Monday, October 10, 2011

Managing Home Away From Home

Was chatting with kids through YM last weekend and we were discussing about the ongoing projects in the house. At this time, we are almost 70% completed on our projected goals for this year. We are actually rushing things as their Dad is on vacation now and can supervise all of the jobs to be done. However due to the unpredictable weather conditions in the Philippines, some projects were shelved and reserved for next month when rainy season is completely over. Changing the entire roofing for the house is not so easy. It requires a lot of works and considering that I have a tenant renting on the other house that we intend to repair, we have to do things one step at a time. As of the moment, we are done with the replacement of windows and the repainting jobs on the fence and house exteriors and since our tenant is most of the time out of the house as she is working in Manila, our house was left under the care of her housekeeper. As a result, the entire yard was not properly taken care of. We have to go to the extent of clearing and cleaning the whole yard. Also since my family had adopted my strong passion for plants and gardening, they can't help but to revive the plant boxes there by re planting some ornamental plants. I'm sure my tenant will be surprised when she gets back home as she would see a lot of improvements in the house already.

I am happy to note that me and my family had already mastered the art of communicating online (lol). Would you believe that I'm still managing my whole household even I'm miles away from home? I'm constantly monitoring them almost the whole day everyday. I still do the budgeting, cleaning schedule, and other household concerns. Sometimes, I even help them to complete their projects and research works. It's funny coz there are times my daughter would sms me some questions from her home works that she finds difficult to explain. Then I will send her back thru sms the answers or my explanations. If it's quite lenghty, then I would just resort to sending an email. :) This is how I'm loving the technological advancement brought to us by computers, internet and cellphones. It's very easy to get in touch with your family any time of the day. I can see their faces on webcam and we can chat and exchange stories for as long as we like without worrying about the internet bills as it's cheaper compared to using phone. I also love that Cebu Pacific was born! Because of this I can visit home frequently. I used to go back to the Philippines thrice a year. Isn't that great? Last time, I brought kids here for a short vacation since I'm able to grab promo seats from the air line.

So, I would say that there's nothing about them that I do not know. I'm a hands on Mom. Even when I was still working in the Philippines, there's no event in the school that I failed to attend and contests or Quiz Bees that I failed to witness. In fact, I'm still able to join school programs that require parents participation despite my busy schedule. So when I decided to work abroad, I promised them that there will be no significant change, except that I wouldn't be home always same like last time. But I make it a point to go back home during school recognitions and some important occasions that require my presence. My family understands that I love to work and I cant imagine myself without a career. Giving them the comfort and the best that I can afford makes me truly happy. Now, they're enjoying the thoughts and possibilities of being able to travel during their school breaks.

Managing your home away from home is not that easy. It requires patience, discipline and hard work. You need to be tough and strong in order to withstand the test of time. The only consolation is the happy feeling that you get knowing that you're able to provide for the needs of your family. The thoughts of seeing them living comfortably and getting what they need and what they want is more than rewarding. I'm lucky that my son and daughter are both disciplined and obedient. They never fail to follow me and their values remain intact despite their distance from their parents.

For this, I would say that I'm truly blessed!


  1. wow...super mom krizza!

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  3. Hi Reese!Thanks...kailangan eh! Mahirap ang buhay...hahahaha!!

  4. @ Rasta! Salamat sa comments mo kahit di ko naintindihan!Hahahaa! Terimah kasi lang naintindihan ko eh...meaning "thank you". Anyway, salamat sa pagbisita. Ikinagagalak kitang makilala. :)


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