs and comments.



  1. for me, both.
    i love reading novels and i buy published books.
    my ebooks are the twilight saga series that i downloaded, grabe kasi ang mahal ng mga iyon eh

  2. Me din Reese. Siguro I'll go for both na lang. Hahaha. Thanks for being here despite ur busy schedule! :)

  3. same here... I'll go for both kasi depende din yan sa gamit eh... Mga kids dapat dun sa traditional muna iba pa din yung traditional na nakakasanayan but for working and traveling people mas convenient ang ebook...

  4. I guess you're right Rovie. Siguro nga depende sa taong gumagamit at sa life style nya.

    Thanks for the input Rovs! :)

  5. I prefer traditional books kasi I love filling my book shelves with my favorite books :) Kaya lang, e-books are more convenient to read din.. :D

  6. ako din both. i don't have an ebook reader yet (other than my iPhone) but i've been thinking of getting one. okei ang ebook lalo when travelling kasi hindi bulky and when you think of going green nga. but then kung minsan kasi iba pa din yung feel ng tunay na libro na tinuturn mo ang pages. so i guess, for collectibles like Harry Potter etc., i still would go for paper :)

  7. Me too, Algene! I love collecting books before pero now nag stop na kasi wala na mapaglagyan eh. Hahaha.

  8. Hi KM! Honestly, wala pa din me ebook reader now and I am actually planning to purchase one kasi nga I want to download some ebooks that would be available to me anytime I like to read. Siguro nga, I will do the same as what u said. For those few selected books, I would go for traditional, the rest I would have them stored in ebook reader.

  9. same here, girl! i love a nice paperback but i feel so sorry for the trees being cut to make a nice book :( i wish there's an easier and safer choice..

    by the way, do you mind checking out on The Laborers?

    big hug!

  10. Hi KIM! Thanks for dropping by here! Maybe you should consider using an ebook reader, then.

    Sure Sis, I'll surely check it out! :)

    Thanks for being here....

  11. Really interesting!
    I've also wondered about that!
    But I think I still prefer traditional books!
    A hug!

  12. Oh Wow...that's great Clark! Among those who comment here, you are the only who made a firm choice between the two. Hahaha. That includes me coz I also never made a firm stand on this coz still love to use both.

    Thanks for the visit Clark! See u around. :)

  13. I love both, but I still have to save up for the e-book reader. Actually I would prefer a tablet to an e-book reader that has very few options (sa ngayon). I think a tablet would be a worthier investment. Downside lang, expensive pa and not all books are in e-book format. But in the future, that may happen.

    I wish uso na e-book reader/tablet when I was still studying. Imagine carrying all those textbooks everyday! :-(


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