Saturday, October 29, 2011

Remembering A Day At Suio Tien Theme Park

It's been 5 months since the last time that I visited Suio Tien Theme Park at Hoh Chi Min City with the family but until now I still cannot get over remembering the colorful giant sculptures that I've seen there. I really consider these as wonderful works of art. Not only these are bold and colorful but it strongly speaks about Vietnam and it's people. Their attachment to the religious traditions are very evident with the presence of giant scupltures of Buddha as shown below:

Suo Tien is around 45 mins drive from the city proper, the place is so huge and everywhere around the area you can find so many interesting figures and things to see. I was glad that this was included in our itinerary of our Hoh Chi Minh City Tour. We've enjoyed a lot and we went back to the hotel really tired.

That visit to Hoh Chi Min's Suio Tien Theme Park will always be remembered and cherished. I hope we could go back there again next time on our future visit at the city.

This is my first entry for this week's Color Connection hosted by Ms. Burrito


  1. Those are gorgeous shots with beautiful statues sis. Thanks so much for joining CC and for the comforting words, it means a lot!

  2. yehey ! congrats sa first meme mo, krizza ! :)

    pwede mo pa isali kahit yung luma mong mga posts. hindi naman necessarily na current yung posts na isasali mo sa memes.

    by the way, itong post mong 'to, pwede mo din ito isali sa Tuesday Travel ni Ms. Janet sa blog nyang Travel Diva. abangan mo lang kasi may theme sya every month. i think this november, any travel photo ang theme nya ;)

    regarding sa days, makikita mo naman usually how long nag-ru-run yung meme. usually for a week naka open yung links, pero yung iba one day lang like yung Blue Monday.

    ayan, ang haba na naman ng explanation ko. haha!

    by the way, sino pala yang kasama mo jan sa picture sa taas? ;)

    ayan, abang ka lang, madadagdagan ang bibisita sa blog mo from the memes you join ;)


  3. @ Chubskulit, Thank u Sis! Color Connection is the first ever meme that I've joined as per inspiration from my blogger friend Ms.KM who is ever patient in explaining to me how to join.
    Thanks for welcoming me at Color Connection! Hope I could participate more on weeks to come.

  4. @ KM, Sis, I feel overwhelmed naman sa sobrang suporta mo sa pag join ko sa meme. Baka di na ako makabawi sayo nyan. Pag nag support ka pala talagang todo support. Hahaha. Thanks a lot dear! I appreciate your kind gesture soooooo much!!

    That cutie girl in the photo above is Mika, my "unica hija".

  5. Nice info my best friend
    visit back

  6. what a nice place...great shots! thanks for dropping by....:)

  7. WOW! Congrats sis sa first meme mo...I'm so happy for you. Saya mag join ng meme kasi marami kang makikilalang kaibigan and mostly regular visitors and friends na...

    Yung usapan namin ni KM about meme sa isang blog ko ksi sabi ko sa kanya i'm planning to host a meme... Inaayos ko pa ang domain ko pati ang concept ng meme..

    It was purposely plan para hindi na tayo magkakahiwalay...Hehehee

  8. YAY! Welcome to the color meme bandwagon, Krizza. KM explained it all na, hahaha!

    So cool captures here. I love them all. Na-miss ko tuloy lalo ang magtravel, hehe. Thanks for sharing.

    And oh!

    Thanks so much for the birthday greetings. Sobrang na-appreciate ko :-)

    Hugs from me to you!

  9. @ Ardianz and Ms. D, thanks a lot too for visiting here. It's my pleasure! :)

    @ Rovie, Thank u Sis! Ganyan talaga tayo...sama sama kahit saan...hehehe. Sige looking forward ako sa meme mo..hahaha!!

    @ Lainy, uyyy, naligaw si Birthday Girl!
    Thanks also for coming here's my pleasure to be one of your well wishers on your birthday! *hugs*

  10. Maraming salamat sa pagbati nong bday ko, Krizza. Sobrang na-appreciate ko. Alam mo na, mababaw lang ang kaligayahan ng lola mo, hehehe!



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