Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mimi Kirk, Amazing Woman At 71 !

I was watching this You Tube video a couple of days ago and I can't help but be amazed at how this lady can manage to stay looking young and fit at age 71. Really..looking at her on this video interview will make you doubt on her real age. She looks much much younger than her real age. She's sexy and bubbly. Well, this amazing lady was voted World's Sexiest Vegetarian over 50 a couple of years ago. Listening to her interview, she attributed her ageless beauty to her being vegetarian. She said she's much into eating cucumbers, celeries and different kinds of fruits. She is actually a raw vegan. She believes that when vegetables are cooked over 112 degrees, enzymes are destroyed.

This video clip was uploaded to You Tube for quite sometime already but this is my first time to encounter such. Her looks is really unbelievable. This only proves that age can be defied by taking good care of yourself, following a healthy regimen, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, exercise and staying positive and "stress free". But doing all these requires a great deal of discipline and this is where we often fail in achieving our goals. I myself is guilty of this at times. It's really tempting when you see all those roasted and fried chickens, sodas, junk foods, cakes, burgers, french fries and chocolates as all of these really taste so good.

So, I guess...becoming another Mimi Kirk is a tough decision. This requires persistence and sheer determination. As the saying goes, you cannot transform yourself over night. Hmm...I'm not really a vegetarian but I do eat vegetables and adores fruits so much. Maybe, it's time to reconsider my eating habits. It's a good thing that here in Cambodia, people are much into eating raw veggies. Maybe, I have to adapt to their life style. This way, I'll be hitting two birds in one stone. I can blend well with my environment and at the same time, I can adapt a healthy life style. Everybody dreams of becoming another Mimi Kirk and there's no better time than to start NOW! :)

How about you? Are you following a healthy life style?


  1. i always wanted to be healthy, ayaw ko ng feeling ng maysakit...
    i just eat a balanced diet, more veggies and fruits, mas fish and chicken ako and i drink plenty of water
    tamad lang ako mag-exercise

  2. We're on the same boat. Ayaw ko din ng nagkakasakit. Ang hirap lalo na pag may work ka. That's why careful din me sa kinakain ko. More on fruits naman me at herbal drinks.

  3. Mimi Kirk is one of the first raw vegans that I was introduced to that takes the time to respond to you on her facebook page. She's very sweet! And I have her book. I am transitioning to raw vegan more and more. Just feel better over all. Can not beat that! Plus it's getting noticed -- people tell me I look really good.

  4. Wow! it's nice to know that you are already a raw vegan. By the looks of Mimi on her interviews, I could also say that she looks so sweet and accommodating. I'm happy for u. Keep it up! :)


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