Thursday, October 20, 2011

Patience and Tolerance

If there are two virtues which I always considered a challenge for me, it is the virtue of patience and tolerance. Maybe because ever since, my tolerance level has been very low and so is my patience. I easily get annoyed with things and more often, I lose my patience for some things which cannot be done fast. I know it's wrong and I always challenge myself to improve on this aspect. I know that if you are a person who always persevere, it will be more likely for you to get your goals. Because you know how to wait and you know how to stay foot to win your battle. Dreams are sometimes not so easy to achieve and if you are determined to get your dreams, you should be willing to wait and don't lose heart on your goals. Those who can remain cheerful during difficult times are those people who are patient. They are admirable and a source of inspiration to others. They always avoid conflicts by seeing the lighter side of things. It's very hard to handle a situation when people humiliate us. Facing them gently is such a challenge, more so if you could turn your anger into a joke to face them. I remembered one story that I read about applying patience and tolerance on such an awkward situation and I just wanted to share it with you....

Here it goes....

Once there was a famous Englishman who went to a party. When he was out of the room, his friends decided to play a practical joke on him. They painted the face of an ass at the back of his overcoat. The party ended and the man went to get his coat, he noticed the painting. Instead of getting angry, he calmly asked, "Did anyone wipe his face on my coat this evening?" His friends of course were surprised at this question. He explained, "Well, I just asked because the impression of his face remains on the back of my coat."

In this story, this smart guy was able to throw back his anger calmly in a form of a joke. This doesn't only make his friends failed on their attempt to embarrass him but their joke was easily thrown back to them without much effort.

They say that a cultured man knows how to face difficulties with sympathy and understanding. The mark of a great man lies on his ability to face daily irritations with equanimity.

Patience and tolerance are the two virtues that I wanted to master and cultivate within myself. I know that having these two positive traits at hand will enable me to face life's challenges with much ease and less stress.

Have a nice day everyone!



  1. I guess, each person has his own pet peeve :) I'm not that easily annoyed person but I wouldn't say I'm a patient person either. There are times when I would snap at people during stressful situations, or simply when my internet connection is slow and intermittent :D

    My 2 cents on this is that the downside of turning your anger into a joke is that others might take advantage of you and not take you seriously, thinking that it's okay to offend you, because you won't get angry anyway. There is a time when the lack of anger is wrong. Like the Bible says, you can be angry and sin not. I believe getting angry is okay if within reason and as long as it's controlled. Learning to control and overcome it is where the challenge is.

    Thanks for this good share again, Krizza :) Hugs!

  2. I always enjoy reading your comments KM! This is my favorite part in blogging actually. Having the opportunity to interact with people. Somehow, I also learn in the process and the whole thing becomes a "win-win" situation.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic. It is well appreciated, as always dear!


  3. it is indeed very admiring to have both virtues but just like you I also need those two... I can say that I am more a tolerant person than a patient one.

    Siguro minsan depende din sa situation but on whatever situation parang mas mabuti pa rin to practice patience and tolerance. Siguro mga virtues na habambuhay kong pag aaralan... Hahaha...

    Been here actually to read back on your post about using beer on hair. My cousin wanted to try it today... hehehe

  4. I guess you're right Rovie...mahirap talaga i master ang 2 virtues na ito, hahaha.

    Oh thanks that your cousin seems to be interested on my hair tips (lol)...

  5. Hmm. Interesting share here, Krizza.

    I have hypertension but I believe that's no lame excuse for me to get angry for no reason at all. I do try to shut my mouth when I feel I am trembling with rage. I seem to be useless when it comes to tolerance because I can't tolerate idiots, hahaha! Like when I try to explain something and the other person can't get a single thing even if I try to say it again for the umpteen times. That's truly frustrating and if I don't get mad at the other person, I will certainly get mad at myself.

    However, I can be very patient in other issues like waiting for the time when my fiance and I can finally get to be together after almost 5 years of being into a relationship. Patience indeed is a virtue and it requires a lot of waiting.

  6. hello krizza!
    ay naku...i really need that PATIENCE, saan ba nabibili yan hahaha
    problem area ko yan

  7. Hi Lainy dear, thanks for your inputs and for sharing a part of yourself here. You are not alone in this area, ako din sobrang ikli ng patience ko at madali me mainip. But as u said, patience requires that youmust know how to wait and this is what I am currently experiencing now. Naiinip sa mga bagay bagay which is putting me into a stressful situation and upset mood most of the times. I also hope that I can get even 50% of these two virtues.

    Thanks for dropping by dear! :)

  8. Hi Reese! Glad to see u back here...halos pare pareho pala tayo ng problem area. If I only know where to buy patience Reese....hay naku pinakyaw ko na sana noon pa. Hahaha. Hayaan mo babalitaan kita pag nakahanap ako. :)

    Thanks for being here!

  9. Nice Post Kriz.. patience is waiting for something to happen and tolerance is accepting what happened. I'm a patient person but not much I can tolerate people wrong doings or just accept what happened.

  10. Thanks GbSb! Don't worry at least you're patient di ba? Nobodys perfect naman in this world eh. Lahat tayo may kanya kanyang flaws. What is important is we're trying our best to overcome our weaknesses.

    Thanks for being here Sis! :)


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