Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hair Talk

I'm currently experimenting with different kinds of home made hair treatments. My hair is quite dry and although I'm having it done on hair salons for hair styling and treatment once a year, I'm trying not to use any form of chemicals in between. Now, I shampoo less. I just do it thrice a week. Also, it has been my practice to mix my shampoo with water on a separate bottle so it won't be too strong for my hair, then it is a must to follow it with a conditioner. I resorted to using Extra Virgin Olive Oil to moisturize my hair over night and wash it the following day. I don't have a schedule for applying this, as it depends on my daily activities. I also never use hot irons and blowers on my hair on a day to day basis. After shampoo, I just let my hair dry naturally and only use wide toothed comb. I'm also having my hair trimmed every 2 months to get rid of split ends.

Recently, I've been experimenting with natural home made hair treatments. I got this from the advice of some hair stylists of the salons that I used to visit. Some were extracted from my online readings and some were shared by my friends. I compiled some here in case you want to try.

Beer Hair Rinse
Do you know that Beer is an excellent hair tonic? I got this idea from a friend. She told me that she's been using beer as hair rinse once a month and this makes her hair shiny. Choose a flat beer that has no strong odor of alcohol, use it to rinse your hair thoroughly, then you can wash off the beer with warm water.

Beer is an excellent hair rinse and gives extra shine to your hair. It also adds volume and stimulates hair growth. Some people who uses beer for hair rinse combines it with apple cider vinegar, some with honey. But it's perfectly alright to use beer alone for your hair rinse.

I tried using beer as hair rinse and this was the result:

You may want to try the following too...

Natural Home Conditioner

Wash hair with a clarifying shampoo. After shampoo is rinsed and is squeezed to remove as much water as possible, soak your hair in a diluted mixture of water and apple cider vinegar (ACV). Use 2 cups of water with 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar. Pour the mixture of ACV and water on the scalp from the roots then down to the tips of the hair or use a spray bottle. Leave diluted mixture on the hair for about 5-10 minutes. Cover your curly cues with a plastic cap and wrap head with a warm towel. Rinse hair with warm water thoroughly to ensure all or any build-up has been removed from the hair.

This hair treatment can be done every two weeks or possibly once a month depending on the condition of the hair. This handy recipe adds shine and softness to your hair.

Banana Hair Mask

Bananas are a great moisturizer for tired, droopy hair. Bananas contain minerals and nutrients that also can actually restore damaged and dry hair. Olive oil on the other hand replaces lost natural oils but can add shine to tired curls.

• 1 ripe banana
• 1 tbsp olive oil

Mash the banana and olive oil with a fork in a bowl. Make sure it becomes a nice smooth paste then apply to wet hair from root to ends. Massage into hair and leave on for 30 minutes with the hair wrapped in plastic with a warm towel covering it.
Rinse hair with warm water and then shampoo and condition the hair as usual. Your hair will feel revived, more manageable and have more shine!

Oatmeal Delight

Just cook up some oatmeal in boiling water and let it cool. Then add it to the scalp and hair carefully massaging with your fingertips. The oatmeal actually removes dry, itchy skin and dry scalp while adding moisture to dry hair.
Hydrolized oat protein is very effective as a voluminizer to tired curls because it penetrates the hair shaft and reduces frizziness.

However, the extent of the effect may depend on your hair type. So just don't expect too much from your first try. I suggest to continue doing it for quite sometime. As for me, since my hair is treated, it demands extra care so apart from the beer hair rinse, I also rely on the extra virgin olive oil regularly to moisturize my hair and apply banana hair mask occasionally.

That's it! Hope it helps.


  1. Wow that's really shiny! How long do you have to keep the beer ba in your hair before you rinse it? Kaya lang wal;a kaming beer hahaha, maybe I should try this one because my hair is so dull.

  2. Thanks GbSb! But the truth is I'm problematic with my hair because it's too dry. This prompted me to find ways and means to restore my hair condition even a bit.

  3. @ Chubskulit, 20 to 30 mins is fine. Then rinse it off with warm water. Me din, bago ko palang to ginagawa. I'm just experimenting because my hair used to be dull and lifeless.

  4. Hi Krizza. I truly appreciate the comment you left at I am here paying you back a visit.

    Thank you for the hair tips. I would love to try this one. I believe we do have the same hair concerns. After having my hair permed more than a year ago, my hair became too dull and lifeless. Wanna bring back some life to it. I have this post bookmarked :-)

    See you around!


  5. You're welcome Lainy! Thank you for visiting back and for having this post bookmarked.

    Take care! :)

  6. uy krizza, thanks for sharing this! i never heard of beer rinse before but i can tell from your hair that it is effective. will try these tips one of these days. what other treatments do you usually do with your hair? ang kintab nya ah :)

  7. Thanks for posting this! I have been looking for hair suggestions for so long! I too suffer from dry brittle hair. Thank you so much! The beer rinse made your hair look so shiny and soft! I'm going to try that one first!

    Living Simplistically

  8. aba, dami mong hair tips ah! your hair is so shiny...ganda! matry nga ang beer rinse na yan hahaha

  9. Mama ang ganda ng buhok mo. :) Hehehe.

  10. @ KM, you're welcome KM! Ako din recently ko lang nalaman about beer hair rinse at yung nag recommend sa akin nito ang ganda ng hair nya, shiny talaga. Kaya I was persuaded to give it a try. So far ok naman. Other treatment? Yung Olive Oil to moisturize my hair at minsan nilalagyan ko ng Vit E. oil. Bihira me magpa treatment sa salon kasi nili limit ko yung chemical sa hair.

  11. @ Alaina Ellington, Thanks Sis and you're welcome. I'm happy that I was able to contribute something to your quest for possible solutions to your hair problems. Good Luck! But remember to be patient. Nothing can transform our hair overnight.

    See yah!

  12. @ Reese, sabi mo kasi kinakarir ko yung pagba blog ko. Ayan knarir nga...he he he...

    Try mo yung beer hair rinse...pero yung tira wag mong iinumin ha. Alalahanin mo...may pasok ka! :)

  13. Nice tip! Just saw this post now. Galing ng beer ah! I'm going to try this too, as in soon, like tomorrow! hahaha. I'll try everything that you said. Iinggitin ko mga kikay friends ko and tell them your tip too. Very nice! love it!

  14. Hi Ronadelle! Thanks for reading the post and yes, you can give those tips a try. I also was patient in transforming my hair to how it looks now. Dry and brittle talaga sya. Need talaga ng tyaga sa pag aalaga. These tips were tried but it took me sometime as in the outcome comes gradually.

    Thanks for the visit Sis! :)


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