Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saying The Right Thing At The Right Time....

My Sunday routine reading had brought me to this story:

Please read.....

The Fox Who Had A Cold

Once there was an old lion who was very hungry but he was too weak to go out hunting. However, he had an attendant, a fox, who had served him for many years. Now the lion was desperately angry that the only thing he could do was to eat the fox. But being the king of the beasts, he could not just kill the fox and so he decided to find an excuse to kill his faithful attendant.

He called to the fox and said, "Fox, I am going to ask you a question which you must answer truthfully. If you don't give the right answer, I will kill you." "Tell me, am I pleasant smelling or foul smelling?"

Fox clearly saw the trap, if he said the lion was foul smelling, the lion would be insulted and kill him right away. If he said the lion was pleasant smelling, he would be called a liar and be killed anyway. So the fox thought carefully and replied, "Master, I am afraid you ask me the question at a wrong time. You see, I am suffering from a very bad cold and my nose is blocked. So, I really cannot tell how you smell. In fact, I am worried that I may pass to you my sickness so out of concern for your health, I just decided to leave you and go far away from you."

Moral of the Story?

The wise man knows how to get himself out of a tricky situation by saying the right thing at a right time.

Reflecting on this story, I recalled one saying which I forgot the author (pardon me)... It says, "A wise man reflects before he speaks, a fool speaks and then reflects on what he has uttered."

This saying reminds me on the importance of thinking before we speak to help us avoid getting into disputes or arguments and avoid hurting others unnecessarily. At times, it is necessary for us to analyze our thoughts before expressing them. I am guilty of these things a number of times. I'm a person with a bad temper. Things easily get into my nerves whenever I feel bad on something or on a situation. This pushes me to say things outright without having much time to reflect and this has pushed me into a number of troubles in the past. Now, I'm trying to learn how to manage my anger and how to react wisely when someone said something that displeases me. Sometimes, it's hard especially if you are a person of this nature but I'm still trying to overcome this and learn to control my anger. We must not only know what to say but also when to say it. Timing is very important. This could make or break one's day.

I've learned from my readings that there are four kinds of wrong speech. The first is lying, second is backbiting, third is harsh speech and fourth is idle babbling. Out of the four, I think the third one is the most serious one as this can make or break relationships with your family, friends or peers. Thus, it really pays to act and speak wisely on tense situations to avoid troubles. this stage, I would say that I have not mastered yet the art of controlling anger... but happy to say that I'm learning!

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. well human as we are sometimes or most of the times we fall into "traps"... but I think as time goes by and as we grow a little older we also grow a little wiser...

    mas mabuti na nga lang ang manahimik minsan para wala nang gulo but also learn to speak out in the right place and in the right time...

  2. I guess you're right Rovie! Sometimes, it's better to be in silence so as to avoid complications but sometimes parang it's very hard if somebody steps on you. But now, avoid "stress" muna. :)

  3. Agree. :) We must really think first before we say anything. We must always keep our words sweet all the time. Minsan mainit din ulo ko so I tend to say things that I shouldn't pero like you Ate, I'm learning. :D

  4. Hi Algene! It's nice to know that you are also learning how to manage your anger. We're on the right track and I'm sure we would achieve our goal later.

    May u have a good week ahead of you dear! :)

  5. nice post!
    i like the story and the value it teaches: saying the right thing at the right time
    importante talaga na isipin muna ang sasabihin para hindi makasakit

  6. Thanks Reese! I agree....
    I'm glad that you're here today! :)

  7. thanks for sharing this, krizza. this reminded me how powerful words are. hope you had a blessed Sunday :)

  8. Krizza, this is a right post at a right time. Medyo nasermonan ko mga kids ko dahil sa pag-aaral. Eh he he...

    Anyway, also shared your post with my eldest son and daughter. He likes stories. Both of us have something to learn from it.

  9. Hi KM! You're welcome dear! Words really meant a lot to people. That's why we really have to be careful. Thanks for dropping by, as always. *hugs*....

  10. Hello Chin! I'm so happy to hear that you like the story and even shared it with your kids. Sometimes, simple stories like this could awaken our minds and hearts on something that we often neglect and overlooked.

    Thanks for the visit Chin.


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