Saturday, October 8, 2011

Monterey Meat Shop Discount Coupons

I was doing my usual routine online when I happened to browse through this ongoing promo from Monterey in collaboration with Female Network. If you patronize Monterey products, then this promo is for you. You can avail of great discounts by printing your discount coupons. I also love Monterey products. I used to buy my favorite meat cuts from Monterey when I was still in the Philippines. It really saves me time especially that I'm a working Mom. Not only that, I also never worry that I can get fresh and clean meats all the time. I remember last time when I was still working in the Philippines, I would normally pass by the Monterey Meat Shop after work to buy some pre cut meats for about two to three days consumption. Maybe the price is a little bit higher than getting it from the wet market but I didn't mind it at all coz for one, Monterey Meat Shop is open until around 9PM and if you just came out from work and still having that office outfit, it won't really be a disgrace to pass by the shop to buy those meats instead of going to the wet market which normally closes earlier. I also applied for a membership card and I accumulate points everytime I shop and these points can be use to cover your future purchases. Please don't get me wrong, I am not promoting these products from Monterey, I am just sharing how I benefited from their readily available fresh meats. Okay, back to the promo....

Here's how to avail of the discount coupons....
(Extracted From Female Network)

1. Go to the article sponsored by Monterey Meatshop, "10 Tips on Planning and Following a Weekly Menu."

2. Scroll down to the discount form and type in your name and e-mail address where indicated.

3. Hit Print My Coupon and wait for the images of the coupons to appear.

4. Scroll down until you see the Print button. Click Print. A window showing larger version of the coupons will open.

5. Click Print This Page, select your print settings, make sure your printer is hooked up to the computer, and print.

6. Bring your coupons to the nearest standalone Monterey Meatshop to claim discounts when buying your favorite cuts of meat.

Since, I cannot avail of this promo, I just thought of sharing this info to other Moms out there! This promo is valid until October 30, 2011.

Happy shopping!


  1. I have never bought anything from Monterey but it is really convenient to buy there. Also, I think they have the facility to keep the meat fresh unlike in the wet market where vendors really need to sell their stuff right away. So it's rare that you would buy there at night.

  2. You're right Chin! What I like in Monterey is their clean facilities. I am assured that the meats I buy are always fresh and clean. Also because they need to protect their name, you are assured that you will only get the best quality meats. Thanks for the visit! :)


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