Friday, October 28, 2011

Lifeless Bangkok

For those who are planning a trip to Bangkok,Thailand, Thai Travel News had just released a travel advisory as follows:

27/10/2011 – Thai Travel News advises travelers to postpone any non-essential travel to Bangkok at the present time. The current situation is highly unpredictable, and while we perceive no threat to our personal safety, the current situation could pose serious inconvenience to the holiday traveler. Travelers with non-refundable tickets should consider alternative destinations in Thailand, such as Pattaya or Hua Hin, while others should wait until after the situation is resolved.

Philippines is a bit fortunate, I may say, if I would compare the flood situation in Thailand. I don't have much idea on how severe was the damage and problem caused by Typhoon Pedring on some provinces of Bulacan which I heard were severely affected. But the fact that it was Thailand's flood situation that's always being shown on CNN news report almost everyday made me think that they are having worse situation than the Philippines. Probably because, the flooding was concentrated on the capital city, Bangkok, which is the center of commerce, industry and tourism. Seeing the photos being circulated on the internet and video footages shown on CNN made me feel equally devastated. Though it is not my own country, I still sympathize with the people worrying about their condition, safety and the kind of future waiting for them with this current situation that they are in. This situation is believed to continue for another month or maybe more.

Just feel sad to know that a once booming Bangkok which is cited as the shopping capital of the world is now on the reversed situation....dull and lifeless! In fact, I was planning to visit Bangkok with my family next summer. But with the current situation, it may be long before Bangkok can be restored to how it used to be.

Sometimes, when I am watching the news around the world at CNN, I feel scared as there are a number of worst scenarios happening everywhere. Floods, earth quake, tsunami, civil war, rebel attacks to name a few.

All these made me ask, "Where do we go from here?"


  1. so true, krizza. kaya nga minsan ayaw ko na lang magbasa or manood ng news. as in dedma na lang. parang lagi na lang may conflicts, war, calamities, etc. depressing, but just the same, thankful din tayo na hindi tayo apektado ng mga sakuna.

  2. OO nga KM...kasi now napuna ko lang na parang nagkakasunod sunod mga kalamidad at mga kaguluhan on different parts of the world. Nakakatakot isipin na baka bukas or makalawa, sa lugar mo naman magkaka problema. Maybe people should get to pray more...

    Thanks KM, kaw na naman first commenter ko. Hahaha!

  3. Dasal na lang talaga sis and trust the Lord's plan kahit hindi natin naiintindihan minsan...

    Intindihan na lang muna natin mga buhay buhay natin sabi ng ABS-CBN "Sa isa isang pagbangon buong bayan ang aahon"... Tama bato? hehehe

    Salamat pala sa comment at dalaw mo... Nabasa mo rin pala comment ni reese dun sa anniversary post ko. Okay lang din naman naiintindihan ko sya... Respeto na lang yan sa kanya kanyang opinyon at paniniwala. Hehehe

  4. Hi Rovs! Mukang hindi ko ata alam yang punch line na yan ng ABS CBN ah. "Kapamilya" ka ba? Parehas tayo. Hahaha...kala ko "kapuso" ka eh. Salamat ha dahil sayo nalaman ko kasi di ako nakakapanood dito eh. Inalis na yung TFC.

    Oo naman dapat respect natin "personal opinion" ng bawat isa. Wala namang tama at mali eh. Depende yan sa pananaw mo. :)


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