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Yesterday, I was informed by my son that my check from PhilHealth has already arrived. It was actually my previous claim for the hospitalization of my Mom when she had undergone a minor surgical operation on her right hand sometime last June of this year. It was just an overnight confinement. Our total hospital bills including the medicines bought from pharmacy outside the hospital amounted to a total of Php17,000. My PhilHealth claim was filed 2 days right after my Mom was discharged from the hospital. So it’s about 3 months ago. My check amounted to Php4,109 which is about 24% of our total expenses. Not bad, isn’t it? At first, I was having some apprehensions as I’ve been hearing comments that PhilHealth only subsidized a very little amount of your hospital expenses. But one hospital staff had told me before that PhilHealth benefits for OFW’s are higher than the regular members. I never had an idea though as I haven’t used my PhilHealth yet under my OFW status. This was actually the first time.

I had actually accessed and download the PDF file from the PhilHealth website about the PhilHealth Benefits for OFW’s. Here is the excerpt:

As an OFW, I was actually paying about Php900 per year for my PhilHealth contributions. This is a requirement before you can process your OEC. But I'm still hoping that the government will still make a review on the health care benefits due to OFW's as well as those regular members of PhilHealth so to release some burdens on extra expenses faced due to unexpected illnesses by members and their immediate families.


  1. Nice to know that PhilHealth is paying. My mom also just got some benefits from PhilHealth for her cataract operation. I don't know exactly how much but thank God because her expense was manageable.

  2. not bad...pero for me, kulang pa
    aba ang laki yata ng kinikita ng gobyerno sa inyong mga OFW!

  3. Hi Chin! Yeah, somehow it helps...sayang din yung percentage na nababawas sa gastos but I'm still hoping that the benefit package will improve more. :) Thanks for the visit!

  4. Hello Reese! OO nga...sana madagdagan pa. Laki din kasi binabayaran us in total including the OEC but until now, I still not enjoying any benefit for being a member except dun sa exemption sa travel tax at terminal fee. :)

  5. Malaki din naman ang tulong ng Philhealth especially kay Bella na halos ginawang bakasyunan ang hospital... My husband's monthly deduction is 312 plus his employer's share mga 600 plus din...

    Yung maternity benefit ko halos 8 months bago naibigay... But all in all buti na din na may philhealth talaga kasi nakakatulong din naman...

  6. Malaking tulong ang Philhealth sa mga OFWs. pero sana mas mag-improve pa ang services nila.

  7. @ Rovie, yeah I agree na malaking tulong din ang PhilHealth kasi sayang din naman yung makukuha mong subsidy sa hospital bills.

  8. @ OFW Jobs, yan din wish ko na sana they review and improve yung current benefits ng OFW's considering that we are contributing a lot to the growth of Philippine economy. :)


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