Friday, October 21, 2011

Great Deals From CashCash Pinoy

I just wonder if you're familiar with the CashCash Pinoy website. I got an email notification from this through Citibank. I just checked on their website and I find it interesting with all the attractive deals to choose from. They are offering great discounts up to 84% on some deals and some I can consider reasonable and "good buys".

Here are the sample of their deals :

Nikon D3100 DSLR! Originally priced at P36,999 and pay only P25,899 after applying the 31% discount. It's also free delivery nation wide.

87% OFF IPL + Whitening at Slendre. Pay only P250 for an IPL + whitening package from the original price of P1,800.

56% discount from Relaxation Packages originally priced at P900. Pay only P399 for any of their Total Relaxation Packages.

This is what I'm particularly interested in, The Lasik Eye Treatment at Manila Vision Correction Center at 50% OFF. Original price for the Lasik Eye Treatment is P65,000 and at 50% OFF, you can get it for only P32,500.

I was actually thinking of having this before coz I'm suffering from Myopia or nearsightedness.

Actually they have also travel packages to choose from all at discounted prices. It's my first time to hear about this site and I don't have any affiliation with this. I'm just sharing here what I've got for those who might be interested. If you're already planning to go or get any of the aforementioned services or goods even before, then getting it through CashCash Pinoy would translate to a bigger savings.

I'm just curious though on why they were able to come up with such huge discounts? Are there any hidden charges or something? I never avail of any goods or services from this before. As I said, I'm new to this thing.

Well...if there's any of you who already had an experience with CashCash Pinoy, maybe you could share your inputs here...

Happy Friday! :) Ciao!


  1. what a great deal...I'll take the cheapest one...ehhehee!

  2. thanks for sharing this, krizza! i think i'm gonna check out their travel package deals ;)

    Happy Friday! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  3. Hi Dhemz, yeah you can check it out. Who knows there might be something there that might interest you.

    By the way thanks for following me thru GFC. :)


  4. Hi KM! Yes dear try to check on their website,they have lots of good deals there. If you want to send gifts to your families and friends in the Philippines, you can also save a lot by going through their site. I think they also deliver some items free of charge.

    Happy week end too KM! :)

  5. I've bought a few deals from CCP already and everything's okay.There's no rip off and the merchants all honored my vouchers. I love CCP :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience with CCP Vera!Now I know that it is a legitimate site and I may consider buying some deals with them in the future. I was just amazed with the great deals offered in the site.

  7. i already heard and read this CCP...very cheap daw talaga
    happy weekend krizza

  8. So...okay naman pala ang CCP. It's good and very huge talaga yung mga discounts.

    Thanks for being here Reese!

  9. Wow! Big discounts = Big Savings! Thank you for sharing ate. I might use this post some time in the future kapag kelangan kong bumili ng stuff :)

  10. Thanks for the post... It's nice to know na meron din pinoy online store like CCP parang Amazon baga...

  11. @ Algene, oo nga natuwa dun ako nung makita ko to kasi mahilig me sa spa services particularly body massage. Also can buy stuff online and have it delivered at home. Mura na convenient pa.

    @ Rovie, oo nga Rovs para syang local version ng Amazon, hihi.

  12. Astig neto, Krizza. I would love the camera deal. Gusto ko mag ka DSLR. Thanks for the share.

    How was your weekend? Hope you had a great one.


  13. OO nga Lainy parang ang ganda ng DSLR na cam noh? Hindi mo pa rin pala nasubukan dito? Try mo from time to time, they have exciting deals.

    My week end is just so so....Dito kasi sa work ko parehas lang ang week days at week end. La pinag kaiba, working pa din....

    Thanks for dropping by dear! :)

  14. Beare of Cashcashpinoy. Very bad customer service. Up to now, 4 weeks running, I still have to receive the refund (if I will receive it at all) for the 2 vouchers which was not honored by the merchant. My comments on the facebook wall were all deleted plus I'm barred from ever posting there again. No other avenue for customer support, just the e-mail which they rarely answer, no telephone numbers posted on their site.

  15. Bad experience for you... very good experience for me! I got my refund for my Spiral vouchers very fast and their customer service was very nice (thanks Ms. Cathy!)!

  16. Sad to say, I've had a very disturbing and frustrating experience with Cash Cash Pinoy. I bought a camera online on 11 November and delivery will start on 27 November as per the terms. We haven't received it until now, 14 December, and the sad part is when we follow up, they reply to you very rudely! They promised they would deliver it today and when we followed up, the reply was "cge, i refund ka namin". Is that the way to talk to a customer? Don't they realize that poor customer service nowadays get "named and shamed" through the power of the internet? Other people may have been successful in their purchase but there is definitely no consistency in their service and the biggest mistake any company could make and is a guarantee for failure is poor customer service!
    Should definitely not be trusted. Check out these comments as well

  17. nice post :)
    Thanks for sharing this one.

  18. Bought a LED Christmas Lights last Nov. 17, 2011 as of DEcember 15,2011 wala pa rin yung inorder ko.tried to hit their office pero one of the staff told me na for delivery na item ko despite of the bad condition (Heavy rain) that day.kaya nga ako pumunta sa office nyo hoping i could just pick it up kahit na nakasulat sa ads na free delivery nationwide(wow)pameke lang pala,Anong Petsa na lapit na pasko.they will just tell you na coordinate nila.they will give you the number of the company wala namang sumasagot and one more bakit kailangang customer mangulit di ba trabaho nila yun.pinagpaguran ko yung money that i paid them di ko ninakaw o hiningi kaya tigil nyo na kalokohan nyo cashcash pinoy

  19. Thanks for sharing our deals to your friends! We're glad that you had a good experience. :)

  20. I just hope that by posting a comment through your CashCash Pinoy Review, I will get a final response on their failure to replace a defective Delkin SP019 Speaker System that I purchased from them.

    I have been communicating with their Ms. Maricar and Ms. Tin until they pulled-out the defective unit and after several follow-ups, they eventually replaced it with THE VERY SAME DEFECTIVE SPEAKER THAT WAS PREVIOUSLY DELIVERED.

    I know this because I placed some identifying marks inside the box and it was the same box with the defective speaker. Still, I chose not to be negative and tested the speakers from my iPod and my laptop. Still, it was defective.

    I do not know if they are trying to pull a fast one on me or are they simply ignorant about it? I have sent several emails again but to my disappointment, they have not given even the slightest squeak.



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