Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Joining BC Bloggers

I first learned about BC Bloggers from a post of Tori on her site Gladiator Goddess. She said, she was encouraged by her friend to join. Out of curiosity, I click on the link and read on the objectives of this exchange links program. As it sounds interesting, so I decided to sign up.

This is a blogger's group organized by Mommy Paula. As what she said, this is the easiest and fastest way to fill your blogrolls. I was informed by Mommy Paula through email that the deadline for joining is until October 15.

So, if you are interested to be a part of this blogging community, you can visit BC Bloggers page for more details on how to join.
There are just 3 easy steps to follow.

Good luck!


  1. hi krizza...thanks for sharing... i might as well sign up in BC Bloggers... see you around...

  2. Hi Rovie! Yeah, I think you should join, too.
    Thanks for the visit! :)

  3. nakakalimutan kitang i-congratulate...taas ng rating mo sa adgitize ah, no.7/8 ka sa leaderboard, kinarir mo na ang blogging
    congrats krizza!

  4. Yeah Elmo! You should give it a try...
    Thanks for the visit! :)


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