Friday, October 7, 2011

My Virtual World

The week is about to end again and I hardly notice the passing of each day. It's going to be weekend again and while others are busy planning their weekend activities like shopping, going to parks, having picnics, watching a movie or simply doing their favorite I am, still working (*sigh*).

Honestly, I barely notice about the day, I just track of the dates (lol). Weekdays and weekends doesn't make any difference to me. My work is monotonous. If not for blogging, maybe I'm going to be super bored! That's why I am happy that I discovered blogging even quite late. This is my way to kill my "stress". Recently, I'm beginning to gain more online friends and even I never see or meet them in person, I could still see the "connection" among all of us. When I feel sad or sick and I blog about it, the next day I would see comments coming from them. I know it's very easy to write words like "get well soon", "hope you're okay now", "have some rest"...and all those stuff, but the thing is these simple words mean a lot especially for someone like me who's staying in a foreign land.....away from home. It's nice to know that there are some people out there who can relate to you without necessarily being present physically. When I started blogging, all what I have in mind is to find a way to keep me occupied and to have a venue to share my thoughts and feelings for the day. Later only that I discovered that you can also gain more friends in blogging and that you can also earn a "little something" out of it. But what I like most in my virtual world is the sharing of information and learning from other's experiences. Let's face it, it's very boring to read books for some, but reading something from someone who blogs about her personal experiences and stories proved to be very interesting. You got to entertain yourself and at the same time you gain information and knowledge. As the saying goes, "The best things in life are free" :)

I'm happy with my virtual world and having virtual friends, as well and I'm looking forward for more blogging years and for more blogging friends.

It's something that's really fulfilling! I swear!


  1. Hi, Krizza. It is good that blogging is one way to connect with people even if you don't personally know them. I have made some friends also online and it's great to know that someone is reading your posts, plus the interactions helps to discover new things I don't know.

    Have a nice day.

  2. I feel the same way! Happy blogging!

    added u on my links ;)

  3. I'm with you in this sis! I love blogging and I actually started having my own diary online ever since I discovered multiply. And then I realized that there's so much in blogosphere to enjoy. There are memes that I really love and friends whom I feel so much connected to even though I don't see them physically like what you said.

    I think, blogging is not just a hobby but it makes us feel so free and can benefit us in some ways. I love sharing my experiences too and I love the idea of learning lessons as well from others. Let's keep blogging and feel blessed by doing so!


  4. @ Chin Chin, Hi Sis! I also learned a lot of things from your posts... Have a happy week end!:)

  5. @ Yukkii, Hi! It's so nice to know that we share the same feelings about blogging. Thank u for adding my link, I'll add yours, too. :)

  6. @ Ronadelle, Thanks Sis for that wonderful comments. I'm happy that most of us are able to find an outlet in blogging. It's something that keep us all connected...somehow.

    Thanks for the visit, Sis! Have a nice Day! :)


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