Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thailand's Flood Damage Worse Than the Philippines?

Photo credit : cbc news

For about a week now, I've been tune up to CNN and I always see the flash news about the heavy flooding in Thailand. This nationwide flooding was believed to be the worst for the last 50 years. This resulted to almost 270 people being killed and had caused severe losses to the nations' economy wherein around $1.9 to $2.6 billion damage was estimated.

From the series of news updates that I've been seeing from CNN, it turns out that Bangkok, Thailand's capital, was the one greatly affected as waters threaten to engulf the country's capital. Prime Minister Shinatwatra had urged officials to complete the construction of 3 additional flood barriers and five more canals. This could help to drain more water in preparation to the expected high tides peak few days from now. Around 8.2 million people were affected by the great floods since July 25. Flood damage outside Bangkok had tremendous effects on the deliveries of goods to the capital and had cause panic buying to it's residents where thousands of people had already evacuated.

Typhoon Nalgae (known as typhoon Quiel in the Philippines) is the same typhoon that caused massive destruction in Thailand. The current flood situation is the worst that happened in Thailand and this believed to last until first week of November.

Looking through all these, I still think that natural calamity is one thing that can never be foreseen nor avoided. In the Philippines, massive flooding was attributed to the government's inefficiency and lack of initiative in providing solutions to the problems. What about Thailand? I think, emergency preparedness is everybody's concern, both the government and it's people. The severity of the effect of a natural calamity to any nation is something that's beyond the control of anyone.

What we have to do is to pray and make a collective efforts to prepare ourselves from any form of adversities especially so if we are staying in a disaster prone area.

I just wish that these things will soon be over.


  1. That was a lot of's climate change effect.

  2. Siguro nga GbSb....I just hope and pray that countries affected will recover soon. I just feel so sad looking at the pictures and videos shown on TV about the victims of the flood...

  3. this is the effect of global warming, lahat affected, kawawa ang mga bansang mahihirap tulad ng Pinas

  4. OO nga warming effect nga siguro. I hope it's not yet too late to resolve the issue on global warming.


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